Five Islands

Who: Ralph & Karen
Port: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
13 May 2011 | Calgary, Canada
29 March 2011 | Cusco, Peru
16 March 2011 | La Paz, Bolivia
14 March 2011 | Puno, Peru
10 March 2011 | Ariquipa, Peru
07 March 2011 | Nazca Peru
01 March 2011 | Lima Peru
23 February 2011 | Panamarina, Panama
19 February 2011 | Miradup, San Blas, Panama
16 February 2011 | Miradup, San Blas, Panama
13 February 2011 | Rio Sidra & Canbombia, San Blas, Panama
11 February 2011 | Salardup, San Blas, Panama
08 February 2011 | Nargana, San Blas, Panama
04 February 2011 | Nargana, San Blas, Panama
02 February 2011 | Hot tub, Holandes Islands, San Blas, Panama
01 February 2011 | Robeson Islands, San Blas, Panama
01 February 2011 | Robeson Islands, San Blas, Panama
30 January 2011 | Salardup, San Blas, Panama
30 January 2011 | Salardup, San Blas, Panama
28 January 2011 | Salardup, San Blas, Panama

Slow day

12 November 2008 | Brunswick Landing Marina
Yesterday we did not seem to manage to get much accomplished. I spent more time in the morning searching for solar panels and contacted a couple of places for quotes. I did learn that the largest panels I can get are 130 watts or I would need a "special" charge controller. By special I mean over $500 dollars! In talking with some fellow Canadians from Muskoka Moon, they recommended a place in Miami and it turns out they have been the cheapest place we have found. We did go shopping in the afternoon for assorted stuff and I picked up my new chartplotter at West Marine. We also fixed our sliding companionway door. It is a bi-folding plexi-glass door and the part where it slides in the track was worn out and missing. We bought a 40 cent piece of hose at the hardware store and cut it into the right size and it is working great. I wish all of our repairs were that easy.
We also have the welder guy coming over this morning to help design an arch to mount the solar panels and radar dome. Tomorrow, Lester is going to come over and will guide me through the installation of the chartplotter, radar dome, new batteries and wifi antenna.

We washed the one side of the boat yesterday and will do the other side once the boat is turned. The wind was blowing like stink all day yesterday and is still blowing hard. Hopefully it dies down soon and we can turn the boat around. We may even try putting our new name on the boat. There is supposed to be a ceremony when you change the name of boat, but we are not sure what it is. If anybody know what it is, let us know.
Vessel Name: Five Islands
Vessel Make/Model: Lagoon 37' TPI
Hailing Port: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Crew: Ralph & Karen
About: Married 26 years and looking for new adventures to share. Wanting to learn more about the world and about ourselves.
Extra: Five Islands is named after a small island located in the Winnipeg River where many memories were made. We view our boat as the opportunity see amazing places that will create quality memories like the ones made at Five Islands.
Five Islands's Photos - Bahamas - Part 1 (Main)
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A banana tree in Black Point
A collection of driftwood uniquely arranged and titled
The local school in Black Point
A boat under construction in Black Point
Staniel Cay
Not sure if you can see how this rock is undercut at the waters edge.  It looks pretty cool.
Monohull stuck on a reef with a couple of small boats trying to get him off
Cruisers enjoying the BBQ at the beach
Local kids playing on the beach
Random Walk at Compass Cay.  Notice the dark clouds approaching.  It went from calm to 30kt winds in a matter of minutes.  When you see the dark distinct line, you know it has some bite to it.
Sharks at the Compass Cay Marina.  They hang around looking for handouts and when the fisherman clean their catch, they get the scraps
Nurse Sharks at Compass Cay
More Nurse Sharks
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Various pictures of our travels in Panama
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Our trip through the canal as Line handlers
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Photos of Five Islands adventures and they people we are meeting
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Five Islands

Who: Ralph & Karen
Port: Calgary, Alberta, Canada