Enjoying Life aboard Fine Lion

Come along with us as we cruise the US East Coast and the Bahamas

04 May 2014 | 35 01.463'N:76 41.964'W, Oriental, NC
20 April 2014 | 29 53.099'N:81 18.329'W, St. Augustine, FL
10 April 2014 | 25 33.946'N:77 43.439'W, Cabbage Cay, Berry Islands
07 April 2014 | 25 29.752'N:77 43.952'W, Bonds Cay, Berry Iswlands
30 March 2014 | 24 06.145'N:76 24.307'W, Black Point, Exumas
27 March 2014 | 23 45.664'N:76 05.409'W, Williams Cay, Exumas
25 March 2014 | 23 43.951'N:75 02.859'W, Rat Cay, Exumas
13 March 2014 | 23 21.322'N:75 08.896'W, Thompson Bay, Long Island
11 March 2014 | 23 01.250'N:75 43.328'W, Water Cay
01 March 2014 | 22 15.048'N:75 45.111'W, Hog Cay
25 February 2014 | 22 20.217'N:75 46.825'W, Johnson Cay
23 February 2014 | 22 15.101'N:75 45.184'W, Hog Cay
17 February 2014 | 22 15.101'N:75 45.184'W, Hog Cay
12 February 2014 | 22 13.390'N:75 45.140'W, Hog Cay Cut
11 February 2014 | 22 14.994'N:75 45.220'W, Hog Cay
08 February 2014 | 22 14.994'N:75 45.220'W, Hog Cay
03 February 2014 | 22 15.004'N:75 45.183'W, Hog Cay
02 February 2014 | 22 15.004'N:75 45.183'W, Hog Cay
23 January 2014 | 22 10.261'N:75 43.687'W, Southside, Ragged Island
17 January 2014 | 22 10.261'N:75 43.687'W, Southside, Ragged Island

Staying Back ??????

18 November 2012 | 35 01.5'N:76 41.9'W, Oriental, NC
The South River anchorage

OK, we knew it would be "different" not going south this year, but this!!!! We have spent time with some of our cruising friends and are really really regretting our decision. Since we are having a series of "boat issues" popping up, we have to live with our decision. Now the radar and chartplotter have crapped the bed. I guess the only silver lining is the fact that we will have some new systems for next year in Fine Lion.

A nice spot to hang out

We did get a chance to spend Veteran's Day weekend on the water. It was fantastic. We went to South River and anchored out. That meant that we grilled a couple of great steaks with baked potatoes and steakhouse asparagus. Naturally, we had a great bottle of wine. Ah...we miss it! Somehow a dinner like that is better on the boat.

Enjoying the day

There were a couple other boats in the anchorage as well, but it's a huge area. It could hold 75+ boats easily. That may have been our last outing for a while based on the weather patterns. It's not fun being cold...and now we're both white as sheets...pasty, in fact. OK, enough complaining.

Kim likes her "princess seat"

The horse farm pictures are due to Kim. She passes that location on her way to work and wanted to share the view. The trees are Bradford Pear Trees. See, we're easily amused.

What an entrance!

Yes, there are horses at a horse farm

We'll keep doing some blogs even though we're dirt-dwellers this winter. Hopefully I can find something of interest.

Happy Thanksgiving. Scott and Amy are coming down from Annapolis...we are excited!
Vessel Name: Fine Lion
Vessel Make/Model: Catalina 42
Hailing Port: Oriental, NC
Crew: Steve and Kim Snyder
Steve lived in Annapolis, but has now moved to Oriental, NC. He's been sailing since 1975. He's a member of the Annapolis YC, SSCA, Royal Marsh Harbor YC, and a past Commodore of the Severn River YC. It's difficult to live in Annapolis, or Oriental, and not be involved in sailing. [...]
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