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Flying through the water on "Wings"
If ya can't have fun......Stay Home!
Welcome to the Hudson
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07/29/2012, Waterford on the Hudson, NY

We got into the Waterford around 2PM Saturday. The Flight of Five locks went well. It's the largest vertival drop in the distance in the world. As always, the Lockmasters were friendly and helpful. Waterford is another boat friendly community. Today there is a farmers market here on the waterfront. You can stay here as is most places for free, except here they charge for electric and shower facilities, but $15.00 per day isn't bad. It's rainy again today, so we'll sit here another night and head out tomorrow morning. We'll go about 1/2 way to Catskill, then in there on Tuesday and become a real sailboat again....TTFN

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Last Night on the Erie
07/27/2012, Lock 7

Well folks, this is it. We've traveled the legnth of the Eire in less time than we figured. We've got 11 miles and the 5 locks at the end that will drop us almost 200ft. It's been great meeting new friends and seeing places that are marked in History. As one chapter closes, another begins! Tomorrow we'll be on The Hudson River. Today we learned Lock 9 was closed. The lock tender at Lock 10 told us it was closed, but if we took our time it might be open when we arrived. Last night the police were chasing someone and trapped them on the Lock, which is adjacent to a dam. The genieus decided to jump in to avoid capture.....they fished his body out around 11AM this morning....Darwin at work......More tomorrow from THe Hudson!.....TTFN

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No Worries.......
07/25/2012, Amsterdam, NY

Temp in the low 80's, a cool south breeze, and the boat is running great. What else is there? It wa a short day today. We got here around noon. We're tied up on the wall just south of Lock 11. We walked over and watched several other boat lock through. There were some real clusters. Made us feel good about our technique locking through...The Lockmaster told us about a good resteraunt, so we wnet ther foe supper. He was right on,,,,an Italian place with great foon and cold beer! There is suppose to be some sever wether comming through here tonight and tomorrow, so if it hits, we'll just ride it out here. If not, we plan to head for Lock 7. Nothing else new to report, so, TTFN

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Didn't do a thng today.....and loved it!
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07/24/2012, Canajoharie, NY

We got all our work finished yesterday, so we decidid to stay here another night and rest all day. We both enjoyed it. It's started rainig here yesterday afternoon and didn't quit till about 6PM this evening. About 1:30 this morning, the tornado warning sirens started blowing, and then they started again around noon today. At times it just poured.....Tomorrow we'll get back on the road to Amsterdam, NY. There will be only 2 locks tomorrow. We'll spend the night there, then as far as lock 7 Thursday. If all goes well, Friday we'll do the last 6 locks on the Erie then spend a few days at Waterford, NY, which a few hundred yards from The Hudson River.......TTFN

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Clean-up, Fix-up Day.
07/23/2012, Canajoharie, NY

We spent today doing little jobs that needed to get done. Cleaning and some repair work. I cleaned and checked the engine cooling strained. It was dertier than I have ever seen it. I checked the impeller and found it was missing 3 blades,so that got replaced. Checked and tightened the rudder and drive shaft packing, Finally found a water leak that I have been searching for, for four weeks.( say that really fast 5 times) It turned out to be a crack in the fitting comming out of the water heater.....The area is finally getting some badly needed rain. I love sitting in the cockpit and watching the lightning and litstening to the rain on the boat. Met a local racer this morning and he came back with his son tonight. Had a great visit and swaped sailing stories. He even brought a gift of a liter of imported beer....yummy-yummy.....I think we are going to spend another day here. We're ahead of schedule and the dock, water, and electric and all free.....Why leave.....We don't want to get to the Chesepeke (sp?) until late August or Sept. so we have plenty of time to goof off. THe picture is of the loce in Little Falls, NY. It's the largest vertical change on the entire canal system. It's 40.5 feet. When your inside and it's closed, it's like a big cement box.....kinda strange..... THat's all folks....TTFN!

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A good day on the Erie
07/22/2012, Canajoharie, NY

It was a good day today! The new transmission work well. It's been so long since it started getting sloppy, that I'd forgotted how nice it is to have one that works the way it should. We got here around 3PM. A trawler was just comming in so we docked right behind him. Within a few hours 3 more sailboats came in so we offered to let one of them raft up for the night. They are all off to some race in Lake Onterio. A local coupe came by, and after chatting a while, they asked us to go to dinner with them.They took us to a really nice place about 15 mi fro where we were docked. Great food, the chef actually came out to make sure everything was good. He told me that the supper I ordered was actually going to be the home page of their website because he thought it was the best looking meal he had ever cooked. So before serving it to me he took several pictures. Not really a big deal but I thought it was kinda neat..... It's suppose to be hot tomorrow so why not take advantage of free dock, water,and electricity for an extra day or 2. The town has a great museum and art gallary tha Vicki wants to see, and I'm happy just sitting here and count trains.......TTFN

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08/09/2012 | jill
Craig is going to a museum like sticking pins in your eyes? Just an old saying you had that I remember well... hehe

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