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Flying through the water on "Wings"
If ya can't have fun......Stay Home!
Niagara Falls
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07/04/2012, North Towanda, NY

We made it to Niagara Falls on Monday. Everyone flew in Tuesday and made it to the boat OK. We're at a marina about 2 miles from the falls. We were planning to go to the falls for the 4th, but the locals told us that we're in the perfect spot as the fireworks will be going off righ over our heads. They are setting up stands, pig roasters, and bands here, so no reason to go anywhere else today! We'll go p;lay tourist on Saturday. We had to go take a quick look at the falls and get a picture for the blog. The heat wave caught up with us, so it required a trip to West Matine to pick up a couple more Hella fans. Everything else seems undercontrol, so life is good. I changed our appointment to get the mast stepped next Monday, so we plan to stay put until then. As always, we've met a lot of fun people that bend over backwards to make our travels easy. To them, I say a very sincere "THANK YOU!"....TTFN

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07/05/2012 | bob gatz
Thanks for the update, we spent the 4th on Madeline had a great time till the storm hit in the evening. survived though. really like reading your blogs, really looking forward to hearing about the canels thanks Bob and Eileen on GhostRider
Last night on the Great Lakes....
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07/01/2012, Dunkirk, NY

We aare spending our last night on The Great Lakes, and we couldn't have found a better place to do it! The bay is very shallow and I had called both the yacch club and the muni-marina to get some info. In both cases, no one was ther to answer my questions. We cautiously entered the break wall and found a place to anchor. Within a couple hours, people from the yacht club and the municipal came out and offered us a free night at their respective marinas. As long as we were hooked and happy, we decided to stay where we are, but the offer of hospitality was truely appreciated. I would recomend this place to all who may travel these waters!. I neglected to mention that south of Erie, PA, we were boarded by US Customs. They did a search of the bilge, under the bed in the V-berth and most other places, checked passports and boat documentation. They then went back aboard their boat and after checking all documents were in order, gave us the OK to leave. They were friendly and courtious, so it was a pleasant experience. All systems on the boat are working well, and hopefully will continue to do so. Tomorrow we'll make the last leg to Buffalo, NY, through the locks to Towanda where we have a reservation for a week in a marina, The kids and granddaughter will be flying in Tuesday for the 4th at Niagra Falls.....Sounds like a great time to me! TTFN

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Making Progress...
06/30/2012, Erie, PA

Hi all!....Since I last made an entry, we spent a night in Astabula, MI, then on to Erie. We're going to spend 2 nights here. Astabula was a nice anchorage, but not much else there. Eire is an intersting place. The people we've met are not very friendly, and when trying to get information about local spots, the really only helpful person was the cab driver....We decided to go with a cell hotspot to make internet communication a bit more reliable. I called Tonawonda, NY today and reserved a slip for the week. Our daughter and granddaughter are flying into Buffalo, NY on Tuesday. We plan on spending the 4th at Niagra Falls. Should be a good time. When they leave next Sunday, we'll go over to another marina and have the mast un-stepped, then we're off down the ditch. TTFN

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A good day to Sail!
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06/27/2012, Cleveland, OH

We're in Cleveland, OH. We satyed a coupe days at Put-in-Bay. We had a great time! Good food, met some new people, and listened to some great bands. But we need to keep moving. We motor sailed today and made some good time. So far we've traveled 762km. That's 876 statute miles for all you dirt Tomorrow we plan to get to Astabula, OH. We made arrangments today to get our mast pulled when we get to NY. The picture was taken in fromt of the Boardwalk Center in Put-in. I though it was neat....We got a slip at the Edgewater Yacht Club, and Wednsday is race night, so there is a lot of activity here. We met some fun people, got a cheap slip, and after what we've been paying for drinks elsewhere, they are really cheap drinks!........TTFN

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07/03/2012 | Bob Gatz
sounds like you guys are on a real aventure, but Craig, doesn't KM rack up faster than miles? sure sounds like you are making a good run of it
07/05/2012 | bob gatz
Hi guys, I was not thinking clear, I see you were talking Knot Miles, I thought you meant Kilometers, stupid me, well thats why you are out there and I need more training, have fun guys you deserve it
Pirates everywhere!
[email protected]
06/25/2012, Put-in-Bay, OH

We got into Sandusky, OH Saturday afternoon. I've left out a few days, we didn't have internet until today,and nothing really happened of any interest. The wind shifted during the night and really made it unpleasant!. This morning we movedtoPut-in-Island. The history here is reallyamazing.....Admiral Perry defeated the British fleet here in 1813. The monument is for those who died during that battle. Also, they are having a Pirate festival here, so everyone is in the party mode! The winds here have been 20-30kts all day. If they stay this strong, we'll spend another day here. If not, we're off to Cleveland....TTFN

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The END of Lake Heron!
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06/21/2012, Port Heron, MI

We Finally made it through Lkae Heron. It wasn't our favorite lake to sail. Big winds and big seas The picture is of leaving the lake and enterance to The St. Clair River. Kind of a rush....there was about a 4 kt current running in, so the throttled back to 1500 rpm and still showing 9.3 kts. We're in The River Street Marina tonight. The guys here have been really helpful. They took Vicki to the Market then to the laundry. Today we had our 1st real squall! Like a t-storm, but only much more violent. 45 kts winds and the seas here in this shallow water really stand up. Tomorrow I think we'll just go to Lake St. Clair and spend the night. Then the next day, across the lake and as far south of Detroit as we can comfortably make it. If things go well, we should be in Sandusky, OH on Sunday. Thanks for all the e-mail, we really enjoy hearing from the friends back home and those we've met along the way....TTFN

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06/25/2012 | Tim & Barb
Hey!! Great reading about the start of the adventure. 9.3 down the river. yikes.... Welcome to lake Erie! Glad all seems to be going well for the new cruisers. Fair winds, Tim

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