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This IS retirement
Christmas eve
Gabriellas grandpa
12/24/2007, Barra De Navidad

I know I should have slowed down and thought about the details...My brunch guests Gary and CC had 2 dogs(schnausers) with them which they rescued quite a few years ago. Gary was a cop in Chico and CC is his third wife. I forgot what CC did for a living. The air temperature has had highs in the low 80s and at night it gets down to 68 or 69 which is quite pleasant. The water temperature has been averaging 80 degrees fahrenheit. The French lady, Susanne is from Parkerville I think.....between Comox and Sydney. The restaurant that was cooking the turkeys gave it over to a family member in Cihuatlan. So they had to transported to Cihuatlan yesterday with all the spices, bread, and other stuff. So its all in their hands and I hope it turns out OK. They originally wanted $130. to cook the birds using their ingredients and cooking stuff and after I gasped and told her all they had to do was push them in the oven and take them out. So off to the phone she went and after a half hour chatting she came back and said it could be done for $50. We are at their mercy. Last night a palapa/restaurant on Isla Navidad was playing music very loud until 0430 this morning. This is their version of the Christmas spirit. My Princess drew the picture above of her and I on our boat..notice her bunk and that girl...MERRY CHRISTMAS

12/24/2007 | joe thompson
Feliz Navidad, Phil. & Feliz Ano Nuevo (I think thats right. Just started working on the spainish)
12/24/2007 | Bryan
Hi Phil,
Just wanted to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS" from Bryan & Ronda. Looks like everything is under control. Your picture from Gabriella is certainly precious. It's definitely worth more than a thousand words. The climate sounds excellent for growing tomatoes.
12/25/2007 | Susan
Phil, the weather sounds perfect. Hope the same will be said about the turkeys:) Loving all the details and hope for more on the cruisers' potluck:)
MERRY CHRISTMAS from Island Chef and the dock rat, who is here for the holiday.
12/25/2007 | Gabriella
Hi, Dad -- It's great to read your blog! You're doing a really good job on it. Here's a Christmas message directly from the mouth of your graddaughter, Gabriella: "Hi, Grandpa. Merry merry have a very lovely lovely Christmas. I love you so much and I just wish you were here with me. I was a good girl and got what I wanted from Santa: Polly Pocket Race to the Mall. I miss you -- you're my favorite! From Gabriella LeeAnn Perkins."
Hope your turkeys came out OK and you had a wonderful Christmas celebration. We're thinking of you and you are in our nightly prayers. Love, Phil Jr., Karen & The Princess
12/26/2007 | Crystal
Hola Uncle Phil - Merry the day after Christmas. Hope the turkey's all came out the way you wanted. We had a great day with Mom here. Sat in our PJ's all day and watched Christmas movies. It was great. Mom is getting caught up on much needed time with her grandbabies. BTW the babies are now 20, 15, and 13. We are planning a trip to SAC in July. Looking forward o the New Year. Sending God's blessing South for you. Have an awesome time. Love from your favorite neice and God Daughter, Crystal Lachelle
Christmas service
Gabriellas grandpa
12/23/2007, Melaque

What a joyous and wonderful day I have had. I split a taxi ride to Melaque for church services this morning with Gary and CC on the Catalina 42 "Ten Ten". They are from Chico and have been cruising Mexico since 2005. The service was quite nice(although it was not like being in my church back home) and we did get in some nice songs. After church we went across the dirt street to the Maya restaurant for bunch. I had eggs benedict and it was pretty tasty. The view was outrageous and we were joined by a French lady from Vancouver Island who lives down here during the winters. It was a truly touristy type day and was enjoyable. I got rid the turkeys today because there was a change in who was going to cook them...Isure hope it turns out OK. Listen everybody!!!!! I want you to take cues from my good friend Susan.. post comments...ask questions....I expect to hear from my family and church friends. If you don't want your comments or questions posted, then send me an email. MERRY CHRISTMAS...I miss my little girl.

12/24/2007 | Susan
Nice - fresh croissants delivered to the boat, eggs benedict on a beach with a beautiful view, my kind of cruising:)
Since the turkeys are out of your hands, does this mean no stuffing? Where on Vancouver Island? I notice that the lady brunchers are in tank tops; what's the weather like?
12/24/2007 | joe thompson
Have been following you from the start. Ben @ Delta Marina gave me the info and I thank you for the insight. The info is not only well presented but very interesting.
Christmas doings
Gabriellas grandpa
12/22/2007, Beautiful Barra De Navidad

Since my good friend Susan is so detail oriented and a food nut I will spend a few moments explaining our Christmas potluck. It started out with me volunteering to split a turkey in half so I could roast it in my oven on the boat. Then people started to pour in to Barra(currently 35 boats) and were signing up for the potluck. The organizer went to Manzanillo today and came back with 2 20lb. turkeys and believe it or not I put one in each of my refrigerators. I dont have cold sodas for now, but while in Barra I go ashore all the time anyway. So I arranged for Fortino's restaurant on Isla Navidad to cook both turkeys for us. I already purchase the pans and spices, olive oil,etc., so I will give instructions(in my great spanish-ha,ha) and let them do it Tuesday morning. I will make the stuffing and get it in one of the turkeys Christmas morning. Then I will pick up the birds at 1pm and take them in my dinghy over to the Sands hotel and carve them there..whew, I'm tired already. There will also be a small ham and someone is cooking a turkey breast. I hope this helps, keep me on my toes. Kathy, I told you all to stay here. Big bucks for Christmas dinner and it might be that processed turkey roll stuff. Miss you guys already. MERRY CHRISTMAS..My beautiful grandaughter WILL BE MISSED this Christmas....

12/23/2007 | Ken Perkins
Merry Christmas from one Perkins to another. I have been following blogs and planning for about 2 tears and I am hoping to follow in yur footsteps in about 5 years when I retire.
Ken Perkins
12/23/2007 | Susan
Now THAT'S a blog posting that could have come from Island Chef!:) Just what I asked Santa for for Christmas:)

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