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Freezing Rain
06/05/2010, Rangiroa, Tuamotos

had a spectacular dive along a reef wall with thousands of fish including 4 dolphins...then the next day we were to drift through a pass, unfortunately the current swept us back out to sea where we ended up seeing a 12 foot hammerhead shark as well as many schools of fish...still trying to decide if we'll snorkel or try the pass dive again...planning on leaving Sat morning and should be in Papeete, Tahiti by the afternoon of the 13th...this has been a very restful anchorage...yummy hamburgers and Hinano beer at the local greasy spoon

06/11/2010 | sheila morin olson
I hope that you both doing well
It sounds like you both enjoying see all sealife wright soon love you both
Lazy Lagoon Life 6/7
06/05/2010, Rangiroa, Tuamotos

Explored the northern village of Avatoru this morning, Looking into diving the passes with a professional guide, folks fly in here from all over the world to dive the passes. May visit a black pearl farm if time permits. Had lunch at a local restaurant complete with several wild dogs wandering about and lots of black flies sharing our food. Half a liter of Hinano beer (which is yummy) costs less than a Coke. Anything with sugar in it has a huge tax. No wonder the French are so thin. Baguettes are 64 cents. Everyone walks out of the store with several.

06/05/2010, Rangiroa, Tuamotos

The pass to enter the lagoon was terrifying, opposing current of 4 knots against 15 knots of wind which caused 8 foot standing waves and slowed the boat down to 2.8 knots...Irv loved it...he's nuts...snorkeled today and saw literally hundreds of fish as soon as you enter the water... I had an old baguette which they attacked brushing up against me in their hast to get a piece and even nipping at my hands, well that settled it and I let go...poured this morning and gave the boat a good it here

06/06/2010 | Tom & Dawn (sv Warm Rain)
Hi Guys,
Last time we saw you was in Port McNeill. The Tuamotos were the highlight of our Pacific Passage. Warm Rain is now in Opua, NZ, will we see you there in November?
147 mies to go
06/03/2010, in transit to Tuamotus

will arrive Friday afternoon, supposed to be fabulous diving in the passes with lots of sharks...they are fed by the dive boats so are not interested in we mere morsels of

285 miles to Rangiroa
06/02/2010, in transit to Tuamotus

continuing to have good winds, bit rolly, gets dark about 6 pm and light at 6 am, very thankful for having pre-made the meals as extensive cooking on a rolling surface is dangerous, tried to make last 2 meals from scratch and took forever and was so hot as there is no ventilation below due to 9 foot swell attempting to get in any open ports and hatches, very grateful to have Jay aboard as he is terrific with taking lots of the time at the helm and is very knowledgable about sail trim as well as calm in a crisis, yes we do have a few of those on occasion

Power Fishing
06/01/2010, in transit to Tuamotus

You will all be happy to hear that Irv finally put out a fishing line, however, immediately caught the wind generator and then the towed generator in one fell swoop...after an hour of unwinding and cutting loose the line he bravely put out a line fish yet...409 miles to go

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