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Christmas Carols
Gabriellas grandpa
12/20/2007, Melaque

Greetings from festive Barra De Navidad. My good friends on the boats Adventure and Alaya took off yesterday for Zihuatanejo. They both have schedule to is going off to the South Pacific and the other to Florida. Now I have to find new's so tough out here. Yesterday I visited a fairly large town of 31,000 inhabitants called Cituatlan(see-wat-lan). I think I was the only gringo in the tow and it was refreshing not to have all the tourist trappings. Then I took the bus to Melaque for dinner and some Christmas carols at the all-denominational church. It is located in a cute palapa a hundred yards from the beach. Here is where my blog goes south...I have to get this off my chest and see what response I get...I think this Christian church by the beach has gone secular. We had print out of non-spiritual songs..about 23 of them. Then there was the Baptist hymnal. We sang songs like Frosty the Snowman and Grandma got ran over by a Reindeer and the like....while singing these songs the Pastors wife (who was leading the songfest) would say lets sing it again or another round of the chorus. Then the (few) spiritual songs out of the hymnal after singing the first verse she would say skip to the last verse....on every song out of the hymnal. I was a little more than miffed on this. Maybe I've been indulging into too much hot sauce.

12/20/2007 | Pastor John
Hi Granpa, Not too much hot sauce, it is that people have grown so spiritual themselves and complacent with God that they only need to give Him token respect. Miss you around the neighborhood.
12/20/2007 | Susan
What a shame about the secular nature of the Christmas carols: shades of San Diego's December Nights. Did anyone say anything to the Pastor's wife? Perhaps they are Unitarians:)
12/21/2007 | Pastor Standley
Phil, I'm just finishing the service for Christmas Eve and there is nary a Santa or Snowman in the lot. I hope you took a hymnal with you. Pastor
12/21/2007 | Casey
Hi Phil! Thanks again for the fudge, It was really good. We are safely in Z-town.
Gabriellas grandpa
12/18/2007, Beautiful Barra De Navidad

Another day in Paradise and I don't know what to do first, go into Melague and explore or start work on the boat....I'm in no rush, so it must be exploring Melague. There goes that French baker again..he spends more time on the radio with customers than the morning net does. I moved the boat down closer to the town of Barra so I dont use too much fuel for the dinghy. There is not much of a problem with the bugs rught here, sko that's a plus. The town of Barra De Navidad got its name a couple hundred years ago from a sailing ship that had damage to their ship and put in here to do repairs. This all happened over the Christmas season(not holiday season) so they appropriately named this place Barra De Navidad. This whole situation seems familiar to me. I had delicious fish tacos yesterday at the restaurant I used to go to in '98. The non-denominational church in Melague is having a hour long song-fest with good ol' Christmas music on Wednesday eve...won't miss that.

12/18/2007 | Susan
Ah, Christmas music at Christmas time at "Christmas Sandbar", sure beats December Nights in Balboa Park. Shame on our city fathers.
12/18/2007 | Bryan
I'm keeping track of you, watching and listening, for the most part silently and admirably. All I can say is "This is very interesting and nicely well done."
SUPER flat water
Gabriellas grandpa
12/17/2007, Barra De Navidad

After spending a couple very nice days in Tenacatita I decided to set up housekeeping in Barra De Navidad so I can settle in for Christmas and get the repairs to my deck finished. It was a pleasant motor boat ride (3hours) to Barra. I cruised by the anchorage at Melaque and found it to be quite nice with just one boat in there, but no wifi. It's only about 1 1/2 miles to the entrance at Barra and over to Barra I went. I almost forgot how immaculate the grounds of the Grand Bay Hotel were. This is truly a 5 star hotel. I cruised by the attached marina of the Grand Bay Hotel and could see dollars floating around in the water....What a site. Out to the anchorage and I tucked in way in the back because I will be running my construction type genset tok affect repairs on the boat and don't want to upset any of my fellow cruisers. I did I mention how FLAT it is in here. This morning on the local radio net the French baker came on announcing the different areas he was approaching and speaking in a perfect french accent...How decadent is this...He's running around in a boat selling french pastries. Times a changing.

12/17/2007 | Susan
French pastries delivered to the boat? Oui, oui. Croissants and coffee, I would never move:)

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