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This IS retirement
The Start of Season 4
Gabriellas grandpa
10/12/2010, Rancho Cordova

This is the toughest part of cruising...saying good-bye to my granddaughter. Thank God that it has gotten a little better and does not come close to that first year when I sailed out of Rio Vista. That was pure torture pulling Gabriella out of my arms. Anyway, there are so many little things to take care of before leaving, like getting the car in shape and buying a thousand little items that I think I won't be able to buy in Mexico. Then there is packing the car with said items and still having enough room for my friend Steve and all his stuff. This year Steve is jumping off to the South Pacific, so I will be commuting by myself after this trip. As always, I will promise to post more blogs and more pictures, but only time will tell if I hold true to my promise. I am supposed to paint the interior of the school in Colomilla this year, but I will not rush through my upgrades on the boat to achieve that task. I have to redo all my standing rigging as it's only about 25 years overdue. I also have to install my new glass bottom porthole and paint the boat from the decks up. I really enjoy hanging around Guaymas as I work on the boat. I will post the upgrade progress with pics and text so you can see that all this cruising stuff is not just beautiful sunsets and Mahi-Mahi dinners in palapas on beuatiful beaches. I leave in 2 days, the 14th of Oct. and will drive through Costa Mesa and San Diego. Comments and questions are welcomed.

10/12/2010 | Susan
Looking forward to this year's Adventures in Paradise. And lots of pictures.
10/13/2010 | Gabriella's Mommy
We will certainly miss you, G-Pa! It's been such a blessing having you share our lives in your "off-season." Our prayers will be with you on your next journey.
11/13/2010 | Della
Love seeing you off on your new adventure! Also excited to read about it all...your warm weather and me trying to get through snow. ;-) Love you and our prayers are with you!
32 and counting..........
Gabriellas grandpa
05/01/2010, second home.

I had a nice stay in La Paz. I ran into old cruising friends from a couple of years ago who were on their way to the South Pacific but were detoured because of damage in a storm in La Cruz. Mike and Lisa are on a Catalina-Morgan 440 named Blue hull. We had a nice time catching up....they did Alaska last year and they are not slowing down. I was to meet them at anchorages along the way north into the Sea but, they like to enjoy the area they are in as I just rushed through them. I got to say good-bye to them on the radio and might stop by Ventura on my way back down to Guaymas. I stopped in Bahia Cardonnel on Isla Partida the first night out of La Paz. The next morning on my way to San Evaristo I got blown back to Ensenada Grande on Isla Partida. So I went ashore and did some hiking to take some post cover. Took off the next morning for San Evaristo and had a nice passage. Anchored for the night and took off for Agua Verde and had a nice 20 something mile passage. Only spent the night in Aqua Verde and headed to Puerto Escondido. Anchored in the Elipse which was quite crowded with people who live there year round. I used a stern anchor so I could run my generator and be decadent with lights and movies on the big screen. I have a 2000W generator that is like the Honda EU models and are pretty quite. After I started my generator someone came on the radio (didn't identify himself) and said 'can the newly arrived boats not run their generators at night...we only run them in the day time'. I knew it was the boat next to me but didn't say anything. I jumped in my dinghy and motored to each boat and turned off my outboard to listen to the noise I was generating. It was nothing but a quiet hum. I wasn't going to be intimidated by a local who thinks he owns the area because his boat is stuck to the bottom. After I watched my movie I turned the genset off and the guy next door was playing a loud flute or clarinet. There is something about Puerto Escondido that just doesn't sit right with me. Maybe it's all the heavy drinkers and their type of socializing that goes on there. PLUS, I went to the restaurant and ordered the cheapest thing on the menu...a hamburger and coke for 125 pesos...that's 12 bucks and I would never do that back in the states. Needless to say, the weather window for a crossing to Guaymas was excellant, so I took advantage of the weather and headed off to my second home. I had an absolutely wonderful SAIL for about 8 hours...beam reaching at 7 and 8 knots. The rest of the overnight trip was quite peaceful. Pulled into the dock and my good friend Horacio had my car ready for me. While I have a captive audience, I would llike to Thank My Lord and Saviour for my 32 years of SOBER bliss. And He rewarded me well with my lovely and awesome granddaughter. I still can't get over how I came to have such a wonderful life after screwing up so badly at the beginning.....My Lord is so gracious and forgiving. I want to thank all the people in my life for just being who you are.

05/02/2010 | Susan
Phil, I assume that those are 32 HOURS and counting? Till you're back in Sacramento or leaving Mexico?
Gorgeous picture of the anchorage. And congratulations on your 32nd Birthday!
05/02/2010 | Phil
I'm here for about 10 days then driving to Rancho Cordova. 32 years of sober living.
05/03/2010 | Susan
I both noticed and did not notice the 32 years of sober living. I just didn't make the connection with the title. See why I flunked the written part of the NC driver's test:)
05/20/2010 | capricorn cat
Hey, Phil,
Sorry we missed you ..we have been every place you have been abet several weeks later. we had a southerly wind from Isla Isabella to the start of Isla Partida! can you believe it??? hopefully see you this time around. besitos, Carol & /Pancho Viejo..p.s. the school you painted looks are a GREAT guy! Gabriella is a lucky gal.
Crossing the Sea of Cortez
Gabriellas grandpa
04/18/2010, La Paz BCS

I decided to say good-bye to all the Semana Santa celebrants and move on to San Blas. Had a nice 20 mile sail to Matanchen Bay and dropped hook in the middle of the bay as to stay away from the no-see-ums and mosquitoes. I promptly launched the dinghy and went to the beach where all the palapas are located. Went ashore and down the road toward the jungle river tour to see the crocodiles and Iguanas. Along that road are numerous shops that sell banana-nut bread and smoked fish which is what the area is known for. I bought my fresh out of the oven banana-nut bread and walked back to the beach for a fish fillet dinner at one of the palapas that was just so-so. The next morning I weighed anchor and surfed into the estuary at San Blas so I could anchor next to Singlar marina. I got my propane from the marina staff and did some grocery shopping in town. the next morning I left for Isla Isabella for some booby watching. With the weather looking good for the next few days it was a nice trip to the island. As soon as I dropped the hook, I launched the dinghy and headed in to take some pictures of the blue-footed boobies that I promised my sweet dear Gabriella. After climbing the mountain(I won't call it a hill) and dodging birds all the way up I was rewarded with some nice baby and momma pics. It's a shame that there isn't a smell-a-picture invented yet. I also took some pics of some scrwny looking Iguanas and 2 other species of birds. The next morning I headed out for Mazatlan while the weather was still looking good. I had a nice overnight passage to the old town anchorage. The next day I motored over to the marina area on the other side of town to take up a slip at Singlar. My friend Tom on Hooligan was having allergy problems, so they decided not to go to La Paz and hang out with me. So I took off by myself and ended up in Ensenada de Muertos where I anchored in a gorgeous desert setting. I had a good nights sleep and took off at 0600 so I could get through the Cerralvo channel before the wind came up. I had a nice passage into La Paz and anchored at my favorite spot in front of Applebees restaurant. I will be here for about a week and then start my trek up the Sea to Guaymas. Watch out Gabriella....I'll be home soon.

04/20/2010 | Susan
Your picture of the boobie, with the sea in the background, is quintessential Mexico to me, so nice. We haven't moved the boat is so long that I'm jealous of Mannasea.
05/01/2010 | Gabriella's Mommy
We're getting your room ready for you, G-Pa! It was so great to hear the excitement in your voice on the phone the other day. Your Little Princess is also excited for your arrival in a couple of weeks. Right now, though, she's looking forward to receiving her First Communion tomorrow... a big day for her for sure. Please stay safe on the trek home and we'll see you soon!!

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