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This IS retirement
S*** Happens
Gabriellas Grandpa
11/27/2010, Guaymas Marina

This poor guy fron Puerto Escondido left Guaymas to sail across the Sea to Punta Chivato and was about 5 miles out and the chain plate on the windward side broke at the weld...the mast split in half and they came limping back in. He had the people who were going to buy his boat aboard when it happened and they are still onboard helping him to put it all back together. They are going to put a custom built sleeve in the mast at the break and press it together then weld around that. This post is dedicated to Drew and's a 37 foot Brown.

11/28/2010 | Susan
OK, details please. Place and year built? Boat name? Home port? Previous owners?
11/28/2010 | Phillip Perkins
The boat was launched in 1981 in the Delta. Previus name was Atahoe. Current boat name is Hot Spot and home port is Puerto Escondido. The current owner is from Utah. It was registered on the (Brown)Trimaran Register.
Gabriellas Grandpa
11/27/2010, Beautiful Downtown Guaymas

As usual when I'm involved in a potluck holiday get together I tend to worry needlessly over the outcome. I'm always in charge of the meats and I don't know how many of you have had the disaster of running out of the main dish with a swarm of people to be happened to me once a long time ago. Just like last year, there was nothing to worry about and just like last year I promised not to get that involved in the potluck again. Of course, this year the entire shindig was being produced by me with a great deal of help from Sharon on Cast Away. We had 50+ people show up with a nice mixture of the cruisers, marina employees, and various other locals.....they really like our Thanksgiving gringo food. We had 2 fresh turkeys, 1 smoked turkey, 1 smoked ham, and 1 smoked ham with pieces of garlic throughout. I can't think of anything from a traditional Thanksgiving dinner that we didn't have. Mashed potatos, scalloped potatos, stuffing, 3 or 4 kinds of veggies, fresh cranberries and jellied cranberries, different salads including a nice lobster salad, pasta, shrimp dish, apple pie, pumpkin pie, and 3 different kind of cakes. If you can't be with family, I can't think of a better Thanksgiving get together. Now it's time to get busy on the mast....maybe about a weeks worth and then it gets stepped.

11/28/2010 | Susan
Looks and sounds wonderful. A cruiser potluck kicked up many notches:) Well done, again, Phil.
12/01/2010 | Gabriella's Mommy
Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, G-Pa. Ours was quite untraditional in some ways, as we were in a campground at Sunset Beach, but had all the traditional trimmings (including a 24-lb BBQ'd turkey, which was amazing). I have more than 500 pictures to download so it might take a while to get some to you, but they'll be worth waiting for -- especially the ones of Gabriella playing in the surf and collecting "treasures" on the beach on Thanksgiving day. Stay safe!
Still Floating
Gabriellas Grandpa
11/17/2010, Marina Singlar

I think this was one of the truly stressful launches that I have ever had. The boat went down into the water and I studied the glass bottom for about five minutes and to my wonderful surprise not a drop of water anywhere........ Then I went over to the fuel dock where I will stay for awhile to finish painting my decks. Heres a little story that had a few people laughing at and with me. After I docked the boat, I went over to the office to harass Ariana and Marlene and tell them how thrilled I was to not have a leak in the glass bottom. Then, as I was strolling back to the boat I was looking for my mast top visible over the huge Pemex fuel tanks. Horacio and Lalo were chatting by the tanks and seen the concern on my face as I was looking for my mast top and couldn't see it. Going through my mind was that the glass bottom sucked in and the boat was on the bottom. Then as I rounded the corner and saw that there was no mast on the boat(it's still laying in the yard waiting for me to paint it) I turned to Horacio and said I was looking for the mast and he knew it was in the yard.....Horacio and Lalo laughed so hard and had to tell everyone how old and senile I am.
I just finished painting the top of the house and tomorrow will do the decks. It takes almost a day to tape and cut the radius on the tape. Then I will anchor out while I work on the mast. Susan, Walmart is just another place to get bargains and the locals have a few more items here so they don't have to drive to Hermosillo. Plenty of turkeys at all the stores and I just put up the sign up sheet for Thanksgiving.

11/17/2010 | Della
Well we love you even if your a lil senile! lol Hey gave me a laugh because honestly that is something I would do! love you Uncle!! Hope you have a beautifully blessed holiday!
11/17/2010 | Jeff Sr
You must slow dowm and let the MAST catch up. God bless you and your boat
11/17/2010 | Jan and Wolf
she is looking mighty good Phil, you did a great job.
11/18/2010 | Susan
She lookin' good. So, who's cooking the birds this year? How many "guest" are you expecting?
11/19/2010 | Hooligans
We love this story! That's the Phil we know & love. See. . . you really can't get along without us. Looks like you are making good progress. You won't recognize us when you see us. Tom's got new toys.
See ya sooner than you think. Happy Thanksgiving!
Barbara & Tom
11/20/2010 | Boomerang
God love ya Phil, thats funny but I bet you didn't think so at the time. Just dont forget to put the mast on before you head south!
Salud Amigo, Chuck and Elaine
12/01/2010 | Gabriella's Mommy
Mannasea looks absolutely beautiful!! I don't think I've ever seen her so shiny and sparkly!

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