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Album: Humpback Whales in Tonga | Adventures of Fly Aweigh
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(L-R) Alison, Michael, Trish, Sherry, and Steve. On our way to find the whales.
Michael looks for whales, or maybe for the capsized 57-foot catamaran ...
Sailboats in the distance enjoying Tongan waters.
The young calf frequently rested on it
A few of our fortunate friends floating quietly, with the mother & calf  very close.
The mother is about 60 feet long. Note the remorae one her underside.
Mother and calf.
Mother & calf.
The calf off for a swim.
This is the huge mother at rest, her 12-foot long pectoral fins hanging at her sides. Half the brain sleeps while the other half is awake, so she sleeps with one eye closed and one eye open.
This is Allan with the whales in the background. Not the best shot, but it gives you an idea of the scene.
Gordon and Sherry from Serenity smile in exhuberence, mirroring how we all felt.
The young calf suckles frequently, going up for air every few minutes. At this stage she is adding 1 kilo of weight per hour to her already 2 ton size.
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