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This IS retirement
My new engine
Grumpy Grandpa
10/27/2009, Downtown Guaymas

With the old engine out and the 2 ton of backups off the boat, I have now cleaned the engine compartment and am ready to install the new Yanmar. I have to add a little to my old stringers and put them in with epoxy and through bolts and then I'm ready to bolt down the engine. I already dropped the engine in today to check for alignment and positioning and couldn't be more pleased. Susan, check my photo gallery for engine room pics. The looks of the engine room and the old engine compliment each other. On the Ranchito Los Ninos situation....I ordered the cupcakes which were chocolate with orange frosting and a spooky plastic character stuck into the top. I also got these skeleton baskets(plastic) that will be stuffed with candy. Fellow boaters next to me had a truckload of wonderful clothes and school supplies that we are going to take out in the morning.....Boy, did this orphanage strike it rich.

10/29/2009 | Susan
Obviously, it doesn't hurt to change your engine every once in a while so that you can clean the engine room:)
Looking forward to the pix from the kids' party.
BTW, how's Mannasea's waterline?:)
10/29/2009 | Gabriella's Mommy
Glad you're getting your new engine in. When you, Phil, and I were lifting it into the van, it sure felt to me like it weighed at least a ton. (Of course, that's probably because I was doing most of the lifting...!) HA! Your Little Princess is at her first Brownie's meeting tonight. She can tell you all about it next time you call. Take care, G-Pa!
10/30/2009 | Grover
Can not wait to see your new engine... I will leave San

Diego next Wed for Guaymas Aloha Grover
Ranchito Los Ninos
Gabriellas grandpa
10/24/2009, Empalme

These are the little treasures that make cruising and my life worth living. My wonderful and gracious granddaughter Gabriella wanted me to give her outgrown clothes to kids down here who really could use them. With the help of Arianna(Admin assistant in the boat yard/marina) we found an orphanage in Guaymas and delivered the clothes with a couple bags of Jelly-Bellys. They were really appreciative and that went well. Chatting with Arianna about the recent donation, we both concluded that the orphanage was doing quite well with plenty of supplies and a nice facility. So she told me of an orphanage that she visited with her high school class around Christmas time. They had a little fiesta of sorts. It is located in a town (Empalme) next to Guaymas. So I decided to drive out there and take a look myself. It's out in the boondocks, but a cute little compound. I talked to Veronica, the administrater through a young lady who works there and translated for us. They have 40 kids there and what a difference from the upscale orphanage in Guaymas. These kids were poorly dressed and I could tell that they didn't get the support that the city orphanage got. So, Arianna and myself started scheming..... We are bringing the kids to the marina next friday for a pizza fest and a boat ride on a pirate ship. I dropped off a load of laundry soap, dish soap, and other cleaning supplies today. We wanted to get school supplies for them but this is what they requested. The word is spreading and all the other cruisers are chipping in for the fest and other goodies. I think we will make this an annual event. I will post a blog and pics after the event. Mucho Gracias Gabriella, your generosity grows!

10/25/2009 | Susan
I love the idea of your making it an annual event. Good for you!
10/30/2009 | dockrat
Very cool!
Old engine is out!
Gabriellas grandpa
10/24/2009, Downtown Guaymas

I finally got that old 2000 lb. (exagerating) hunk of metal(my engine) out of the boat. It sure put a lot of stress on the rigging as I winched it up on deck and then over the side to the ground. Now I start pulling all the old wires that are not being used and degreasing the engine room. Can't wait till I pull up my new sweet and light weight Yanmar on deck. I pulled everything out of my amas(side hulls) and the focs'le and stored them in the bodega with all the new stuff I brought down with me. I will seriously go through everything and start tossing and selling stuff......I want to sail a fast boat this year. Other boats are going in the water left and right making me feel like I'm on the slow track. My day will come in about 3 weeks. My meals have been a little boring...Mahi-Mahi three different ways, Cordon Bleu tonight and some traditional Mexican fare. Breakfast..Cheerios. Lunch...occassional ham and cheese at the local Oxxo(7-eleven type store).

10/25/2009 | Boomerang
Well Phil, if you go through that whole boat and toss or sell what you don't need or use I bet you could loose a thousand pounds!! It's all about the weight on a multi.
Salud amigo.
10/25/2009 | Susan
OMG, that's an ugly engine:) Keep up the food blogging. And how about some pix of the engine room?

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