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This IS retirement
I'm Lonely
Gabriellas G-Pa
11/10/2011, Barra/Colomilla

I spent one extra night in La Cruz so I could visit with Tom And Barbara on Hooligan There launching was postponed because of travel-lift problems. Sailed out of La Cruz while the weather window was still good. It was an uneventful overnighter and the wind was lighter than expected. As I was starting my entrance to the lagoon in Barra, a panga pulled up alongside of me. I looked over and saw that it was Enrique, Yoanas' dad, just coming in from a morning of fishing. This is the first time I was greeted by a friend as I was making landfall. As I was motoring down the channel I looked way ahead to the lagoon and there was no cruisers there....I was the first cruiser to arrive this season. I've been here 3 days and there still isn't another cruiser in the anchorage....It's very lonely here....even a little spooky. Normally, we have to jockey around for the best spot to anchor, but I had the pick and of course I took my regular spot at the Isla. I took a bus to Manzanillo to do my banking and really enjoyed the day. I don't know if I will like having my car down here because taking the bus from place to place is enjoyable and inexpensive. Because of the hurricane that just passed through here a few weeks ago, the bug infestation is horrendous. I'm sitting here at Mary's restaurant on the lagoon and having a delicious Dorado Mexicana dinner while the bugs are eating me. Sunday or Monday should see me travelling north by bus and Tom's car to retrieve my car and all the paint and supplies for the torture I'm about to indulge in. The photo is of the Sea-Masters restaurant that slid into the ocean because of the hurricane.

11/11/2011 | Susan
Now you have some idea of OUR bug infestation after Irene - we could not even make it to the mailbox without being attacked by the worst mosquitos ever here. And the flooding drove every bug into our house, including huge cockroaches.
Did Sea-Masters slide into the ocean or was it undermined?
11/11/2011 | Boomerang
Sure wish we could be there to keep you company Phill. You can have the bugs though!
11/11/2011 | Phil
@Susan...The heavy surf undermined the structure.
600 miles in a week
Gabriellas G-Pa
11/05/2011, La Cruz De Huanacastle

Left Chacala after only one night because, yes, that's right, I on a mission. Had a nice ride down the coast and around the corner at Punta Mita. Entered Banderas Bay and was greeted with a red tide. It was a red tide all the way down to La Cruz. My friends Barbara and Tom on Hooligan are splashing their boat today at 4pm at Opequimar in Puerto Vallarta. I will visit with them tomorrow for a short time and pull out of here Monday morning for another.....that's guessed it..OVERNIGHTER for Barra De Navidad. The reason for coming all the way into Banderas Bay was to visit them and get a nice meal. Well the meal is out tonight because I didn't fix the air leak in the inflatible the way I should have. So I just finished fixing the leak and it has to sit overnight before I can put air pressure on it. Tonights' dinner....Chili and grilled cheese. The suffering I go through to put on this great illusion of the fabulous cruising lifestyle.

11/06/2011 | Susan
Good boom fix.
Things that go broke.
Gabriellas G-Pa
11/05/2011, La Cruz De Huanacastle

Left the anchorage at Pujero Island in front lf hotel row Mazatlan early in the morning for ANOTHER overnighter to Chacala. I will sail by Isla Isabella and San Blas because I'm on a mission to get to Barra. On the way down the coast I noticed my prop shaft vibrating, so I put it in reverse to see if I could shake off anything that coould be on the prop. No luck. So I stopped the boat and dropped sail and went diving in the 86 degree water and sure enough it was a heavy piece of plastic sheeting. Cut it off and climbed out of the water and presto...smooth running shaft. At least that dive wasn't in the middle of the night with the boat tossing around a rough sea. A couple hours later I was checking my sail and I spotted my sail track broke and lifted up pulling a half dozen screws out. So into my trusty bin of gadgets to fix that problem. Three hose clamps and about 20 minutes later problem solved. And to think that my son laughs at me for all the duck tape, chewing gum, and instant glue that I purchase. Can you say McGyver? I'll post the plastic and repair jobs in the gallery. Pulled into my tropical anchorage of Chacala and went ashore. I visited with a Enlish girl married to a Mexican from Guadalajara and operates a restaurant/palapa on the beach. They have excellent food and were written up in the Oct.18 edition of The Log, a southern California boating newspaper. I had a delicious Mahi Mahi dinner and relaxed for the night. Oh yeah, the name of the place is Chac Mool.

11/06/2011 | Susan
Mahi mahi dinner - NOW you're cruisin' Phil.
We saw several Chac Mool statues at Chichen Itza. Neat name for a restaurant.

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