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Freya & Us
At last - this is what we came for...
Sunny, light winds
20 July 2012 | Ile D'Yeu - 555 miles
We had another downwind sail to Pornichet - Brittany's answer to Benidorm! We didn't like it very much and so we didn't stay long and moved on to the Ile D'Yeu which is where we are now.
Its beautiful and we could get stuck here for a while. We spent the first night anchored in the bay as the weather had improved dramatically. We're now in the marina which plays an amazing game of sardines with yachts - it's entertained us in the evening watching (fenders at the ready!) all the yachts arrive and thinking that they can't possibly get anymore in - but they do, rafting 6 deep in every available (and not) space. And again the next morning as they unravel themselves through impossible gaps - we have a new respect for the French and their boat handling in marinas! The island is very flat and so far very sunny, with a dramatically rocky coast and lonely beaches. We walked one half of the island yesterday and will probably do the other half tomorrow - we thought we deserved a lazy day in between!
Phil & Brenda
20 July 2012 20:01:45Z
Ohh i'm sooo jealous, it makes me long for Brittany. The weather here is improving too!
Ali B
23 July 2012 08:56:40Z
Good to hear you have some sun at last. I thought Paul has sea legs, he keeps seeming to go green too often ! If you can sail around Spain in 6 days and call in at Argeles port I'll be there from the 27th ! Al.
mary taylor
23 July 2012 10:21:59Z
Wish I could say I will meet you at some distant sunny spot! However am looking forward to a week's camping in Dorst in August, depending on the weather! Sounds great, I don't know Brittany very well but perhaps I should add it to the list
Malcolm Gordon
30 July 2012 08:00:31Z
Testing, testing "Comment NOT inserted. Please verify your info an validation code and try again." Do I have to join sailblog or what?
30 July 2012 08:03:57Z
ah, so where the insertion text is shown in CAPS, you have to type it in lower case, simples! Lovely WX here for the olymps - hope you can catch the highlights via the wonders of Tim Berners-Lee. Your location rang a bell - it's where poor old Marshall Petain spent his final years in "exile", better than the Court's original death sentence though, and he lasted to age 95.
Giles Montgomery
31 July 2012 19:23:11Z
Excellent blogging and great to hear you guys have taken so well to the new life. Take care both. G
Mick Ray
03 August 2012 09:23:20Z
Hi Lorraine and Paul, Sometimes at work when I want to escape the stress and workload and staring at this computer to pay the mortgage I click on your weblink to follow your adventure in a vicarious kind of way! I know you'll understand what that's like, as it is probably why you are now out there living your dream! I took the boat up the River Severn beyond Tewkesbury last week for a few days, which was a sort of adventure! I was interested in your experiences in Concarneau - what a busy little place and so many boats - I went there a few years ago and really liked the old walled town. We have olympic fever over here at the moment, and the rain is still fighting with the sun. I wonder where you are now - looking forward to your next report. Mick
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