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Freycinet underway
At last we are underway and excited about the new adventures that are ahead of us. Hope this site helps our friends travel with us in spirit through the stories and photos.
Next installment, Puerto Galera to Davao, Philippines 2015
Daryl, weather Fantastic
Tue/07/15, Samal Island, Davao.

After a rest in Puerto Del Sol we made our way to Coron town to stock up on food and other essentials of the cool refreshing type. We decided to anchor at the back of Canituan island and used the resorts small banka service to reach the town proper. The resort staff were great so we decided to make that our fivesies spot for a couple of days.
Coron has a great market which has now moved from the centre of town out further along the waterfront and is much bigger now than our visit here in 2012. Everything is fresh if you go first thing in the morning. Coron is a tourist town with mainly divers from all over the world that have come to dive the 17 or so wrecks from the second world war. There are gunboats, freighters, patrol boats and larger fighting ships all belonging to the Japanese navy. They were discovered hiding in the area towards the end of the war and sunk in several raids by the American forces.
With our provisioning done, we upped the anchor and headed for Sangat Island. I contacted JoJo the dive master at the resort to determine availability of a mooring and spaces for some dives. We had been there 2 years before and most of the staff are still the same and as friendly as ever. This is where we learnt to dive for the first time and is was great to come back and dive in some of the same places.
After 4 really relaxing days it was time to move on as we had decided to add Coron Island to the schedule. A short sail found us anchored on a beautiful inlet at the entrance to twin lakes in 20 meters of water. With all the chain out and the second anchor of the stern on rode, we were safe. It was busy with the tourist bankas during the day but from 4pm until 10am in the morning it was so quiet and calm. Some fantastic sunsets and sunrises were accompanied by cold beers and the occasional Tanduay rum (sorry sunsets only for the drinks )
The water was so clear and blue we were swimming any chance we got, James was never out of the water. It had come time to leave for restock in Coron and the stern anchor came up fine. Now the main one, mmm winch ok but chain jams, ok let a bit out to free it, oops all out and all of the safety line. How do we get the chain back onboard?? Easy. Connected a rope to the chain in the water and through a block back to the cockpit and onto the main winch, all good, chain back on the yacht, mmm winch deck switch dead. So with James at the bow, me down below in the chain locker, we bridge out the winch isolating the deck switch. It takes us 20 mins but we got all 80 mtrs of chain back on board. I love sailing, always a challenge somewhere.
Next stage Coron to Puerto Princesa, stay tuned.

Freycinet returns to Davao and the beautiful Samal Island
Daryl, Fine
Fri/07/15, Samal Island, Davao.

After departing Puerto Galera we had a nice trip up to Subic bay via a stopover in Hamilo cove. Weather was favorable and we managed to sail 60% of the way. Our plan was to fuel up and to provision at the same time giving James an opportunity to see the Subic sites. So we stayed a little longer than expected but enjoyed a new place and new experiences. Facilities in Subic are expensive for a yacht. There is a boat yard and a marina but as our plan was to make the journey to Davao and haul out prior to going to Indonesia, we were able to keep the costs down.

We departed Subic at 0900 hrs planning to overnight to Busuanga and with some good wind out of the NE we were able to make some good time with 150nm to the tip and another 20nm to Puerto Del Sol, we kept moving arriving at sunset on the next day. The coastline of Busuanga is fantastic so we enjoyed the sail and sometimes the motor. Interesting event at sunset the evening before as we rounded Dimipac Island we were contacted by the local Coast Guard who must have had the technology to monitor AIS and called us by call sign and yacht name. after a very formal conversation regarding number of crew, departure point, destination and ETA, we were bid a good night and wished a safe journey. I must admit that it was the first contact of that sort in my 2 years sailing the Philippines but I believe things are changing with the current maritime situation in the Spratly Islands.

PDS had changed a bit since our last visit with a new hotel/resort. Looks impressive but takes away from the serenity. Next chapter, return to Sangat Is and some old friends and some diving.


Preparing to sail
Tue/03/15, Puerto Galera

Freycinet has had some overdue maintenance completed and preparing to move on in the next stage of her Asian adventure. Our sites are set on seeing more of the Philippines on our way back to Davao the onto Indonesia to revisit Banda and Ambon on the way to Bali. our new destination for our third voyage in Indo is Raja Ampat for some diving in one of the most spectacular areas in Irian Jaya. We have positions available for share expenses crew members if you want to experience some of the journey,

Two years past
Thu/12/14, Brisbane

This is the first time that I have assessed this blog for 2years. No Freycinet has not come home to Brisbane, she is very happy in the Philippines and has sailed the beautiful waters of this arcipeligo extensively during the good season and hidden away during the typhoons. She has also been back in Indonesia to Central Suliwesi and Kalimantan last year. I am preparing to return to Freycinet on the 8th of Jan 2015 to prepare her for more journeys and adventure.

Brisbane for xmas
Daryl and Carol
Mon/12/12, Chapel Hill

We are home in Brisbane for a while and apart from being ill, everything is good. we were away for 18 months and hardly a sick day. we ahve a trip planned for January to Victoria and after xmas, a few days at the Woodford music festival where Hailey is playing. Camping out, that will be new only this time we wont have to worry about the anchor.
The last week in the Philippines was spent setting Freycinet up on the hard at Subic Bay and doing some maintenace i.e. replacing cutluss bearing and two seacocks. we are also having a lot of cosmetic work done to bring her back up to speck before heading off again in February.

Have a great xmas and new year and we will be back on air early February. If you are in Brisbane over the holidays, drop in and say hi. email is
Daryl and Carol

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