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This IS retirement
School DONE..Northbound
Gabriellas grandpa
04/04/2010, Chacala

It is so gratifying to have the exterior of the school finally painted. If I wasn't restricted to weekends only it would have been more pleasant. I don't really know what was more appreciated by the kids...the school being painted or the video conferences with snacks. It was fantastic to sail out of Barra De Navidad and on up to Tenacatita for a couple of nights. The ocean swells were so great as to create large breakers on the beach, making it impossible to do the mangrove tour. Pulled out of Tenacatita with friends Tom and Barbara on Hooligan headed for Chamela. Moving on up the coast I got online when I was 3 miles off the coast with my Banda Ancha 3G. It was a hoot to surf the net and get weather and sea conditions for the trip. Weather was so favorable, we decided to continue on and do an overnighter to La Cruz(Banderas Bay-Puerto Vallarta). Once in La Cruz, I started my daily trips by bus into PV for my people watching and Costco(Disneyland) indulgence. After long periods of being in small towns and going to small tiendas(stores) to buy only what they had and not want you wanted, walking into Costco was like visiting Disneyland. The variety of foodstuffs was just mindboggeling. After a week in La Cruz it was time to get move on. Big tourist towns are only good for a few days then I loose interest and don't feel right with all the gringos and the superficial manner of all things that results in large amounts of tourism. Had a nice daysail around Punta De Mita and up to Chacala. With a lot of boats migrating north, I thought Chacala would be packed with cruisers. There was not one boat there. I had the whole anchorage to myself and about 1,000 Semana Santa partiers. A sailboat would come in and spend one night here then leave the next morning....They can't handle the noise that comes with the celebrating. I've had a blast walking among the masses of Mexicans and being the only gringo in the crowd. I will try to post a lot of pics of the Semana Santa partying. It looks like Hooligan will catch up to me today and then tomorow or Tuesday I will move on over to Mantenchen Bay(San Blas) for one night before sailing out to Isla Isabella.

04/05/2010 | Susan
Phil, the school looks spiffy! And the salmon color goes so well with the greenery. It must be nice to be sailing again. How's the bottom of the boat after all that time at anchor?
How well I remember Holy Week in Mexico, with its swarms of parties; not our favorite time either.
I'm a Cruiser again
Gabriellas grandpa
03/10/2010, Santiago/Las Hadas

I finally got to get out of the lagoon and into blue water. Comex, the place I buy the paint for the school never has enough stock on hand and they have to order it from Puerto Vallarta. So, without the required spray bombs to finish the wrought iron painting, I decided to take a break and go south to Manzanillo and relax. It sure feels good to be actually cruising again after 7+ weeks sitting in the lagoon and dealing with the day to day things that have to be done with the school. I spent about 4 nights in Santiago which is a long open roadstead with a lot of rental homes and condos lining the beach. We walk the long beach to catch the bus to the town of Santiago or Manzanillo old town. I get to go to Burger King, KFC, and Walmart, being in a metropolitan area....thrills. I weighed anchor yesterday and went over to Las Hadas to catch up on my decadence. Delicious Dorado fish fillet and a great view to go with it. It got too junky in the anchorage last night, so I upped anchor and moved back over to Santiago...a long 3 miles. A couple of days ago Tom on Hooligan helped me rebuild/replace the seals in my watermaker. It was successful but the motor still strains too much for my liking, so I sold it to Tom who has been lusting after it ever since I installed it. The pic above is of the watermaker repair. Next week after I finish the school, I will post again and try to upload before and after pics. I got to have another video conference between Gabriellas class and the school here. I got up early and baked 2 batches of Tollhouse cookies for the kids....they absolutely loved them and they let me know with each child coming up and saying...muy delicioso. I planted another question with my granddaughter and told her to ask if they like the paint job I did on the school. After Joanna translated, they all screamed Si! Si!. That was my payment..I love it.

03/11/2010 | Susan
Happy to read your post. So, you can get chocolate chips for cookies but not good paint? Does Walmart stock paint? Are you painting the school all by yourself? Looking forward to the pix. How old was the watermaker? Brand?
03/11/2010 | Phillip Perkins
Susan, Costco in Hermisillo.Yes, but the quality from any store is not there. Jean-Guy and Fran from Gossling did a lot of prep and a couple of others. Pur 35...number 451 on production...old.
03/21/2010 | Judy Yawman-Adams
I always did love your Tollhouse cookies. How sweet of you!
03/29/2010 | Dolce
I love reading your blog! Thanks for sharing your life with us drylanders.
Colomilla Elementary School
Gabriellas grandpa
02/06/2010, Barra de Navidad/Colomilla

It has been slow going on getting the school painted. The Maestra(teacher) wants me to work weekends only so as not to disturb the kids while school is in session. I originally had planned to paint the school at Christmas break, but installing a new engine in my boat took a little too long. Weekends it is......... Today we (Fran and Jean-Guy on Gossling) started to actually apply paint and it sure feels good to see some color and improvement in the looks of the school. A week ago Tuesday we had a very nice video conference(via Skype) between the school here and my granddaughters 2nd grade class in Rancho Cordova. I had to bring the school down to Fortinos restaurant because they were the only good internet set up on the peninsula. Of course the kids loved coming on down to the restaurant because I bought them all a soda and gave them some Jelly-Bellys....Can we say WIRED. I planted a question with Gabriella and had her ask the kids here if they like the gringo cruisers who come into the lagoon and invade their community. When Joanna (a sixth grader here who did the translation...she lived in Modesto for a few years) asked the kids here, they all immediately shouted out Si! Si! Si!. So I know my effort to paint the school will be appreciated by the locals and of course the kids. This country sure does lack the tools and materials that I'm so used to in the states for gettiing a job done the right way. When I do the interior next year I will bring all the supplies with me.

02/19/2010 | Gabriella Perkins
Dear G-Pa
I'm staying with Grandma Pat tonight because mom and dad are on a "date night". I have a basketball game tomorrow in Roseville, so I have to get to bed early. I hope that when you come home you'll enjoy your Girl Scout cookies that we have in the freezer for you.
Please post more on your blog. I love you G-Pa - stay safe.
Love, Gabriella
02/23/2010 | Gabriella's Mommy
Looking forward to seeing the "before" and "after" pictures of la escuela, G-Pa! Gabriella is now officially counting the months until she can tug on your neck once again. She's doing great in school and is, of course, a model 7-year-old (if I do say so myself)...! She's singing her favorite Taylor Swift song, "You Belong With Me" in her school's Leprechaun Follies, which is a talent show for the SJV kids. Grandma Pat says she's impressed that Gabriella has the guts to perform in front of the whole school. I think it's great! I've blocked off my calendar so I can be there to videotape it. No worries, though: we'll have a full reprise when you get back here. Take care!
03/06/2010 | Steve & Kathy
You have accomplished so much this season - the gifts to the children, the engine installation and now painting the school! Love your blog. Enjoyed hearing about all of your, adventures. Hope to see you in the Sea in the Spring.

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