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Freya of Clyde
Follow Anne and Alan as they sail through the beautiful Caribbean
20/Sep/2009, POWERBOATS

Well, we're probably going to Angel Falls in Venezuela for 7 days on 7th October. Who wants to come with us?

05/Sep/2009, TRINIDAD

I've finally managed to sort the photographs out from last weekend. It's amazing what you can do with Photoshop!! Go the Gallery to see some of the others or click on "Trinidad 2009" on the right hand side of this page.

01/Sep/2009, TRINIDAD

Independence Day in Trini was celebrated in true Trini style, with pan and fireworks. Here's some snippets to keep you interested, but just enough
to make things annoying!

The Starlift Panyard dancers:
.. ;

and of course; pan ... ;

.. and
don't forget the Tassa Drums ; ;


We're still up on stilts in the boatyard. Alan as usual is getting himself into all sorts of weird shapes and predicaments. Here he is, trying to stop a few leaks in the bow. He wasn't too happy that I snapped him while he was up there - he thought the camera flash was an electrical wire going "bang"! We've been packing and unpacking the foc'sle to let us into the anchor locker every day now for a week. We have to repack it at night so we can get to bed. The rest of the boat is a complete shambles - oh well, off to the pub again ... can't cook in this shambles - it's a great way to get out of cooking!!

14/Aug/2009, Powerboats, Trinidad

We got hauled on Wednesday and are back to being a cottage on stilts again. We'll be in the boatyard until about November.

17/Jul/2009, Powerboats

Well, we're back "home" in Trinidad after 8 months sailing. It's great to be back. We're on "C" Dock in Powerboats. Lots of projects planned. More later ....

05/Jul/2009, GRENADA

I should have updated this blog when we arrived in Carriacou about 2 weeks ago, but I didn't!! Tut tut. We'll be here until tomorrow when we hope to move down to St George's in Grenada.


(More photos of Scotland and the bottom photo is of Val relaxing in her living room!!!)

Anne's back on the boat after a long, hard, tiring journey from Scotland. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes. Scotland was hot and sunny and very beautiful, but I know I probably got the best weather of the year while I was there.

We're thinking of heading south in the next week or so, weather dependent. It will be great to get back to "normality". We're in Brewers' Bay next to the airport on St Thomas which is very quiet, no swell, and absolutely nobody anchored in the bay. The beach is fairly quiet too, and no noise. We simply cannot understand why there's no-one else here, but we're not complaining.

There was a really nasty thunderstorm with lightening last night which kept us awake for a while - well, it kept Alan awake, Anne went back to sleep!!

29/May/2009, The Highlands

Well, this is not the Caribbean - it's the west coast of Scotland - and very bonny it is too. It was a beautiful day. I travelled up north to see Val (from Meander 11). She lives in the middle of nowhere just south of Mallaig on the Ardnamurchan Penninsula. The scenery is spectacular and this was the best view of the day.

21/May/2009, Helensburgh

Anne's back in Scotland again. Mum died on the 6th May at the grand old age of 94.

I'll be back on the boat from the 4th June to rejoin Alan, who is still in the Virgin Islands on "Freya".

12/Apr/2009, MEGAN'S BAY

We've been in the US Virgin islands for a few weeks now, lots of photos already on the Blog. Hopefully I'll get a few new photos in the next week or so.

Simpson Bay Lagoon
02/Mar/2009, ST MAARTEN

We're back again in St Maarten after having had a great week in Dominica. We hadn't planned on being on Dominica for a week, but the weather put us off going further north until the seas and winds calmed down. We had a great tour of the island and I've uploaded some photographs to the gallery - no explanations at the moment as to what they are - hopefully later. Click on the "photo gallery" to find them - (Dominica 2009).

We've bought a new cooker and Alan's planning on Anne making some great meals - uhm .....

We're here in St Maarten until probably sometime next week - yet again waiting for a suitable weather window.

19/Feb/2009, Dominica

We're back in Dominica. It's just as lovely as ever. We're going exploring tomorrow, or at least Anne is with Geoff and Jo from "Sutton Hoo". Alan's not feeling too good, so he may just stay on the boat and let Anne do the sightseeing. Will try to get some photos on the blog soon.

17/Jan/2009, CARRIACOU

We arrived in Carriacou yesterday, after a short sail north from the island of Grenada, although Carriacou is still part of Grenada. It's very busy here, and we're anchored right next to "Shian". We'll probably be here for a few days before heading to the Grenadines. The photos above were taken in Grenada before we left. The photo of the street, and the one with the canon is the town of St George's, the view of the water and yachts is Clarke's Court Bay. The dog was very busy digging holes all over Hogg Island sniffing out and tossing out crabs - very busy wee dog and an absolute scream to watch!

14/Jan/2009, St George's Lagoon

Still here in Grenada. The seas outside are high and the winds are strong, so we're staying put until they calm down a bit. Christmas was good - we spent it with Paul and Janie on "Shian".



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