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Freedom of Hamble
St Malo
01/13/2012, Cathedral

Will be showing a couple more photos of St Malo. A fascinating walled city established way back in 1709. during the 16th and 17th century it took on its present form with immensely heavy fortifications, and streets of fine granite houses for the rich sea captains and merchants of the day. Even more incredible is the fact that during the 2nd world war, this place was bombed out and almost destroyed, from the photos previously to this blog, and now, the restoration process has been pretty fantastic!

01/13/2012, Berg River Western Cape SAfrica

Just before I move on, another pic of "Snatch" this time returning from a weekend away in the Bay!(for Michelle and Bert).

Regular visitors to the wetlands

Just finished fishing!

Home in SA and the view
01/11/2012, Western Cape SAfrica

What we see every day!

"Snatch" down river

You can see Robin and Laetitia on their jetty!!

"Snatch" has left the building!
Sunny - clear bright skies - gentle breezes
01/10/2012, Port Owen, Western Cape, SAfrica

Had a farewell bash at Inge and Jan's last evening, where "Snatch" had been berthed ready for leaving this morning. Watched them come down the river some time after 6.30 (wasn't looking at my watch, too busy waving and ringing my bell!!). We wish them safe sailing and fair winds. Maybe they will catch up with "Mystic" at some point! Robin is going to keep a radio watch with them so we will hear of their progress all being well.

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