Five Islands's Photos - Providencia
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Enjoying a cold Costinata.
Crab Cay
We headed to SW bay one evening to take in some local entertainment and Joaquein is making a new freind.
At Rolands bar at Manchenelle Bay - A very cool spot.
Looking out over the water at Manchenelle bay at sunset
An Australian boat that got caught out in a nasty squall with too much sail up.  When they left they only had part of their main sail.
Anna Shea became my buddy
Snorkeling by Santa Catalina, which is right beside Isla Providencia.  Its very lush and tropical looking
Captian Morgans head. Santa Catalina
A high speed catamaran (30+ kts) that operated between Providencia and San Andres - an Island 60 miles to the SW
Adorable little girl we met at SW Bay
The boys looking through all of our magazines and books when they came for a visit out to the boat.
Pulling the dingy along - oh the things I do for Karen
Elida preparing another fantastic meal in her Kitchen.
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