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Freezing Rain
Day 6
11/05/2010, Passage to New Zealand

Bucking headwinds of 13 knots from the south and very lumpy seas, had some rain which has washed the salt off the is amazing how encrusted the boat gets from all the salt spray, lumps of crystals everywhere...motoring...expect to do this most of today and hope the winds go SE tomorrow and we can once again sail...our group the "Hallowe'en Pod" has spread out over about 20 miles which is very close for boats on a passage...we are able to keep in radio contact which is very nice, sometimes a bit too much...228 miles to Opua, NZ, however it will be more as we are unable to maintain a direct course..expect to arrive sometime Monday 11/8

11/06/2010 | john & mary williamson
good stuff we've been following you all along first post tho for us1
Day 5
11/04/2010, Passage to New Zealand

Motor sailed most of the last day, winds have now shifted to NNW 13 knots so again sailing...transferred 4 jerry jugs of diesel to Anthem using 300 feet of polypro line and each jug wrapped in a lifejacket...a very scary operation with the boats having to come close together, Irv sending off the jugs on the line, Jack having to haul them aboard while I helmed us back and forth trying to avoid a one point the line between the third and fourth jug was under Jack's keel, however with a lot of hollering, Irv managed to "advise" me on which way to turn, to power up, to throttle down,etc and we got it back out from under him, Jack successfully retrieved all jugs and we got our line back minus the lifejackets as it was just too nerve wracking to be so close...last night we had to slow down to aid another boat which lost their engine water we had a milage reduction day, however doing quite well and should reach the waypoint before the weather changes and will be in a good position to tack into the expected southerlies until the front passes (24 hours) and then back to a rhumb line to Opua...the life of a sailor, going one way one day and another way the next all to get to the same endpoint

11/04/2010 | Kim & Linda
Git er done!!!!!!!!
Day 4
11/03/2010, Passage to New Zealand

Motor sailing through the night as winds have dropped off. Hole in the exhaust muffler must still be small as we are getting the same rate of blige pumping, thank goodness! Still running on GPS and doing OK. Not as much information to use re currents etc, however we are managing to do well. Fortunately we have several other boats in the vicinity and just keep them in sight, altering course as needed. Our weather guru has had us take a more westerly direction to position us better to turn south when a weather front passes us on Friday. Since we share this info with all the boats, they go where we go. We have the waypoint info for Opua, so no need to send it anymore. A boat Shining Lady on our net sent it right away. Everyone is so supportive.

Day 3
11/02/2010, Passage to New Zealand

Motor sailing, winds light, swell long period and comfortable, all feeling much better...lost chart plotter late yesterday and are now running on the GPS built into the VHF pilot still functional with this system...Irv will try to load the chart info into the computer today and then we'll have electronic charts again...otherwise it's back to the old fashioned paper charts, which luckily we have a good supply...if anyone who reads this has the waypoints into Opua please send them to us at [email protected]..much appreciated...we are again in sight of Sula and Anthem...we may do a fuel transfer to Anthem today if swells subside a bit

11/02/2010 | Lynn Stokes
Longitude: 174.07.1 East • Latitude: 35.19.8 South
Ashby's Boatyard
Taken from their web site. Hope the site is correct!
Good sailing and be careful transferring fuel to Jack
Lynn A. Stokes
Morro Bay,Ca.
Day 2
11/01/2010, Passage to New Zealand

Making great time with 170 miles logged on 2nd day. Winds continue to be good at 15 to 20 knots and seas remain at 9 feet, however much smoother with less wind chop and longer period. The queasiness should be over today. Weather guru is right on so we are happy and expect to make NZ by late Sun or Mon. All is well on board. Boring is nice.

11/01/2010 | Ralph and Cheryl
Be safe you guys!! Thinking about you.
11/02/2010 | Kim & Linda
Fair winds, Amigos. Be safe.
Kim & Linda
Day one
10/31/2010, Passage to New Zealand

left Sunday 10/31 with good winds and big seas...have no genset and a small hole in the exhaust muffler so have to watch our power consumption, otherwise all is very well...marie got queasy for the first time...Irv had to go up the mast to pull out the jam in the main furling, hard job in big exhausted

10/31/2010 | Sue
Take good care of yourselves and have a safe trip!

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