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Eve's Visit
28 February 2012
Our daughter Eve arrived mid-Jan for a three week visit. It was so wonderful to have her aboard again. We spent much of the time at various locations in the Exuma Land and Sea Park exploring the islands by foot and dingy. On one of the islands, Shroud, you can digy right through to beaches on the ocean side. Eve also experienced a couple of cruiser happy hours. one of the coolest things was that we found a small pool at low tide that had many baby sea creatures land locked there until the next tide: rays, conch, and fish. We also finished our boat sign to leave at Boo Boo hill at the Park Headquarters on Wardrick Wells. we used found sea glass to fashion palm trees and a sailboat in addition to the carving on our driftwood.

We went to Little Farmers Cay for the 5F, First Friday in February Festval at Farmers. this is both a local and cruiser celebration. There are local sailboat races that are the highlight of the event. There are also cruiser games and competitions for prises of bottles of rum. good local food and general merriment. We won the scavenger hunt which was quit the challenge finding a ribbon, disposable lighter, bird feather, etc. Eve particularly enjoyed an evening of music put on by cruisers at a local bar.

Eve was kind enough to bring the ukulele she gave to Fran and Fran is diligently praising every day. She also brought a word game, banana grams, which was lots of fun. While she was here we made pizza and popcorn and watched a few movies. Big fun.

All too soon it was time for her to return to Colorado and start planning that wedding. The boat seemed bigger and quieter afterwards.
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