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This IS retirement
Having fun yet?
Gabriellas Grandpa
04/27/2011, Loreto

This is Semana Santa (Easter week) in Mexico and they really celebrate this holiday. The beaches were crowded and I anchor a little too close to the beach for this time of year. The locals swim out to the boat and hold on to anything they can to catch their breath. Of course some of them ask to come on the boat and use it for a diving platform. I know from experience that if your a nice guy and let them enjoy the boat, they will ask for more and all their friends from the beach will be swimming out to the boat and want to do the same. It's hard being nice to the kids because they get carried away and don't know when to stop. I felt like I could control this group and let them on the boat to dive. Being that they were all girls didn't persuade me one bit. The next day it started all over again and I had a feeling it would be uncontrollabe, so I put a stop to it before it could get started. As you can see from the previous post, I had the police on my side if it got out of control. I really enjoyed my stay in Loreto.

04/29/2011 | Susan
Is Loreto very touristy these days? Are there Costos?
05/02/2011 | Phil
There are a few eco-tourists and a lot more ex-pats living here. Not enough people for a Costco.....Walmart would invade first if there enough people for the business.
Danger travelling in Mexico??
Gabriellas Grandpa
04/27/2011, Loreto

The Media does no one justice by hyping the danger in Mexico and not being specific as to where and exactly what the danger presents. The media should talk to expats that are living down here and all the cruisers who are sailing up and down the coasts of Mexico. We all agree it is much safer here than back in Canada and the U.S.
I Left La Paz and went out to Isla Partida and anchored for a night in the company of good friends Wayne and Carol on Capricorn Cat. Left there and sailed up to Evaristo for a nights stay. Left Everisto for Loreto, bypassing Puerto Escondido. Anchoring out in front of the town of Loreto has many more advantages than being in Puerto Escondido with all the gringos and not much more to offer. In Loreto I had cell service so I could use my banda ancha and a choice of restaurants and stores to shop.

Northward bound
Gabriellas Grandpa
04/11/2011, City of Peace/La Paz

I had a nice passage from Barra to La Cruz in the company of good cruising friends Barbara and Tom on Hooligan. Spent about a week in the Banderas Bay area people watching, Costco runs, and waiting for a good weather window. I was leaving La Cruz with Hooligan following when he called on the radio and said he had to turn around and head back to haul out because there was a lot of water coming in the shaft log. So I said good bye to them and won't see them until next years cruising season. Went up around Punta Mita and down the coast to Chacala. I spent about 3 days luxuriating(sp) at one of my favorite spots. Delicious Mahi-mahi dinners under a palapa on the beach with great visuals of boat and people. Left Chacala and went about 14 miles up the coast to Matanchen Bay/San Blas. The water in the bay is real flat as I had to climb to the top of my mast so I could troubleshoot and repair my tricolor running light. I WANT OTHER BOATS TO SEE ME AT NIGHT! I left Mantanchen Bay the next morning and did an overnighter into Mazatlan. I went straight to the Singlar fuel dock and loaded up on diesel and gas and visited with the girls in the office....they were sad that I wasn't going to spend some time in the marina. I went over to the new Santa Fe market and bought groceries, then headed out to Deer Island to anchor for the night. Pulled out of Mazatlan and headed out to cross the southern Sea of Cortez for La Paz. Two days and one night later I pulled into the Muertos anchorage which is about 40 miles from La Paz. I got a good nights sleep and left the next morning for La Paz. It was a nice passage and it was nice to be back in La Paz. Leaving mainland Mexico and going over to the Baja is like going to another country. I have been here for almost a week and will leave about Thursday or Friday for Isla Partida and points north.

04/12/2011 | Susan
Makin' serious tracks! I suggest that you become the mahi taco expert of Rancho Cordova:) We certainly miss real Mexican food here in rural NC. What I wouldn't give for even a Rubio's fish taco, let alone a carne asada burrito from Roberto's.

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