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Freya of Clyde
Follow Anne and Alan as they sail through the beautiful Caribbean
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09/Apr/2006, Still St Maarten

On Friday night we had a party at Shrimpy's - Paul and Janie came too and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Fish and chips is Shrimpy's special and we all had a plateful - highly recommended!

Alan and Ben in the restaurant
09/Apr/2006, St Maarten

We've been really lucky and met up with "Shian" with Paul and Janie Reid and their nephew Ben. We sailed the Atlantic with them in 1999 and we haven't seen them since 2002. We celebrated our reunion at "Lees" for pork ribs last Wednesday. It was a great night, and it's great to meet up with old friends.

Shells and stuff
04/Apr/2006, Still St Maarten

We found this gorgeous conch shell in the BVI's - it was empty at the time - cleaned it up and added some tropical flowers.

Simpson Bay Lagoon
28/Mar/2006, St Maarten

This is a view of Simpson Bay Lagoon taken through a window in a taxi when we were returning from Phillipsburgh - the Lagoon is about 12 miles long and has many marinas, boatyards and has anchoring room for hundreds of boats.

25/Mar/2006, St Maarten

We went out "on the town" last night to Shrimpy's - it was only supposed to be the two of us, but we ended up as a party of eight - great fun and great food. We were in company with Art and Judy from "Ciboney", Geoff and Jo from "Sutton Hoo" and Bob and Maggie from "Tangleweed". Mike is the guy that runs the cruiser's net in the mornings here, every morning. Click here for Shrimpy's

Still in St Maarten
21/Mar/2006, Simpson Bay Lagoon

We're still in the Lagoon in St Maarten - Dutch side - here are our rich neighbours - "Apogee" - you can charter this yacht for $375,000 per week - have a look at Apogee's web site link to Apogee

Simpson Bay Lagoon
21/Mar/2006, St Maarten

... and these are our cruising neighbours

Home in the Snow
15/Mar/2006, Dalry, Scotland

Just got some photos from Marilyn, Dalry, in Scotland - we reckon we just have to put up with another day of "hell in paradise" in the Caribbean!!

St Maarten
10/Mar/2006, Simpson Bay, Lagoon

We left the BVI's on Sunday 4th March, arriving in Simpson Bay on Monday morning at 3.30 AM in the dark (obviously)! It was a lovely sail, for once the wind was kind to us and the sea was calm, with just a bit of swell. We arrived on the last day of the Heineken week and the bay and the lagoon were full of every type of boat you can imagine. Altogether manic!

While we were in the BVI's a photographer from Yacht Shots came and took us sailing through the islands - there's about 25 shots of Freya sailing from Norman Island to Peter Island on the web - see "", click on the date 25th February and then look down the alphabetic list until you get to "Freya". Click on Freya and hey, there we are!!

The Bitter End
06/Mar/2006, BVI's

We're quite proud of this particular photograph of the Bitter End, Virgin Gorda

More ...

Millport - eat your heart out!!

Lost in Paradise
06/Mar/2006, The Bitter End


Great Harbour
11/Feb/2006, Peter Island

This is our anchorage on Peter Island

Still in the Virgins
Same gorgeous weather
11/Feb/2006, Still in Peter Island

A dolphin decided to swim into Great Harbour to keep us company. It (we think it was a "she" put on a terrific display. Alan decided to go swimming with the dolphin, but because evening was approaching the photographs didn't turn out.

Swimming with the Dolphins
Gorgeous, blue skies, but very windy
11/Feb/2006, Peter Island, British Virgin Islands

Another shot of the dolphin



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