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This IS retirement
All farewells are not the same!
Gabriellas G-Pa
10/30/2011, Topolabampo

This has been the fastest turnover(meaning getting the boat seaworthy and in the water) since I been doing the retired thing in Mananaland. All I did to get the boat ready was refurbished all my golf cart batteries and paint the bottom and work on my dinghy and outboard. I splashed in about 8 days and left Guaymas 6 days later. I just pulled into Topolabampo to get a goods night sleep because I have another overnighter and two long days to get to Mazatlan. So far, the boat has been running good after I got the raw water pump working. I sailed most of the way with about 5 hours of running time on the engine. Because I won't be back at the Fonatur marina (pricing went up over 40%) it was hard saying good-bye to the chicas in the office and Horatio. Of course nothing is as hard as saying good-bye to sweet Gabriella. I should be in Barra in about a week and then trek back up to Guaymas to get my car and supplies and drive down to Barra.

10/31/2011 | Susan
Why the steep rise in cost at the marina? Is there a less expense alternative close by?
10/31/2011 | sean oneil
Cool getting the FB to show your sailblog postings. Go Phil Go! You're my hero!
The Beginning Season Cinco
Gabriellas G-Pa
10/18/2011, Guaymas, Sonora, Mx.

I left early this year so I could get the boat in the water and make tracks for Barra De Navidad. I have lots of work to do in Paradise and timing is important. I drove straight through to Nogales, Arizona in one day and left the next morning for the border crossing. This year I didn't lose skeep over the border crossing like in years past. The only thing I was bringing across that they could've dinged me oon is the large amount of house paint...about 45 gallons. Both inspection stations gave me a green light and I was on my way. The boat was in amazingly good condition minus the heavy coating of dirt. I refurbished all 8 of my 6 volt golf cart batteries with the Epsom salts and distilled water treatment and it came out great so far. Then I painted the bottom of the boat and put Gabriellas name on the outside of the port ama and her school and mascot name on the starboard ama. Tomorrow morning I splash and will probably take another week of tricking the boat matter how much I try to trick it out it still looks like a clunker......sorry Mannasea. Then I shall make a beeline for Barra and take the bus back to Guaymas to pick up my car and drive it back to Barra.....THIS WILL BE MY LAST VOLUNTEERISM stuff for the southland. I want to be a full time laid back cruiser.

10/19/2011 | Susan
Why the car in Barra, to carry the paint and paint equipment?
Looking forward to all the photos that you are going to take in Mexico this year:)
10/19/2011 | Phillip Perkins
Susan...besides the paint and spray rig, I would like to explore inland, if the drug cartels are not too bothersome.
10/19/2011 | Boomerang
Be careful down there buddy we need you to vote next year. :)
10/20/2011 | Gabriella's Mommy
Since you have consistently declared that it is safer to live in Mexico than in the U.S., I'm not worried a single bit, G-Pa... about you driving your van... all by yourself... all over the inland areas of Mexico... when you don't speak the language. No problemo!
Gabriella was sad for the first few days after you left, but has adjusted surprisingly well to losing her BFF for next 7 months. She's keeping busy (a little too busy, in my opinion) with piano, student council, Girl Scouts, Spanish class and soon, basketball. She had a rough start to 4th grade academically (primarily due to the increased homework), but is doing better these days and even earned a baton last week, which she now twirls constantly around the house. Take care!
Season #4 in the can.
Gabriellas Grandpa
05/27/2011, Rancho Cordova, Ca.

Another wonderful season of Retirement cruising is all but a magnificent memory. The boat was hauled sucessfully and put away in its usual spot in the yard. I had fun visiting the crew of the Singlar facility, especially harassing Ariana and Marlyn in the office. I really enjoy the town of Guaymas and all the friends I have made there. My van has 214,000 miles and it delivered me home in very good fashion. I decided to drive straight through to Rancho so I could sneak up and surprise Gabriella at school. I got as far as Tulare at about 9pm and decided to stay the night in a motel and drive the short distance the next morning in time to go home and clean up, then drive to school to surprise my angel. I guess I will never see the reaction I saw the last two times I surprised her....she has grown up enough to just look at me and look surprised, but no loud screeching. I'll just have to accept that with a smile and admit to myself that my little Princess is growing up. When we got home she had to show me all the great stuff she did while I was gone. The blog photo is a project she did because I inspired her to do it.......her words. I can't believe she actually listens to some of the grown up conversations I have about politics. It is of Ronald Reagan....her project was an outline and report on American Heroes. I just finished my first paint job and have four more lined up and many more prospects.....this is going to be a busy and hopefully a prosperous summer. Thank you Susan for keeping me on track.....I'm getting a little old and lose track sometimes...or just lazy.

05/28/2011 | SV THIRD DAY
And the shame is we didn't get to see ya too much this season! Well we will be waiting for ya to come down again, summering in La Paz.
05/28/2011 | Susan
Your cruising season is over, ours beginning in 2 weeks. My, Gabriella is looking so grownup! And I approve of her choice of heroes. Glad to hear that you will be able to keep busy working this summer.

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