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Getting Ready
03/23/2013, Brookings

The car is packed. We will be heading up to the boat tomorrow morning. Good times are coming!

03/25/2013 | Royall
Looking forward to the next great adventure guys!! Be safe... have fun!!
03/31/2013 | Walt & Nancie Elliott Schad
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Going Home

Well the cruise to Alaska and back has come to an end. We had a wonderful experience and are glad we made the journey. There is still lots left to see in Alaska and hopefully we will return someday. But for now it is time to go back to Brookings for a while. Looking forward to being home again, at least for a while. We will return to the boat in the Fall and do some cruising in September and October. Thanks for following along with us on our Alaska adventure.

08/07/2012 | Royall
So enjoyed your adventure. Look forward to following along on the next. Miss you guys......
Back in the U.S.A.
07/22/2012, Prevost Harbor, Stuart Island, Washington

We headed back to the U.S.A. with hopes that they will allow us back into the country. We crossed the boarder at 0839. Haro Strait was just a little choppy with less than one foot wind waves. We arrived at the Customs Dock at Roche Harbor on San Juan Island at 0915 and by 0932 we were back on our way. Each time we enter the U.S. and Canada we have to go through the ordeal of the interview with the Customs Agent. Some ask extensive questions and some, like the gentleman today, ask hardly any questions. You never know what they will ask you and how long it will take for them to clear you. We were quite pleased today to be quickly on our way. We were heading to Stuart Island, one of our favorite stops in the San Juan Islands. Stuart Island has two main harbors, Reid and Prevost. Rich and Mj, of Morning Star always anchor at Prevost. Since we were by ourselves we thought we would go to Reid Harbor for a change. There were about 30 boats in the harbor and it was pretty windy. We got the kayaks down, paddled to shore, and hiked to the lighthouse on Turn Point. Jerry could stay at Turn Point all day watching the huge ships pass by. But today he was a bit concerned about than anchor and the amount of scope he had out with the wind situation. So we headed back after just a short stay. He let out more scope then paddled over to the State Park where he could see into Prevost Harbor. He discovered that "our spot" was vacant so we quickly pulled the anchor at at 1720 left Reid Harbor and cruised through Johns Passage to Prevost Harbor. All the way we were hoping that no one had come along and taken the coveted spot before we could get there. We rounded the corner into Prevost Harbor and there is was - our spot - with no boats in it. So we set the anchor and are here to stay for several days.

A quaint little town
07/21/2012, Cowichan Bay, Vancouver Island, B.C.

Time to travel on. We made the short cruise to Cowichan Bay and tied up to the government dock. This stop was mostly a laundry stop but after the laundry was finished we went exploring. Cowichan Bay is a quaint little village which reminded me of Coupleville on Whidbey Island. We found the bakery, the cheese store, the pub, and the ice cream shop. What more could a community need?!?

Bakery and a Hike
07/20/2012, Ladysmith,Vancouver Island, B.C.

It was a short cruise over to Ladysmith. Finally we were going to Ladysmith. I had been wanting to go there since we first started coming to Canada five years ago. From the water Ladysmith looked like a charming little town but sometimes what you see on the water isn't always what it appears to be. Once we were tied up we headed to town to see what we could discover. We discovered the bakery-and it was lunchtime! This bakery claims to have the best cinnamon buns on the entire island. The aroma from the kitchen and the looks of the display case seemed to concur. After lunch we explored the town. We were pleasantly surprised. It is as charming as it appeared to be from the water. We spent two days here roaming around the town. We found the Holland Creek Trail which winds along both sides of the Creek and passed Crystal Falls. We sidetracked onto the Rotary Lookout Trail. At the top was a vista where we could see out to the Gulf Islands. So we have thoroughly enjoyed our time in Ladysmith. What's not to like - hiking trails, a bookstore, and a bakery!! This is a town to come back to someday.

Dodd Narrows or Pizza?
07/18/2012, Ruxton Passage Cove

We sadly left Roscoe Bay bright and early in the morning. It was a beautiful day to travel and we set our sights on Madeira in Pender Harbor. Crusing down Malispina Strait we got to thinking about crossing the Strait of Georgia. If the weather forecast and the water conditions were right maybe we would do that. But then would we stay in Nanaimo or go through Dodd Narrows. The chances of going through Dodd Narrows was slim. You have to time your passage to go at slack water. Arriving at Nanaimo late in the afternoon was problematic as well. Would there be any space at the dock that late in the day. The compelling reason to stop at Nanaimo is pizza. There is a restaurant there that makes the best pizza we have ever had. Well the forecast was just ok and the water conditions were a little less than ok but the pizza was calling us. So we scrapped the idea of stopping at Madeira and a relaxing afternoon and headed across the Strait. It was pretty bumpy and we had about two to three feet wind waves. But the closer we got to Nanaimo the calmer the water became. So then Jerry checked the current table for Dodd Narrows - we would arrive there exactly at slack tide. We decided we weren't all that hungry for pizza and continued passed Nanaimo and through Dodd Narrows. It was by far the calmest passage of Dodd that we have experienced. We arrived at Ruxton Passage Cove, set the anchor, and enjoyed the pleasant evening. We had a bit of entertainment as well. Just after we set the anchor in came a large double masted schooner. As soon as he set the anchor another one arrived. They just kept coming, about 10 of them in all. They were having some sort of race and this was their stopping spot for the night. They were all very pretty boats and it was it added an interesting element to the anchorage.

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