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Album: Plains, Trains, and Automobiles | Adventures of Fly Aweigh
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The train runs from Los Mochis to Chihuahua, over plains and hills and through tunnels and mountains, with the beautiful Copper Canyon approximately the middle, at almost 8,000 feet.
Our hotel, the Mirador, was just that, a viewpoint, perched on the edge of the canyon with spectacular views. Our room was on the third floor at the farthest end.
This small Raramuri village sits just 5 minutes down the hill from the hotel, on a ledge that is maybe 30 feet deep.
John, Mary-Ann and Allan leaving the village.
We found this little home set in the crook of a large boulder, rather like a Hobbit hole, with brooms in front but no one about.
Oh yes, they know the song "YMCA" even in the most remote places ... here
It was a cool ride, so we layered up. This was taken at the turnaround point. The horses walk the trail so often, they know exactly when to stop and wait for the signal to turn back toward the barn.
When a Raramuri runner dies, one of the traditions is to bury him at the crossroads of two paths. Everyone who passes by the cross (they have strong Catholic influences) tosses a stick or a branch on the pile, so that the person being honored will never stop running.
One of the many shopping opportunities at a lookout point on our short tour of the rim. The women and girls are all dressed in thick, billowing skirts, colorful socks or leg warmers, layers of bright, woven wraps and sarapes, and sometimes headbands or hats. Most of them wear sandals made from tire rubber cut to the shape of their foot, threaded with thin leather laces that wrap around the foot and ankle.
This young girl was maybe 5 years old, carrying her young sister.
This girl pensively posed for us near a beautiful, crooked manzanita tree overlooking one of the more beautiful parts of the canyon in late afternoon.
Newly arrived in Mazatlan, and sort of missing La Paz ...
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