Five Islands's Photos - Panama 2010
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A cruise ship coming through the Panama Canal.
We think this is the Panamanian President
Toucan Sam
Overlooking Panama City - The old part.
Another shot of the Toucan in the tree - Ancon Hill
This hole in sidewalk was uncovered at a major intersection.  I was walking with my head down, reading a map, when Karen pointed it out.  I would NOT want to fall in that!
Overlooking the bay at the entrance to the Panama Canal - On the Pacific side.  You can see all the ships waiting to go through
A grove of Bamboo in the jungle.
Some kind of Parrots or Parakeets feasting on bananas.
The last set of locks before entering the Pacific Ocean.
A container port.  Ships that are too large to go through the canal, have their containers moved across Panama by train and are then loaded on a ship on the other side.
The Americas Bridge - crossing the canal.
Not sure what kind of tree this was, but it was massive.
Another large tree in the jungle on the walk up Ancon Hill.
Panama City - the new part.
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