S|V Firefly...exploring the 'verse.. Know what the first rule of sailing is? Love.

You can know all the math in the 'verse but take a boat to sea that you don't love? She'll shake you off just as sure as a turn in the worlds. Love keeps her afloat when she oughtta not...tells you she's hurtin' 'fore she keens. Makes her a home.

26 May 2015 | Culebra, Puerto Rico
19 March 2015
31 August 2014 | Titusville,Fl.
18 May 2014 | Marina Puerto Del Rey, Fajardo, P.R.
01 February 2014 | Cap Cana, DR
08 January 2014 | La Romana
26 December 2013 | Cap Cana Marina, D.R.
25 December 2013 | Cap Cana Marina
16 December 2013
10 December 2013 | Puerto Plata to Cap Cana
10 December 2013 | Cofresi, Puerto Plata D.R.
10 December 2013 | Ocean World
17 September 2013 | Cofresi, Puerto Plata D.R.
23 July 2013 | Cabarete, D.R.
23 July 2013 | Cofresi, Puerto Plata D.R.
14 May 2013
21 April 2013
17 April 2013
14 April 2013

Soul Searching

01 February 2013

SOUL SEARCHING: wow things have not gone well since we left on our journey early November.
I have had a lot of time to think about a lot of things the last few weeks. The first thing that is most important is health.
We are going to have to really take care of ourselves, not drink the water, and watch what we eat.

I really need to step up and be a real partner in this adventure, not just “Cookie”. I have never felt so alone or helpless in my life as I did that night in Hopetown when Stew passed out in the floor and I was all alone. Can I pull the anchor, drive the boat, or even start the dinghy motor and drive it? No. What is the matter with me... This whole thing was my idea. I was the one who took sailing lessons back in Okinawa. Time to get my act together.
We are finally being forced to learn to take things as they come, do nothing sometimes, and realize that this is our life now. I think we are ready to start back on our journey with a better mind set and enjoy each day and each little island with no internet and freezer burnt frozen chicken ( all the stores sell it, haha).

Internet: the internet is an elusive creature here most of the time. Even when you pay for it it is often to busy or not a strong enough signal to do anything. We have started writing the blog on Word so we can just download it later . However pictures are another story; hope to get some on the blog in Nassau.

Just a little note on Spanish Wells. It a a really beautiful little island; the center of the lobster industry here. ( all 3 boats) However, it is not a Blue Zone. We haven't seen any of that fresh lobster. There are 4 little diner type restaurants that all sell the same bad food. It is DRY, no pubs, no alcohol sold here.
The people are not friendly or healthy looking. It is a very strange place.

Each island is the same but different. So far we found Hopetown to be the most enjoyable as far the people and lifestyle. It is a combination of locals who settled there years ago and cruisers who have stayed . Together they have made a very nice community and are welcoming to travelers.

Nassau has 11 real movie theaters at the mall! Only other theaters in all the Bahamas are in Freeport!
Nassau here I come!
Vessel Name: Firefly
Vessel Make/Model: 1976 Pearson 365 Hull#25
Hailing Port: Port Canaveral, Florida
Crew: Stew & Diana Becker
Diana and I are both military veterans. Diana Air Force, and I'm retired Marine Corps. We've been travelers all of our adult lives, and can never seem to stray far from the water for long. [...]
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Created 19 March 2015
Hauling Firefly and hanging in Florida on our way to fly Space A (military) to NZ in Oct.
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Created 31 August 2014
We drove around the hills here behind the marina. El Yunque park was partly closed due to mud slides from all the rain so we will go back there later.
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Created 22 May 2014
Marina Puerto Del Rey. No one was injured. The boat burned like pine tar till there was nothing left and it sunk by the reef in the opening of the marina.
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Leaving the DR to go to PR
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Resort and Marina
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Ocean World to Cap Cana Marina
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Sightseeing around Puerta Plata
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15 years of life with Mic and Belle:)
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June 23rd to July 8th
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Rum Cay, the original slave distribution island.
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Nice remote anchorage in otherwise crowded George Town
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Just a long block away from the yacht club are Roosevelt's 2 lovely rental apartments.
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Patch mostly looking really cute.
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Anchored in White Sound on the Abaco Sea side of the island.
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A couple photos from our first stop. This is where we replaced the fridge.
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Waiting for parts at Harbortown Marina in Ft. Pierce, Florida
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A few photos before we leave Cocoa
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Sailing the 'verse

Who: Stew & Diana Becker
Port: Port Canaveral, Florida