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This IS retirement
April fools passage
Gabriellas G-Pa
04/02/2012, Old Town harbor Mazatlan

Pulled out of Chacala and motored for about 5 hours to Matenchen Bay which sits next door to San Blas. Anchored for the night with huge rollers(large waves with crests far apart) coming in the entire time there. Pulled out of there the next morning at about 6:30 and tried to get some westing so when the predicted wind fills in we could sail for awhile toward our destination of Mazatlan. I was in company of another trimaran named Hotspot. It is a Brown Searunner that I reported on last year when it broke its mast. We had a good run for about 5 hours of sail a little forward of the beam and I was surprised to find out that the Brown was only a half knot faster than my boat in the same conditions. (this info has to be put in or Susan will drill me for details). We past about 4 miles off of Isla Isabella(home of the blue-footed boobys) and went all night and made Mazatlan right at sunrise. On the trip down when I went to start the engine after the wind died, I noticed no cooling water coming out. This is right before dark and if there was a problem I had to fix it fast or try to fumble around with a flashlight. I found that the belt to the pump was lose. so I tightened it and it worked.....for about 10 minutes, then I heard that throaty sound that means only exhaust and no water getting through. So I opened the hatch again and found the belt had completely broken. This is where good preplanning with purchasing the right spares comes in. I dug out my spare and installed it in about 10 minutes. Then I go to start the engine and the batteries are not strong enough to turn it over. So I go to start the generator and the charger that is a part of my inverter doesn't work properly. I fool around with wires and bingo it works. No more them two minutes of charging and I have enough juice to start the engine. Now..everything is runnning properly and hunkered down for the overnighter of motoring. My wonderful golf cart batteries(8 of them) have finally given up after 6 glorious years of service....can't complain. I just need my generator to work the rest of the season so I can get through this and get new batteries for next season. So I'm sitting on the boat listening to 'Sixties' music and thinking that today is April 1st. Then I thought my boat was working hard to pull Aprils fools pranks on me.....These are some of the stupid things that go through my head as I'm on the boat by myself doing these passages and I also needed material to write another post right away to give grandma Pat a thrill.......

04/03/2012 | Susan
Nice details (for a change:) Phil. For the lack of a simple belt you might have had a very long night of non-sailing.
04/08/2012 | Jeff Perkins Sr
Also ,April frist was Palm Sunday and you are in the Lords hands. Iknow this love you Bro.
Last Tropical Anchorage
Gabriellas G-Pa
03/30/2012, Chacala, Nayarit

Spent the remaining time in Barra/Colimilla waiting for a weather window to depart and going back and forth on the bus to Manzanillo. My stupid banda ancha was not working and the closest office of IUSACELL is in Manzanillo. I got no satisfaction from them and bought another brand (Movistar) to at least get online and check weather and Facebook. It was sad saying goodbye to Maria, Enrique, and Yoana. Had a nice dinner at their place and they gave me hand made(by them) gifts for Gabriella. Oh, let me step back a moment and tell you about my trip north in the car. I left Colimilla without Mayra and little Abby because Maria wanted to say goodbye to her daughter and granddaughter at the airport. She wanted to squeeze every last second out of the visit. So I planned on sleeping in the back of the van to save precious little cruising money for cruising. I drove straight through to Mazatlan (with a little mishap in the San Blas tidal lands) and got a hotel room for 250pesos. Then drove the rest of the way to Guaymas and parked in the fuel dock area of Singlar marina where I could plug into electricity and have fast wifi. Boy was that a rough nite...raunchy fish smells...noise..and a very uncomfortable sleep in the back of the van. I have a card key to the shower facilities, so that was a plus. I drove to Nogales the next morning to turn in my import permit for the car and get my deposit back. On the way there, I kept stopping to add water to the radiator because I sprung a leak partly because of the incident in the San Blas region and partly due to an unexpected leak when cleaning and changing the antifreeze. Anyway, on the way back it got to be every twenty minutes I had to stop and pour water into the radator. Then I remembered I had a can of stop-leak somewhere in the car. I found it and poured it in and what do you worked. Got back to Guaymas and got a hotel room for 150 get what you pay me! The next morning I said my goodbyes to Horacio, Marlyn, and sweet Ariana....who now has a serious boyfriend..darn! Got on the slowest bus in all of Mexico to Tepic where in the middle of the night got another bus to Puerto Vallarta. Then in Puerto Vallarta I got another bus to Barra De Navidad. to recap the car trip...three days of driving, then 40 hours on a bus...this is not cruising! I will leave here for Mazatlan in the morning and hang around Mazatlan for a few days waiting for a perfect weather window to cross the southern part of the Sea of Cortez to head for beautiful La Paz. About six weeks left for this cruising season.....Gabriella, I'm coming home!

03/30/2012 | Gabriella
Hi Geeps. Imiss u soooooooo much!I hope u come home soon. I luv u soo much, xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox!!!U r rock on cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mommy & Daddy say hi. Luv u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03/31/2012 | Susan
Clearly, cars and cruising do not mix. I'm exhausted just thinking about all that time on a slow Mexican bus. San Blas "mishap?"
Another day in Paradise
Gabriellas G-Pa
03/09/2012, Barra/Colimilla

We had another successful video chat with Gabriellas class and the entire Primeria escuela here in Colimilla. This time I went easy on the treats...Root Beer floats. All but 2 or 3 kids liked them. I happened to ask Mr. Joyce (Gabriellas teacher) if he could ask the 8th grade teacher if they would like to have a video chat with the 8th grade class here at the secondary school. She excepted right away and a few days later we had the video chat. Now let me tell you that there is a BIG difference between Gabriellas class and the 8th graders. I really wasn't prepared for this. The teacher here in Colimilla agreed to the chat and then the day of the chat only six kids showed up at Yoanas house. They were having a test that morning and the ones that showed up finished the testing. Anyway, the boys here kept asking who the blond was sitting in the back and they wanted her to move down front so they could have a better look at her...embarrassing. They also kept drooling over Lilly, who by the way was the most interesting in the chat because of all the questions she kept coming up with. And of course the questions were a little different than what I'm accustomed to. I think I was really relieved when that video chat was over with.
Yoanas' sister from Modesto came down for a ten day visit so her baby daughter Abby could meet her grandparents. At the Puerto Vallarta airport, Maria, (Yoana and Mayras' mom) walked right past Mayra and straight to little Abby. Then after awhile she acknowledged her daughter Mayra. Enrique and Maria (grandparents) have been taking their first grandchild all around the area to show off their nieta to all the relatives. I postponed taking my car north for a few days so I can take Mayra and Abby back to the airport in PV. It's a long winding road (about 4 hours one way) so it's easier for me to do it since I wil drive right by the airport on my way north to Guaymas. The photo above is of Tom and Barbaras' boat 'Hooligan' in the Barra lagoon. They departed today for points north and I won't see them again until next year. That's their boat cat laid out on top of the dodger.

03/10/2012 | Susan
What kinds of questions did the 8th graders ask each other?
03/10/2012 | Phillip Perkins
Susan, they asked ? about Justin Bieber, Glee, and the traditional turning 16 party stuff for Mexicans. Also if they use Ipods, Iphones, and other e-junk. School mascot and other ? that are not typical of my regular chats.
03/10/2012 | Phillip Perkins
Pat, speak up, I can't quite hear your question or comment.
03/10/2012 | Gabriella's Mommy
Hey, G-Pa -- I'm with Mom right now. You know how shy she is about posting. We're both just hoping you're staying safe and not driving north when you're supposed to be driving south, and not running over any curbs in your car or pelicans in your boat. Hasta la vista, abuelo.

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