Foggy Mountain

05 September 2012 | North Palm Beach, FL
12 June 2012 | North Palm Beach Marine
18 May 2012 | Exiting NW Providence Channel
17 May 2012 | NE Providence Channel
16 May 2012 | 88 Miles East of NE Providence Channel
15 May 2012 | 210 Miles East of NE Providence Channel
14 May 2012 | 170 Miles NE of Mayaguana Island
13 May 2012 | 180 Miles NE of Turks and Caicos
12 May 2012 | Still North of Puerto Rico
11 May 2012 | 170 Miles North of Puerto Rico
10 May 2012 | 50 Miles NE of the BVIs
09 May 2012 | 25 Miles West of Barbuda
08 May 2012 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
07 May 2012 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
05 May 2012 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
05 May 2012 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
11 April 2012 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
09 April 2012 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
08 April 2012 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
07 April 2012 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua

Preparation For Departure

07 May 2012 | Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
If all goes well, we plan to leave Antigus tomorrow morning. The TROF is still sitting right over us so the weather has been very unsettled with 100% overcast skies and periods of rain. As I write this it is raining heavily and has been doing that for at least 20 minutes. These rains in TROF conditions can be torrential at times, and ther goes some thunder for good measure. A few days ago we decided that before getting underway we would first move to a mooring. What this allows us to do is pull the anchor up, while scrubbing marine growth off the chain, and secure it for the passage. That way when it comes time to get underway we just have to slip the mooring, just makes it easier. This morning when we got a break in the rain, the sun actually shined for about 45 minutes, we weighed anchor and moved to one of Sea Pony's mooring for $20 per night. After that we complted most of the rest of our topside preparation before going ashore to clear Customs. After clear out we met friends Tom and Abby for lunch at Hot, Hot, Spot over in the Dock Yard. Upon saying our farewells a few tears were close to being shed and we proclaimed our wanting to stay in touch, at which time we were off towards Foggy for final preparations. This means getting the dinghy motor secured inside the dinghy, get the dinghy on deck, secured and covered. All of which we mangaged to do just before this torrential downpour started. It is our sincerest hope that we can get underway tomorrow morning without a rain like this. The weather forecasts indicate that we need to get about 100 miles north of here to start to get out from under the TROF's influence. However, we may not be able to sail that first hundred miles due to light winds being forecasted. So we shall see. If our next blog update is underway you will know that we left Antigua and are on our way to North Palm Beach, please wish us a swift and safe passage.
Vessel Name: Foggy Mountain
Vessel Make/Model: Valiant 40, Hull# 255
Hailing Port: Boston, Ma
Crew: Jeff & Pam Nelson
We grew up in Jamestown, NY and met during our high school years. After Jeff returned from naval service, during the Vietnam era, we got married in 1974. As best friends we have always gravitated towards activities that we could do together. [...]
We are self-taught sailors taking our first sail aboard a Sunfish on a lake in Maine. We bought our first boat in 1975 and since then have owned seven boats culminating with our current vessel "Foggy Mountain". Each vessel was larger enabling us to expand our horizons. We learned how to cruise [...]
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Our Background

Who: Jeff & Pam Nelson
Port: Boston, Ma