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Allan and Rina's Sailing Adventure
The travels of S/V Follow You Follow Me Continue....
One of our Favorite Ports
10/04/2008, Santa Barbara

Rina and I always have fun in Santa Barbara. There is a West Marine right at the docks and good restaurants, bike riding and lots of friendly sailboat types hanging around. We'll be here for a couple of nights before heading to Santa Monica on Monday and then Catalina on tuesday. We had a gorgeous sunset last night, followed by rain early this morning. That's ok, gives us time to do a bunch of those little projects still on the do-list.

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10/06/2008 | Linda
It was great meeting you both in Santa Barbara. I'm glad we happened to be having a wine tasting event at the harbor.
Thank you for having us aboard to see all the wonderful preparations you have taken for your big cruise. You've given me some great ideas for improving conditons on Viking Lass.
I hope you found the produce store. Have you been able to stay in Santa Barbara for a few more days?
Best of luck to you on your amazing adventure. Have fun and enjoy the blue water and warm sun. I'll enjoy following your progress.
Linda Bishop
Stupid Boat Trick #2
10/03/2008, Somewhere around Point Conception

Rina and I both make a big deal about battening things down before we sail. We have checklists for doing so that we are pretty good about.... usually... stupid me... I'm so proud of myself for fixing a horrid squeak that developed in one of the bulkheads that I forget to put my ^$&^$$ screw organizer back in it's home.... resulting in a mess on the floor of the garage..... that's ok, a rainy Saturday morning gives me time to put it all back together... Note to self: Don't ignore the mess in the garage!

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We round Point Conception
10/03/2008, Point Conception

Point Conception, from the sailors point of view, delineates Northern California from Southern California. Today was no different from our prior trips around the point.... overcast, strong winds, larger seas until you hit the point, and as you go around, sun, small seas and lesser winds... It's all sun from here we think.... (wrong again as it turns out)

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Dolphin Frenzy
Rina - Warm, sunny!!
10/02/2008, On Way to San Luis Obispo

Amazing, I just can't get over this aspect of sailing...all the natural sea's one of my favorites....DOLPHINS!! The pod came upon us on the nose and played for awhile. There was about 12-15 of them, bouting for the front of the bow...amazing! Just love it, they talk while they play...pretty cool.

I'm warm Allan Said....I can't wait for MEXICO!!

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10/02/2008 | Lindsey
Hey there, we found your blog and look forward to hearing about your coastal adventures. What are your eventual plans for the season and beyond? You're living our dream and we hope to follow in your wake someday soon!
Rina finds the sun and thaws out!
10/02/2008, Port San Luis

After a short 5 hour motorsail we landed in Port San Luis to wonderful sun... Did some wine tasting and chores and now hanging out in the cockpit reading.... I feel the clock starting to tick slower now....

Rina promises to write more..... send her comments to force her to!


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San Simeon ROCKS!
10/01/2008, San Simeon, CA

Got to San Simeon after a very long day.... Left Santa Cruz at 3am because Rina and I couldnt go back to sleep... the upside is that it puts us into our next port during daylight and hopefully catch a sunset. Worked well in this case except for the southern swell that hammered us all night. We're lucky if we got 3 hours of sleep as sets would come in every 15 minutes or so that would rock the boat violently back and forth and shake EVERYTHING that wasnt tied down. Luckily, one of Rina's projects in Santa Cruz was sewing a net to the top of the galley shelves to hold the glasses and stuff in. Without that it ALL would have been on the floor.

We couldnt wait to get the hell out of there.... too bad, because it's usually a pretty nice place to hang out, with a secluded beach and no crowds.

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Stupid Boat Trick #1
10/01/2008, San Simeon, CA

So I buy these little orange "rocker stoppers" that are supposed to help stop the boat from rocking in anchorages just like this one. We swing the mast over, rig the 5 rockers in series using an old polypropylene ski rope and toss it over, with a 12lb dinghy anchor holding it down. The concept is that the rockers stop the motion one way given the shape.... Well, about 2 hours after deploying, Rina hears a thunk, gets up to investigate and finds the rocker stoppers gone from the mast. The next morning we investigate and find the frayed ski line..... oh yea, poly line chafes VERY easy.... lesson learned (I think) - get good line. WRONG. As we raise the anchor the next morning I find the rocker stoppers tangled around the anchor rode (chain). The boat had spun around in the night and grabbed the contraption and ripped it off the mast.... Note to self: only deploy with good strong line and when the boat current/winds ensure we will stay in a consistent direction

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Santa Cruz in the Sun
09/29/2008, Santa Cruz

Two excellent days in Santa Cruz.... Dinner with Alyssa on Monday at the Crows Nest... No car to pick her up LOL! She had to take the bus from UC Santa Cruz. Tuesday night Dinner with Rina's Mom at Johnny's... a couple of rare treats eating out. We reflected with Alyssa how we dreamed about being at this point some day.... Alyssa in college, us sailing away for awhile.

During the days we finished up boat projects and upgraded the boat lettering on Follow You Follow Me, as the old lettering was shriveling up after 5 years. Larry the boat lettering guy was located right there at the Marina so it made it very easy to iterate the design. Much bigger than the old lettering, which will be important for boat identification on the Baja Haha rally later this month.

We're staying way too busy we realize, but that will change once we get to Santa Barbara where we plan on hanging out for 5 days, riding bikes, kayaking and reading...

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Sailboat Lesson #1 - Stuff Breaks
09/29/2008, Between Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz

After a wonderful start to our journey, checking out Maltese Falcon up close, we headed out the gate into the fog. Cool, fire up the radar to make sure we can see those big container ships coming at us at 25 knots.... Uh-oh... "Scanner not responding" ok, I've seen this before... cycle the power and try again. Same message.... Fog getting thicker... Rina telling me to come up and enjoy the sights.... *&^%$^%%^^& boats! Open up the navstation where the radar comes into the back of the chartplotter, reseat all the cables.... New message "Warning - Scanner not turning" Ok, that's progress. Cycle the power again, "Scanner warming up" .... Good sign.... Counts down to 3...2...1.... Hoorah.... Scanner back in business, Rina's comfort quotient goes way up.... Satisfaction of solving first problem....

Why does Rina's comfort quotient go up? MARPA. Check out the pic of the little bogeys on the chartplotter. Those are other boats. MARPA tells us which way those boats are going, at what distance and speed and whether they are a threat. If they get too close or are on a trajectory to do so, it will give us an audible warning. Rina *likes* safe.

Otherwise all boat systems are working great.... Alan at BoatGuys has done a great job, working with me to design a pretty robust and efficient set of systems over the past 2 years.... Starting to get into a rhythm at sea. Up early this morning to check everything out, haul the dinghy out of the water and head for Santa Cruz. Oh yea, it's Monday and no work! Nice....

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Half Moon Bay...Exit
Rina / High wind
09/29/2008, Half Moon Bay and Santa Cruz

On our way from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz....But first, an update on the weather....I am Soooooo looking for warm's still foggy here...high fog, but a chill in the air. No wind to speak of, back to motoring down the coast. Hey Gene & Corey, sound familiar?

more soon...

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