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This IS retirement
SUPER flat water
Gabriellas grandpa
12/17/2007, Barra De Navidad

After spending a couple very nice days in Tenacatita I decided to set up housekeeping in Barra De Navidad so I can settle in for Christmas and get the repairs to my deck finished. It was a pleasant motor boat ride (3hours) to Barra. I cruised by the anchorage at Melaque and found it to be quite nice with just one boat in there, but no wifi. It's only about 1 1/2 miles to the entrance at Barra and over to Barra I went. I almost forgot how immaculate the grounds of the Grand Bay Hotel were. This is truly a 5 star hotel. I cruised by the attached marina of the Grand Bay Hotel and could see dollars floating around in the water....What a site. Out to the anchorage and I tucked in way in the back because I will be running my construction type genset tok affect repairs on the boat and don't want to upset any of my fellow cruisers. I did I mention how FLAT it is in here. This morning on the local radio net the French baker came on announcing the different areas he was approaching and speaking in a perfect french accent...How decadent is this...He's running around in a boat selling french pastries. Times a changing.

12/17/2007 | Susan
French pastries delivered to the boat? Oui, oui. Croissants and coffee, I would never move:)
Licking my wounds
Gabriellas grandpa
12/16/2007, Chamela

I was making so much fast mileage I thought I would have to continue on to Tenacatita because I was'nt about to make landfall in the dark. As it turned out, 3 hours before light the winds started to abate(prayers answered) and I was down to 3 knots of speed. Just as dawn broke I was entering Chamela and it could'nt have came any faster. It was sooo nice to be in calm waters and to crash after I set my anchor SECURELY. After surveying the damage from the night before it felt like I was back in the Delta in construction mode. But, wanting a nice flat water area to work on the boat and have all the conveniences, food, supplies, and internet, I decided Barra De Navidad lagoon was the perfect place to do repairs. We spent one night in Chamela then headed out to Tenacatita which was about a 28 mile trip. Pulling into the outer bay I tested for wifi service and found none. Then to the back anchorage and sailed by the American hotel to see if I could get wifi and was disappointed. I took my friends on Alaya and Adventure for the jungle canopy tour to the outer anchorage. We all had fish filets stuffed with Shrimp and covered with almondine sauce(a specialty in this area) and they loved it. Went swimming and bought a few groceries and headed back through the river canopy. I just love this place. Some pix I'm going to download are taken from a palapa looking out at the anchorage.

Gabriellas grandpa
12/16/2007, Off the coast/Mexican Riviera

I left La Cruz about 11am for a nice casual overnite sail to Chamela...about 85 miles away. It started out wonderful and the sailing was great in an area where it should have been boisterous. When I started to get past Cabo Corientes and where the weather and seas should be fine it was the opposite. Winds got to 25knots and the seas were quite big. It was in the middle of the night and no moon so it was pitch black and no visibility and I was surfing down waves at 11 and 12 knots. I had a preventer tied off to my starboard ama to keep the sail or boat from jibing. Well, the wind shifted to back of the sail and normally I would turn the boat in a circle to catch the wind on the port side of the sail to correct the situation...In the darkness and those seas I was not about to turn and possibly flip the boat, so I turned on the engine to help power turn to correct out. Before that could happen my preventer(tied to the cleat on the starboard ams) ripped out my DECK cleat, stanchions and all. Also on that night I was pooped. Pooped means a wave broke on the boat and swamped my cocpit area....that has never happened to me. Needless to say I did'nt leave the cockpit all night long. Now I have some fiberglassing to do in Barra De Navidad. Mucho more to come.

12/16/2007 | Crystal Robison
I am so glad your ok. That had to be scary. Love reading the blogs. Have a great Christmas and repairing time.
12/16/2007 | Susan
Geez, Phil, no more post like this. Scary.
Where are you now?
12/17/2007 | Elizabeth
Whew, that is not a happy picture for a boat! Glad you're in calm seas now!
12/17/2007 | Gabriella's Mommy
YIKES! Glad YOU weren't the one ripped out to sea. Sure hope things go more smoothly from here on out.
12/17/2007 | phil jr
stop wrecking my yacht, love your son

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