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This IS retirement
La Cruz
Gabriellas grandpa
12/03/2007, La Cruz Huanacaxtle

Pulled into La Cruz yesterday afternoon after a brisk sail from Chacala. When I was rounding Punta De Mita it was blowing to 26 knots. Then about 3 or 4 miles down the bay it dropped to 4 or 5 knots so I motor-sailed the last 4 miles or so to La Cruz. There are about 12 to 15 boats anchored in the roadstead. I went ashore and was blown away by the changes. I leave for nine years and come back to a different place. What was waterfront property in front of Dos Filipes is now all fill for the new boat yard to complement the new and huge marina. I'll take pics tomorrow and post them with explanations. Judy, I took some really nice pics of Chacala and wanted to post them but my laptop 5in1 reader ate them...sorry. Gabriella, all these 1 day passages I make are filled with dolpins visiting me. Coming from Chacala I had a whale blow and surface about 30 feet off my bow. And about every 2 miles I travel a butterfly flitters around the boat...lots of butterflys in this area. I think I might not leave the Puerto Vallarta area because I found a Carl's Jr. in PV. I now know why all the Mexicans are going north..because all the gringos are migrating south along with all their conveniences.

12/04/2007 | Susan
This is the season when millions of Monarch butterflies arrive to hibernate in Mexico.
More pix, please:)
Gabriellas grandpa
12/01/2007, Chacala

I went to add some photos from the camera and my computer went online sitting here in my boat out in the anchorage. It's the Linksys system in the palapa that I'm recieving. The signal strength is very low, but its working. Meeting more and more cruisers and starting to get the cruising feeling. For Susan...dinner in San Blas was uneventful as I ate by myself and quality was not there. Later I met up in the town square with all the cruisers that were in the estuary with me. One boat from Cameron Park has two girls, 10 and 13 and have been up in the Sea of Cortez cruising during hurricane season. I just love the adjusted mentality that all young home schooled kids have when out cruising...It's such a treat to meet this kids. There is another couple with their adult daughter and her boyfriend from Montana who are cruising on to Florida. They are setting up housekeeping in Florida. Then of course our host that evening was Norm Goldie...that transplanted New Yorker who tries to run San Blas. Delicious ice cream was a treat and I stayed on land after dark socializing...the world is changing. On to La Cruz tomorrow.

12/01/2007 | Susan
I have the utmost respect for home-schooling families, both land based and floating. It really helped on our cruise that we had a child who loved to read because there weren't all that many children that year.
12/01/2007 | Judy
Hey, P.W. OK, my second try to see if this goes through this time. Your trip sounds great so far; I'm envious. Thr photos are beautiful. Hey, is Chacala a place worth staying (on land)? I had actually just recently checked out some rentals there. Happy sailing! Love, J.B.
12/02/2007 | Jan
watched you sail by Lo de Marcos this morning, knew it was you when you had your spinnaker up. Not much wind out there but a beautiful day. Catch you in La Cruz
12/02/2007 | Susan
When Drew was visitng friends in Lo de Marcos this past March, he stayed at a trailer park hotel in Tlaquepaque.
Gabriellas grandpa
11/30/2007, Chacala

I don't mean this to be a tease to all you hard working people up north, but!!! I'm sitting here at a nice palapa on the beach having fish tacos and connected to the web. So as I type this, I'm in a very pleasurable place,space, etc. I did'nt get eaten by the noseeums in San Blas estuary, but all the traffic was a little much, so I weighed anchor and took off for Chacala, a distant 20 miles. A wonderful beam reach again in 10 to 14 knots of wind. Arrived at Chacala and dropped the hook and ran a stern anchor to keep the boat into the oncoming swells. The swells are like getting a massage...nice and gentle. If Gabriella were with me we would put on a life jacket and swim to the beach. My Canuck friends Wolf and Jan should be showing up today or tomorrow to visit with me. I should leave here Sunday 12-02 Banderas Bay.

11/30/2007 | Wolf and Jan
we will be up in Chacala on Saturday morning to see you. Thought you were going to be another day before you got there or we would have been up today. See you manana.

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