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Freedom of Hamble
Street Entertainers
12/23/2011, St Malo

One evening after supper on board, we took a walk in the town and came across these lovely ladies singing their stories in French, they were wonderful. all dressed in various stages of black, but with petticoats in various colours, and assorted footwear !

12/23/2011, The square in St Malo

A view of one of the squares in St Malo where we used to sit in the cafe on the right and watch the world go by!

On to St Malo earlier this year

We had not seen St Malo this quiet, it was a sure sign that the European economy was taking it's toll. Normally the wall would see yachts 3 and 4 deep at least rafted out.

However, it suited us very nicely because we could roam about the walls of St Malo in peace and enjoy the walks and views. Inside the walls the restaurants and cafe's were charming as ever, with huge choices, musicians and performers were on the street corners to entertain, including artists ready to do a cartoon/portrait sketch of you. It always makes for an exciting atmosphere and we love it!

Westward Trophy extra pic

Mariette on her way to the finish line!

"Freedom" berthed in Beaucette

Note the narrow entrance behind us!!

Beaucette in Guernsey

My backup is rather all over the place, but I must mention Beaucette, a wonderful marina at the top end of Guernsey in the Channel Islands. It used to be an old quarry until one day, the owner decided to blow a hole in the wall and hey presto, a marina was born!!! As a result, the entrance can be very daunting, as you sail straight onto a lee shore and what initially looks like a cliff face, with a rocky channel either side of you, and you have to negotiate a sill at the entrance. One definitely needs to get the tide right!! The masts showing at the top of the wall, keeps the confidence level reasonably high! I will post a couple of pics, to show the entrance.

It is a very friendly place, with excellent shower facilities, and as they have now re-opened the restaurant at the top of the marina, it is even more reason to go and pay a visit. We just love the peace and knowledge that it can blow like blazes, and you are snug as a bug in a rug under the walls of the quarry. The walks along the cliff paths in the area are wonderful for the soul and it is one of our favourite places.

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