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Foggy Mountain
09/05/2012 Final Numbers & Re-acclimation
06/12/2012 We Made It & Getting Re-acclimated
05/18/2012 Heavy Traffic Night and Getting Close
05/17/2012 No Wind
05/16/2012 Slow Night and Dying Wind
05/15/2012 Making Slow Progress
05/14/2012 Making Progress at a Cost
05/13/2012 Night Time Trauma Continues
05/12/2012 Very Frustrating Night
05/11/2012 Day Two Goes Out Like a Lion
05/10/2012 Day Two Of Passage Back To FL
05/09/2012 Underway for North Pakm Beach
05/08/2012 We Did Not Get Underway
05/07/2012 Preparation For Departure
05/05/2012 It's All About The Sailing For Us
05/05/2012 The Regattas
04/11/2012 Altering Our Course
04/09/2012 Adventure In Moving
04/08/2012 Good Friday Ride With Friends
04/07/2012 Happy Birthday - NOT!
03/29/2012 Date Day
03/29/2012 Sail Repairs and Pensioner's Corner
03/27/2012 What Does It Cost?
03/15/2012 Challenging Final Hours
03/13/2012 Rough Night Last Night, One More to Go
03/12/2012 On Passage to Antigua from USVI
03/11/2012 Staging for Antigua
03/10/2012 Vistor and Provisioning
02/29/2012 Back to Caneel
02/24/2012 First Visit to Coral Harbor
02/24/2012 Great Beat and Snorkle
02/21/2012 Playing Finally
02/14/2012 Life In Charlotte Amalie
01/26/2012 What Have We Been Up To?
01/06/2012 Broken Block & Plans
01/06/2012 Passage Recap
12/28/2011 Sighted St. John, US Virgin Islands
12/27/2011 And Ping Went the Welds
12/26/2011 Trying for the USVI Again
12/13/2011 The Flip Side of Our 18 Hours of Anguish
12/09/2011 Busy Day
12/09/2011 Diverted to St. Lucia
12/07/2011 Underway Day 1
12/06/2011 Grenada in Retrospect
12/06/2011 Stay the Course or Not
11/27/2011 Tragedy in Paradise
11/27/2011 Haulout Reflections
11/04/2011 Haulout Day 10
11/03/2011 Haulout Day 9
11/02/2011 Haulout Day 8
11/01/2011 Haulout Day 7
10/31/2011 Haulout Day 6
10/30/2011 Haulout Day 5
10/29/2011 Haulout Day 4
10/28/2011 Haulout Day 3
10/27/2011 Haulout Day 2
10/26/2011 Haulout Day 1
10/11/2011 Miscellaneous Ramblings of a Grenada Summer
09/06/2011 Wifi and Internet Access Importance
08/14/2011 Mt. Hartman Memories, OAR vs. NAR Again & Settled For Now
08/13/2011 Another Nice Sail and Prickly No Go
08/12/2011 Port Louis Marina and Carnival
08/04/2011 Harbor Activities, Benefit & First Storm Scare
07/19/2011 Harbor Watch, Bus Rides and Friendly People
07/01/2011 Union Island to Carriacou and Re-discovering One of Our Favorite Pasttimes
06/19/2011 Scary Evening and Long Night
06/17/2011 Mayreau Experience and Sail to Clifton
06/12/2011 Change of Plans
06/11/2011 Bequia Revisted, Crazy Canouan and Regatta Not
06/09/2011 Our Visit to Bequia
06/06/2011 Remembering My Dad From Afar
05/30/2011 Anchor Down in Bequia
05/28/2011 Overnight at the Pitons
05/28/2011 Apology to Foggy Fans and Changes in our Absence
05/05/2011 Arrived Rodney Bay, St. Lucia
05/03/2011 Heading Further South
05/02/2011 The Classic Regatta, Antigua Sailing Week, Outboard Adventures and Chain Cleaning
04/12/2011 Shirley Heights and Antigua Classic Regatta Set to Begin
04/08/2011 Costs Update and Availability
03/31/2011 Harbor Waking Up, Single Handers, Hike and Tilt
03/24/2011 Saltwater Where it Shouldn't Be, Exploring, Two Weeks and Remembered Fatherly Advise
03/17/2011 Costs Thus Far and Settling Into Our Rhythm
03/10/2011 Politics in Antigua and Anchorage Politics
03/06/2011 Kind of a Time Warp and Windgenerator Problem
03/04/2011 Sail from Jolly Harbor to Falmouth Harbor and Welcome Rain and Unwelcomed Squall
02/27/2011 Communications, Mass Media Withdrawal and St. John's
02/27/2011 Making Land Fall
02/22/2011 The Days Just Fly By and Island TV
02/19/2011 Final Tally for Passage
02/15/2011 Close Call During Last Night at Sea and We Made It- Yahoo!!!
02/14/2011 Disappearing Stars and Heart Break Hill
02/13/2011 Dousing, Daily Work and Triple Ace
02/12/2011 Lessons Re-learned, Whales and Jeff Gets Doused
02/11/2011 The Beating Continues Along With the Carnage
02/10/2011 Dolphins and Living on the Walls
02/09/2011 Tranquil Night for Re-charging Our Batteries
02/08/2011 Rough Weather and Pam Had a Surprise
02/07/2011 Another Slow Day and Monty is Repaired
02/06/2011 We're on a Slow Boat to Antigua and Foggy is a Killing Machine
02/05/2011 Scary Parts on Deck and Cold
02/04/2011 Back Under Sail
02/03/2011 Searching for Wind
02/02/2011 On Passage from Florida to Antigua
01/24/2011 Sunrise Over the Condos
09/16/2010 Post via Iridium Satellite Phone
09/16/2010 Sailblogs Update via SSB
04/16/2009 Day Sail and Anchor
02/04/2009 Postponed Departure
01/27/2009 Getting Underway
01/24/2009 Attempted Departure for Antigua
01/02/2009 EPIRB
11/11/2008 Refitting 2002 to 2008
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Who: Jeff & Pam Nelson
Port: Boston, Ma
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