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Freya of Clyde
Follow Anne and Alan as they sail through the beautiful Caribbean
Simpson Bay Lagoon
02/Mar/2009, ST MAARTEN

We're back again in St Maarten after having had a great week in Dominica. We hadn't planned on being on Dominica for a week, but the weather put us off going further north until the seas and winds calmed down. We had a great tour of the island and I've uploaded some photographs to the gallery - no explanations at the moment as to what they are - hopefully later. Click on the "photo gallery" to find them - (Dominica 2009).

We've bought a new cooker and Alan's planning on Anne making some great meals - uhm .....

We're here in St Maarten until probably sometime next week - yet again waiting for a suitable weather window.

19/Feb/2009, Dominica

We're back in Dominica. It's just as lovely as ever. We're going exploring tomorrow, or at least Anne is with Geoff and Jo from "Sutton Hoo". Alan's not feeling too good, so he may just stay on the boat and let Anne do the sightseeing. Will try to get some photos on the blog soon.

17/Jan/2009, CARRIACOU

We arrived in Carriacou yesterday, after a short sail north from the island of Grenada, although Carriacou is still part of Grenada. It's very busy here, and we're anchored right next to "Shian". We'll probably be here for a few days before heading to the Grenadines. The photos above were taken in Grenada before we left. The photo of the street, and the one with the canon is the town of St George's, the view of the water and yachts is Clarke's Court Bay. The dog was very busy digging holes all over Hogg Island sniffing out and tossing out crabs - very busy wee dog and an absolute scream to watch!

14/Jan/2009, St George's Lagoon

Still here in Grenada. The seas outside are high and the winds are strong, so we're staying put until they calm down a bit. Christmas was good - we spent it with Paul and Janie on "Shian".

18/Nov/2008, Scotland

Anne went back to Sunny Scotland for her daughter's wedding on the 1st of November. The above photo is a mosaic of some of the photos. Great Highland wedding with kilts and bagpipes. Great fun and a great day. Congrats to the bride and groom!!

16/Nov/2008, Trinidad

Many thanks to YSATT for organising the Cook-In at Peakes Marina last night. It was great fun - as the photos prove. On the menu for tasting were Doubles, Barbequed Pig Tail, Bouillibaisse, Chicken Paella, Chicken Chowder and various other delicacies for us to tempt our tastebuds - all made by the local restaurants and some of the contractors. Budget Marine helped us out too, with Shots of either Tequila or "Pink Pussy" .. (I know, I know) but that's what it was called! The "Doubles" were delicious and Anne trotted back for another helping. Alan tasted the "Pig Tail", but Anne "chickened out". Alan said the Pig Tail was nearly edible but that the the Bouillibaisse was great and he went back for a second helping - huge chunks of octupus kind of put Anne off.

A steel band followed by a DJ kept us dancing the night away, and as usual Anne and Alan were one of the last couples to leave.

The photograph above is the girls and Tyrrell from Budget Marine.
The photographs below are, top left to right: Danielle and Didier from Sails Restaurant in Powerboats and then Sam from "Sea Warrior" getting a lesson on how to play a pan. Bottom left is our own Jessie from Members' Only Maxi Taxi Service and then the little photos top to bottom are the crews from "Discovery", "Will of the Wisp" and "Rosalinda".

20/Aug/2008, Nariva Swamp

We went for a trip to the Nariva Swamp yesterday (that's on the eastern side of the Trinidad). We got picked up from the boatyard at 6.00 am. It was great fun, and of course it rained cats and dogs and we got soaked. The monkeys (Howler and Capucine) all came out to see us and I tried to take photos. It is not easy taking photos from the ground straight up and into the trees, and they mostly ended up a bit fuzzy. There's more photographs in the Gallery - click on the link at the right hand side of this page. After being dropped at the tour guide's shack, we climbed aboard a wee boat which zoomed up and through the swamp to an island. Crossing from the boat to the island was interesting - there was about 4-5 inches of muddy water to wade through, and sometimes the 4-5 inches became a lot deeper - one or two of the other cruisers actually ended up to their bums in the water. However, we had taken a change of clothes so we changed at the tour-guide's shack. Jessie James (our wonderful Trini tour guide) had bought us all doubles and saheenas for breakfast before we arrived at the swamp and after we left the swamp we had roti for lunch. Alan's all curried out! We saw lots of birds, but most were too far away to see very well. We were absolutely shattered when we finally arrived back at the boat in the boatyard and were all tucked up in bed and fast asleep by 7.30 pm - what sorry people we are. Slept a whole 12 hours!!

24/Jul/2008, Holy Loch Marina and Kilberry, Mull of Kintyre

Anne is now back in Trinidad, but we thought you'd like to see some photos of Scotland - this is just proof that the sun does shine in Bonny Scotland.

Anne spent three great weeks at her daughter Davinia's and fiance Paul's home in Helensburgh. We spent one of the weekends at Paul's sister's caravan in Kilberry on the Mull of Kintyre. We had great fun with all the kids and dogs flying kites, fishing and generally messing about on the water.

Thanks to Paul and Davinia, and Amanda, Alan and all the kids for a great trip back to Scotland.

06/Jul/2008, Helensburgh

We arrived back in Trinidad at the beginning of May and after a few days we were hauled out of the water. We're a cottage on stilts again and Powerboats have given us a staircase, which is great! Anne flew back to Scotland, leaving Alan on the boat as usual.

It's been mixed weather since Anne arrived in Scotland, with mostly rainy days, and the odd bit of sunshine. It's such a shame there aren't more dry days, as the scenery would be lovely if we could see it properly.

06/Jun/2008, Just outside Hogg Island, Grenada

After five years of abstinence Alan finally bought a fishing rod for the boat. First attempt: three quarters of an hour - no bites, nothing, nada, zero! Second attempt: lure in water, Alan trying to set the sails and within five minutes we caught an eighteen inch yellow fin tuna. Panic! What happens now? Nothing was set up with landing or dealing with the fish. However, in spite of everything and the lumpy seas, we managed to land the beast and had him for dinner.

10/May/2008, Simpson Bay Lagoon

Yes, we're back in the Lagoon. We made it to St Maarten after a horrible, horrible sail. All steep waves - square with overhanging bits at the top - ick, but the wind was okay. We only managed about 4 knots the whole way - up and down, up and down!! We were both thoroughly p'd off by the time we got here. This used to be a great place to be, but they've put the prices up so it cost us $50 dollars to check in at Customs and Immigration - $30 for the bridge (whether or not you use it) and $20 a dollars a week just for the privilege of staying here!! So, by the time you've saved all that money in the chandlers, you've spent it all on Customs Duties! Apparently it's a lot cheaper on the French side, but it's a long way from the French side to the chandlers and all the other shops at this side and we've only got a wee outboard. Guess we'll stay on the French side next time, if there is a next time! So, we're off tomorrow for somewhere south.

A boat beside us caught fire this week and I'll try to put a photo of it on the blog soon. The "Boys in Black" (ie the Coastguard) noticed the fire and came screaming up to the boat with alarms screaming and lights flashing, causing great waves sloshing around the anchorage. However, they only had a tiny fire extinguisher on board their big black boat, which proved to be totally useless. So, off the Coastguard roared again - lights flashing, siren screaming to get more fire fighting equipment - they returned with another small fire extinguisher. The fire was finally put out by a small power boat with a portable water pump. Alan decided the Coastguard merited 100% for artistic impression and 0% for technical merit. It was only a diesel generator on the back of the boat that caught fire - more smoke and flames than damage.

Tammy Turtle
13/Apr/2008, Coral Bay, St John's

We're in a beautiful anchorage in St John's at Round Bay, Coral Bay. A three foot Barracuda has taken up residence beneath the boat and a huge turtle sleeps on the seabed during the day just beside us. Absolutely fantastic!

08/Apr/2008, St Thomas, US Virgin Islands

I've finally managed to get a wi-fi signal, albeit a bit of a weak one. We spent about a week in Megan's Bay while the gales blew over us. We finally managed to get out of the Bay and tack, tack, tack all the way to Christmas Cove (about 17 miles including tacks)! We're now anchored in Redhook.

20/Mar/2008, Charlotte Amalie

Not much time - am sitting in an internet cafe 'cos we can't get a signal in the anchorage. We're back in Charlotte Amalie, US Virgin Islands. We arrived here last week after a 3 day sail from Grenada - 450 miles in a tad under 3 days - our fastest sail yet. We'll be in this area for about 2 months, so hopefully I'll be able to find an wi-fi connection from the boat so I can update this blog with more photographs

04/Mar/2008, WITH SUTTON HOO

We're back in the Lagoon in Grenada after having spent several days in the anchorage at Hogg Island. We spent yesterday with "Sutton Hoo" (Geoff and Jo) trying to help them out with a wee computer problem, and hopefully they're really happy with their new software. Afterwards, we were up in the Yacht Club for a meal, supplied by Christine (the chef) - great night, superb food and excellent company. The photo is only showing some wildlife - not our friends!!



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