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Freycinet underway
At last we are underway and excited about the new adventures that are ahead of us. Hope this site helps our friends travel with us in spirit through the stories and photos.

Preparing to sail
Tue/03/15, Puerto Galera

Freycinet has had some overdue maintenance completed and preparing to move on in the next stage of her Asian adventure. Our sites are set on seeing more of the Philippines on our way back to Davao the onto Indonesia to revisit Banda and Ambon on the way to Bali. our new destination for our third voyage in Indo is Raja Ampat for some diving in one of the most spectacular areas in Irian Jaya. We have positions available for share expenses crew members if you want to experience some of the journey,

Two years past
Thu/12/14, Brisbane

This is the first time that I have assessed this blog for 2years. No Freycinet has not come home to Brisbane, she is very happy in the Philippines and has sailed the beautiful waters of this arcipeligo extensively during the good season and hidden away during the typhoons. She has also been back in Indonesia to Central Suliwesi and Kalimantan last year. I am preparing to return to Freycinet on the 8th of Jan 2015 to prepare her for more journeys and adventure.

Brisbane for xmas
Daryl and Carol
Mon/12/12, Chapel Hill

We are home in Brisbane for a while and apart from being ill, everything is good. we were away for 18 months and hardly a sick day. we ahve a trip planned for January to Victoria and after xmas, a few days at the Woodford music festival where Hailey is playing. Camping out, that will be new only this time we wont have to worry about the anchor.
The last week in the Philippines was spent setting Freycinet up on the hard at Subic Bay and doing some maintenace i.e. replacing cutluss bearing and two seacocks. we are also having a lot of cosmetic work done to bring her back up to speck before heading off again in February.

Have a great xmas and new year and we will be back on air early February. If you are in Brisbane over the holidays, drop in and say hi. email is
Daryl and Carol

Time to fly home for Xmas
Wed/11/12, Subic Bay, Philippines

Well we have reached Subic Bay and hauled Freycinet out at Watercraft. It seems strange that we left Australia over 18 months ago and now going home for the first time. Carol has had a couple of trip but first one for me. The Philippines has been fantastic and looking forward to continuing here next year. Not sure after that. We are currently in Angeles City about 10 mins away from the old Clark Airforce base. We will catch an Air Asia fight to KL in the morning and then onto the Gold Coast. Angeles City!! What can you say, google it. I try to explain it away in a cultural sense, but Carol says I am delusional.

Looking forward to catching up with everyone if we can. Plenty of opportunity to fill crew positions next year if anyone is up for some adventure.
Merry Xmas
Daryl and Carol

Puerto Galera
13 20.621'N:120 57.172'E
Mon/11/12, Philippines

We have been in Puerto Galera for three weeks and now moving on. Sad really, fantastic place with great people. Had a good look around, raced in the All Souls regatta, became a regular at some of the beach bars, that's original I hear you say.

PG is very close to Manila so there is a big influx of people come the weekend. The night spot place is Sabang, very interesting to visit. We have been able to get most things here from a food point view but still enjoy our rice.

Will be back here when we return in the new year. The Philippines is a great sailing venue, the best we have seen so far. People very friendly and scenery fantastic. Water is very clear so our new found love of diving fits very well.

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