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Freedom of Hamble

Alan looking as though he knows what he's doing!

Out on the Bay
02/19/2012, st Helena Bay SA

What a magnificent weekend weatherwise.... the West Coast at it's best, lovely sailing breeze coming in from the north, crystal clear atmosphere and flat seas....... we were out both days. Saturday I was photographer for Al B who was out on Mia checking out her new mailsail before we took off for a sail across to Stompneous and back. Also got some decent shots of Windward who was out having a lovely time. Today was gentler, but beautiful, and to finish off the day, a dolphin accompanied us back to the entrance to the harbour!

Guess Who!
02/17/2012, Port Owen, Western Cape, SAfrica

Celebrating !

02/18/2012 | Francois Mellet
There are copyrights existing on these pictures
Cannot even imagine where it was taken.
Sunny Friday
02/17/2012, Still in SA

It's way too silly, but when I get a comment on the blog, it gives me a real chirp and a big fat smile!!! Its good to know that folk check it out, and that there is communication through it. I much prefer this Sailblog to the facebook thing - the yachties blogs' are much more interesting for one thing!

We have had some screaming SEasters recently which has made thought of going out to sail shelved! We hope this weekend might bring a better strength! Couldn't get out last weekend, due to some hose on the engine splitting and needing replacement, that's done now, so all back in action. I'm not sure if I posted our cormorants but we saw this lot coming back into the river the other day. Huge numbers, including the black tideline at the back of the photo!! Birdlife is very busy on the wetlands this season.

Good News
02/07/2012, still in SA

Michelle with 'Snatch' has loaded onto Sailblogs which means that the boats can stay in touch when away. Good fun! I've also been in touch with "Beachcomber" and "MellosII" in the hope that they will join in as well, at least that way I will have a couple of northern hemisphere folk in our cruising area i.e. where the temperatures are way cooler, and the weather is unpredictable!!! oh the joys!

01/29/2012, Still in SA

I realise that from May onwards, it will be much easier to keep the Blog updated, rather than trying to do it much later! Going through all our photos from previous seasons is wonderful for triggering the memories, but of course means, that any descriptions will be outdated and probably too long. However, I did come across a good pic of Skip and realise I don't have many of him so far, so will post this up to show he does exist!! It's interesting looking at other folks blogs to see the exotic type pictures in comparison with the colour way and atmosphere of the light in local European waters! I would like to find others in the area, so will make a plan for that at some point.

02/14/2012 | Francois Mellet
Does't the admiral of the fleet look dashing. Looking forward to your postings during your sailing season although Port Owen does lend itself to sailing and pics from there will be welcome even if it is just to get a lump in the throat. Have fun and thanks for the support
The 3 Musketeers

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