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Freedom of Hamble
Westward Trophy

This is a shot of Eleanora having some practice runs in the Solent just before the racing. We had to engine out of her way, because she came on so fast! skip was gently sailing and ogling when all of a sudden we realised she was coming up way too fast and we felt the need for speed to move it!!

Backing up!

Am in serious catch up mode on this blog. Going through some pics, I must put a couple up from the Westward Trophy sailed in the Solent last year, Mariette was pounding up to the mark and looked fantastic! These magnificent sail yachts really bring a tear to the eye up close!

12/12/2011, Solent

Photo of another exercise so that I could see what happened to us!!

12/12/2011, In the Solent this season

A memorable days sailing in the Solent....... sailing briskly up the Solent, the Coastguard Helicopter did a low fly by with a board showing in the doorway signing 67. Skip got onto the radio, and after a few hasty words, drowned out by the noise of the motors, I realised we had been volunteered for an exercise of landing a man on board!! Adrenalin pumped like you cannot believe, skip had to sail in a nice controlled straight tack, whilst yours truely handled a weighted line on board. Instructions being Not to attach it to anywhere on the boat! After some careful manoeuvering, very gently, but noisily, (like deafening!) the helicopter crept up on our stern and hovered, whilst a young man skimmed down the line, and landed on our boat... incredible! There was no time to be scared or nervous. The professional abilities of these chaps is amazing, and if that was an example of what would happen on a good day, then thank goodness for all Coastguard Stations and Personnel around the world is all I can say, they do a fantastic job!

Sunshine in Treguier

going up river

12/12/2011 | Francois and Mads
And you thought that we do not read your blog. Keep updating it as we never had a chance to hear of all from you and by the looks of it we will not have a chance soon. Love from the Crew
Overdue update
12/07/2011, whilst back in SA

We havn't posted in ages, and a lot of water has gone under the bridge/hulls since the last one!!! However, we flew to UK in May to pick up "Freedom" and waited for our friends Robin and Laetitia to join us before we started our travels westwards to Dartmouth, stopping off in some of our favourite places along the way, Beaulieu, Newtown, Lymington, Poole, Portland, and then Dartmouth before crossing over to the Channel Islands. Our weather this season was very mixed up... far too much wind and rain for our liking, and always at the wrong time! We crossed over eventually to St Malo, and met some sunshine for a brief spell which was most welcome! Moving on westward, we sailed to Paimpol, before backtracking to Binnic where we were due to meet up with several old sailing friends from The Royal Southern YC to join Elly and Louis Sallons to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary. A huge thrash was had by all, and seriously enjoyed!!! it was great to get ashore, and inland for a time.

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