Five Islands's Photos - Dec 09 - Feb 10 - Florida & Bahamas
Photos 46 to 60 of 83 | Bahamas - Part 1 (Main)
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A blue and gold anglefish - My favorite
Sargent Majors coming to see if you have food for them
Chelsea getting off the Flamingo Air plane at Staniel Cay
Swimming pig at Big Majors Spot
Karen & Chelsea on Staniel Cay overlooking the Exuma Sound
First Lobster of the season
A piece of Brain Coral that has a "nipple" on it.
A lion fish - Kind of hard to see, but he right beside the rock in the middle of the picture
Star Fish
Some beautiful coral
A family that was really prepared for the pirate party
The Lady Muriel - Class A racing boat from Staniel Cay.
Doing some brain surgery
This is the plane the kids flew in from Nassau to Staniel
Another beautiful sunset in the Bahamas
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