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Album: Tuomotu - Kauehi, Fakarava | Adventures of Fly Aweigh
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Church in Kauehi
Fly Aweigh in a squall in Kauehi
Road in Kauehi
This Coconut Crab was ready to bite the camera ...
Allan and Alison enroute to Fakarava (compliments of Michael and Gloria on Paikea Mist)
Alison indulges in homemade brownies and rice milk!
Entrance to the south pass to Fakarava; note the churning water as the tide flows out
Closer look at the waves at the entrance to Fakarava
The restaurant, dive shop and bungalows at the south end of Fakarava
Beautiful reef garden just outside the dive shop
White tip shark swims in shallow water in front of the dive shop
Getting ready for our first pass dive in Fakarava
Reef in Fakarava
Micheal from Paikea Mist
Fish in Fakarava
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