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Freezing Rain
Day 2
11/01/2010, Passage to New Zealand

Making great time with 170 miles logged on 2nd day. Winds continue to be good at 15 to 20 knots and seas remain at 9 feet, however much smoother with less wind chop and longer period. The queasiness should be over today. Weather guru is right on so we are happy and expect to make NZ by late Sun or Mon. All is well on board. Boring is nice.

11/01/2010 | Ralph and Cheryl
Be safe you guys!! Thinking about you.
11/02/2010 | Kim & Linda
Fair winds, Amigos. Be safe.
Kim & Linda
Day one
10/31/2010, Passage to New Zealand

left Sunday 10/31 with good winds and big seas...have no genset and a small hole in the exhaust muffler so have to watch our power consumption, otherwise all is very well...marie got queasy for the first time...Irv had to go up the mast to pull out the jam in the main furling, hard job in big exhausted

10/31/2010 | Sue
Take good care of yourselves and have a safe trip!
Waiting for Weather
10/25/2010, Tonga

We will check out of Tonga tomorrow and fill up on the duty free fuel. We will then wait at the anchorage at Big Mama's for the next weather window to open and we will be off to New Zealand, maybe with a stop at Minerva Reef for a rest. It is 300 miles from here and N.Z. is about 1,000 miles from here. We will post updates once we depart Tonga.

Leaving northern Tonga
10/17/2010, Tonga

Heading south to Tongatapu taking in a few anchorages to avoid night sailing and the many reefs that abound in these waters. We will be spending several days in the capital city of Nuku'alofa, preparing for the crossing to New Zealand which we anticipate will begin right after the farewell party at Big Mama's on the 29th. We will be joining the All Points Rally to Opua, which will mean we travel with about 30 or so boats, get regular weather info as well as VHF and SSB checkins. This is a great safety net for us. Our arrival in Opua, NZ starts a week of partying, lots of BBQ's and wine tastings as well as other events and a trade show. We cruisers love to party! There have been about 5 boats lost this year due to reefs and bad weather, so we are extra careful and NEVER leave if it looks at all dicey or we have a boat issue. We think safety first, even if it means missing out on a nice looking anchorage or having friends depart without us. Love, M&I

Fun during Regatta week
09/25/2010, Vavau Tonga

Tonga is the ultimate tropical paradise, friendly folks, warm waters, sunny skies and the occasional downpour. The fresh veggie market is amazing here, huge, way cheaper than French Poly. However you must love mackeral or corned beef a lot or pay the price for frozen NZ meats which are plentiful. We have been enjoying the leisurely pace of life, Irv has not even hooked up the internet yet and we've been here over a week. Yahoo, I love seeing him let go like this. Many folks are addicted to the internet and cannot function without it for hours per day. The big new is that Irv is the Corn Hole Champion for 2010. He adds this title to the Cabbage Bowling King of Loreto Fest 2005. His lateral thinking gets him some crazy wins. The Tongan singing voices are beautiful, we hear them coming form the various churches all thro the week and especially on Sundays. We attended a Kindergarten where we heard the little tykes singing their hearts out accompanied by much action. It begins early here and we see why they sound so good as adults. We went on our first Pub Crawl where we hit 11 beverage establishments, traipsing around town in our raingear as there was a huge rain as we had our fun. We drank many colorful beverages, even blue! Last night was a Full Moon party and tomorrow is a Tridecagn-athlon, 13 events for kids at heart adults. I have been loving the lobster here, my favorite is Dublin lobster, a creamy whisky based concoction. Yum! Today we may go dinghy exploring and hike up the local mountain (500 feet) for pictures. Depeds on Irv's headache and sore shoulder status.

10/06/2010 | Kim & Linda
Fair winds, Amigos. Wish we were with you.
Kim & Linda
SV Endeavour
I think we're finally leaving
08/23/2010, Bora Bora

We planned to leave French Polynesia last week and every day found us with yet another excuse to remain. We stayed to finish chores, to avoid bad weather, to rest our aching bodies, to visit with friends, any reason to stay and we did. However at long last we must pull the anchor out of the mud that has sucked it down and get on our way. ALL our close friends have long gone and are wondering why we are still here. We have been here since July 10 and have seen several waves of boats go through. The kid boats, the Europeans the young singles, the oldsters like us and now we have mostly charter boats, Moorings and Sunsail. It's been really interesting to get to know a whole lot of new folks. We had our hair cut really short, me 1/2 inch and Irv 1 inch. I have to wear a dress to avoid looking like a boy. Love, M&I

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