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This IS retirement
Viva la Revolucion
Grumpy Grandpa
11/16/2009, Downtown Guaymas

Today, Monday, I had the pleasure of watching a huge parade in Guaymas with all the residents from the southern portion of the state of Sonora. At least it seemed that way with the crowds. It's Revolution Day and their pride sure shows by how they turned out for this. It started with the Navy and then every secondary and prep school was involved. I looked at how some schools let their young girls dress for the event and all I can say is that it's The Culture. I want to say more but will bite my tongue...... After the parade I went over to the downtown Mercado and bought a cup of soft ice cream, then went over to this taco stand inside the mercado and bought a large root beer and made a root beer float. Root beer is almost unheard of in Mexico and you should see the looks I got from the locals as I proceeding to mix the two together. It sure hit the spot and wrapped a day of just goofing off. Gabriella would be proud of me.

11/17/2009 | Susan
I just love small town parades!
11/23/2009 | Your Little Princess
Hi, G-Pa! You're awesome dude! You should open your own root beer float stand. I had a strawberry-lemonade stand the other day and made lots of money!
I'm going to Oregon tomorrow, so I will call you tonight. We're coming home on Saturday night. I love you, G-Pa!! You're the best grandpa ever for creating the first root beer float in Mexico!!!! Happy root beer float day!!!!!!! I love you! -Gabriella
Engine progress
Gabriellas grandpa
11/16/2009, Escala Nautica Guaymas

Somedays there seems to be lots of progress and then other days it seems as though I will spend the entire cruising season in Guaymas. The engine is bolted down and the alignment is fine for launching. I have the wiring harness in and the fuel system hooked up. The throttle linkage and stop cable are installed. I'm currently rebuilding the exhaust sytem with a makeover of the wet muffler. I don't want to go to all this trouble and have an exhaust system that is too small so that the engine won't breathe properly. I also cut a half moon in my rudder so that my (new to me) folding prop won't hit it. You see, I'm going to have half the weight on the boat and with a folding prop, this multihull should perform like a

11/17/2009 | Susan
Your rudder looks like it has its mouth wide open to swallow the prop. Alcatraz had a two blade folding prop, which allowed us to sail fast, fast, fast, as a tri should:)
Sounds like you've made serious progress.
11/21/2009 | Boomerang
Are you installing seat belts so you don't fly out? Be careful Phil, speed is addicting!!
Cruisers Generosity Grows!
Gabriellas grandpa
10/31/2009, Escala Nautica, Guaymas

It is absolutely amaziing how the cruisers generosity can grow. It all started with my granddaughters gift of her clothes to a local orphanage. Then Ariana and I thought about going a little further having a Pizza party at the Ranchito that is the home of the orphans in Empalme. Then Jared, the manager at Escala Nautica(Singlar marina and boatyard) said it would be nice if we got the kids off the Ranchito and brought them to the marina for the party. So Ariana did some calling and got it all together. In the meantime I told a few cruiser friends about what we were doing for the kids and they started to chip in. I was ready to foot the bill myself because Dominos Pizza said they were going to give me 2 for 1 after I mentioned to them that the pizzas were for the orphans in Empalme.....Very nice of them to offer.....You see, I'm not a very good fund raiser. Then Club Nautica(the restaurant I eat at quite often that is located in the marina) offered their outdoor bar area and said they would supply the drinks(manzana) for the kids. Then Gail from a power boat on the docks said she would hit up the cruisers on the docks if I would collect from the cruisers in the boat yard. She is tenacious with fund raising. I didn't have to work too hard in the boatyard because everyone heard about it and came up to me and offered money. Bottom line is, it did not cost me half of my cruising budget. So we got 12 Grande pepperoni pizzas, halloween cupcakes, Ice cream, and these cute little skulls filled with candy. Arianas' mother made spaghetti for 50 to add to the pizzas. So Sharon, off of Cast Away, and I drove to the Ranchito in Empalme and picked up the kids and delivered them to the marina, while a bunch of the ladies from other boats set up the goodies. Needless to say, the kids stuffed themselves and enjoyed being waited on by all these Gringo boaters. Then they went on a tour of the boatyard and Oracio was thrilled to fill them in on what everybody does in the boatyard. He demonstrated the big travellift and the kids were amazed at the big boat boat being lifted. Jared had secured the Pirate ship for a very pleasant and fun filled cruise in Guaymas bay. The Pirates on board did a good job entertaining the kids. I don't really know how to explain the joy we cruisers felt over the joy of the kids and their constant smiling. We know that they will remember this for at least a year from now, because we are planning to do it again next year. We are thinking this will be an annual event. The crew of Cast Away donated a pick-up truckload of clothes, school supplies and bedding. They are driving home for Christmas and bringing back a lot more...I think they are bitten.....I could tell, by the way Sharon coddled one of the 7 month old twins. Needless to say, I slept very well last night...Thank you Gabriella, for getting this party started.

11/01/2009 | Susan
This is wonderful! Good pix, too. I like seeing what the facility looks like. Lots of boats on the hard still.

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