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Once in a lifetime adventure
Slow going
Kevin / Cold and windy
11/17/2011, Elizabeth City, North Carolina

It's our 11th day of the big trip, and so far, so good. I'd like to be a couple of hundred miles further south, but what can you do. Our first 4 days were mostly windless and cold. So we motored all the way to Deltaville, VA. Every morning we awoke to heavy fog, so we got to lounge around and wait for the weather to improve. No big deal, but it cut in to our travel time, and the amount of miles we could cover. Then, two days in Deltaville, waiting for the wind to stop blowing so darn hard. Yikes! From one extreme to the other. Leaving Deltaville, we headed to Norfolk and the Intracoastal Waterway. We had a very nice sail for a while, until we entered the harbor. There was 35 knots of wind right on our nose, and a contrary current. Our speed slowed to 2 knots, and we were taking waves over the bow of the boat. At this point, we decided to aim Foolish Heart towards the Naval base, which was much more protected from the wind. Only problem, it's restricted. Decision time: Better to ask for forgiveness then permission. I figured it would be better to get an escort from the Coast Guard then a rescue. So we skirted the aircraft carriers, destroyers, and other military craft, and no one bothered us at all.
The waves subsided, and our speed increased to about 5 knots. Once in the Elizabeth River, we made a beeline to the Dismal Swamp Canal, the alternate route on the upper ICW. The DSC is not dismal at all. An incredible feeling, piloting a 35 foot boat in a ditch not much wider. The next day, we made it to Elizabeth City NC,
the city that gives boaters a big ol' sloppy kiss. These people here are so friendly, it's just unbelievable. I think it would be a great place to live. We're waiting out the weather now to cross Albamarle Sound, which we hope to do tomorrow. Gotta get south, it's gettin' cold!

11/17/2011 | Kathie
Yay!! I was so happy for a new update. You need to update more frequently so that I can feel as though I am along on your journey with you. I am glad to hear that you are not in military custody and my door is not being knocked down to give a character reference on you. Be safe and upload some pics of your journey!
11/18/2011 | Ron sutton
It's 11pm 18th of November. It's 33 degrees out. Hope you all have found warmer weather by now. Sounds like things are going as well as they can be. Kevin looks like I did driving my bike last January when I bought it. -!" cold. Bear down Kevin, you'll get warmer weather soon. The vodka tonics always help. lol Sail on, and Gods speed.
11/20/2011 | Dan Lee
Hi Guys. Just got back from the Ft. Pierce SEAL Muster and's warm down there. Let me know when you need a MD Crab Cake fix and I'll fly down and bring you some.
It's COLD.....
Dorothy/ cold (heading to the 30s), windy (calling for 30 knots)
11/11/2011, Deltaville, VA

Oh, and I can't wait to get further south and warmer weather. I don't mind cold, but frost on the docks is not my idea of a Bahamas adventure.

Our adventure begins...
Dorothy/ cold (heading to the 30s), windy (calling for 30 knots)
11/11/2011, Deltaville, VA

So here we are, a 30 year dream come true for Kevin. A "Life gives you lemons, make lemonade." for me. Most people would think getting laid off was bad, but for me it was a turning point. A dream we've talked about for 20 years finally had the door of opportunity. We went through a hurricane, record high waters that silted in our marina entrance, a major back crisis, a major house chimney repair and whatever else life could throw at us. But here I sit in Deltaville VA writing our first entry to an adventure of a life time. Here we are, the furthest south we've ever been. Here we are, tomorrow we head into Hampton Roads, the entry way to the ICW. The biggest port of call we've ever been to with major military bases, airports galore and a shipping channel that can handle 25,000 ton aircraft carriers. Ever been close to an aircraft carrier. But, just a few short miles past that we'll hit the Great Dismal Swap, a canal that George Washington started.
Kevin has given me permission to tell him repeatedly, "The only difference between and adventure and an ordeal is your attitude." ~Bob Bitchen.
Our adventure begins...

11/12/2011 | Ron Sutton
Sail on captain! Hope your having a great time. Gods speed.
11/12/2011 | Katelyn Hock
Good luck, Happy Sailing!
11/13/2011 | Kathie
I am SO glad you have finally started updating this. Now I can keep up with your adventure. I really hope you are having the time of your lives. As the weather gets progressively colder (had to vacuum leaves today -ugh), I grow more envious of you two!
11/15/2011 | Cindy
So GLAD you are finally on your way! I can't wait to hear about your adventure. So proud of you!!
11/15/2011 | Ron Sutton
Looks like you all will be in a few days of cloudy weather. Looking pretty dismal here up on the upper east coast. Hope you find some better weather soon. Liked the photo. Keep em coming. We're all in this with you. Best of sailing. Have you done any fishing? Looking for the big one. lol. Enjoy

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