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This IS retirement
Gabriellas grandpa
11/30/2007, Chacala

I don't mean this to be a tease to all you hard working people up north, but!!! I'm sitting here at a nice palapa on the beach having fish tacos and connected to the web. So as I type this, I'm in a very pleasurable place,space, etc. I did'nt get eaten by the noseeums in San Blas estuary, but all the traffic was a little much, so I weighed anchor and took off for Chacala, a distant 20 miles. A wonderful beam reach again in 10 to 14 knots of wind. Arrived at Chacala and dropped the hook and ran a stern anchor to keep the boat into the oncoming swells. The swells are like getting a massage...nice and gentle. If Gabriella were with me we would put on a life jacket and swim to the beach. My Canuck friends Wolf and Jan should be showing up today or tomorrow to visit with me. I should leave here Sunday 12-02 Banderas Bay.

11/30/2007 | Wolf and Jan
we will be up in Chacala on Saturday morning to see you. Thought you were going to be another day before you got there or we would have been up today. See you manana.
Nayarit (The state of)
11/29/2007, San Blas

I got my raw water pump humming nicely and off I went for points south. I cruised by the Islands in front of Mazatlan and set a course for Isla Isabella. The seas were flat and I was doing a nice beam reach at about 5 knots and not running my engine.It was so peaceful and quiet. It was so flat and calm I decided to take a shower underway, which I don't normally do. It was great. In the middle of the night I had to fire up the engine to motor for a few hours. Coming alongside Isla Isabella at daybreak I noticed 2 boats anchored that were rolling a little too much for my liking, so continued on to San Blas. I'll be able to visit the island on my way back north. Pulled into the San Blas estuary in the afternoon and set anchor. I normally would anchor out in Matanchen Bay to stay away from the No-See-Ums,but was a little adventurous this time. Spent a nice evening with cruisers and dinner ashore in what I consider to be the most authentic Mexican town I have ever seen. I'll pull out this afternoon for Chacala and visit with my Canuck friends who are land cruising and staying at a RV park just up the road from Chacala. My next posting should be when I get into Banderas Bay.

11/29/2007 | Bryan
This is a fantastic, beautiful picture. What a symbol of peace and prosperity.
11/30/2007 | Susan
Tell us about the dinner and the town.
Who else is out cruising?
Marina Mazatlan
11/26/2007, Mazatlan

I left the old town anchorage that was free to go across town to Mazatlan Marina that was'nt free. I had a nice Thanksgiving with about 100 other cruisers. After 1 night in Mazatlan Marina I went over to visit my friends on Wasatch and found out that it was $7 a night cheaper to stay there in a first class(brand new) marina/haulout center. My raw water pump was leaking so I decided to exchange it for a new one I had on the boat. Like and idiot I broke the pulley and had to have another one manufactured here in Mazatlan. They did a fabulous job for just $90. So I hope to be out of here for some real nice anchorages and a chance to pass on some nice photos.

11/27/2007 | Susan
This delightful blog is the first thing I look for in the morning.

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