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07 October 2014 | Berchtesgaden, Germany
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Welcome to the Hudson

29 July 2012 | Waterford on the Hudson, NY
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We got into the Waterford around 2PM Saturday. The Flight of Five locks went well. It's the largest vertival drop in the distance in the world. As always, the Lockmasters were friendly and helpful. Waterford is another boat friendly community. Today there is a farmers market here on the waterfront. You can stay here as is most places for free, except here they charge for electric and shower facilities, but $15.00 per day isn't bad. It's rainy again today, so we'll sit here another night and head out tomorrow morning. We'll go about 1/2 way to Catskill, then in there on Tuesday and become a real sailboat again....TTFN
Vessel Name: Wings
Vessel Make/Model: C-38 S&S Design
Hailing Port: Duluth, MN
Crew: Craig & Vicki Steinkraus
About: We're both now retired and living an adventure we've talked about for years!
Extra: How can you be lost if you don't care where your at?
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Who: Craig & Vicki Steinkraus
Port: Duluth, MN