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This IS retirement
Life continues in Paradise
Gabriellas grandpa
12/29/2007, Barra De Navidad

I finally started in earnest to repair the big whale bite in my starboard ama. I cut all the ribs(stringers) and epoxied and put fasteners in place. Tomorrow, I will put the deck pieces on and start putting the fairing epoxy on. I thought I as going to be out of here on the day after New Years, but being in Mexico, I'm starting to catch the "manana attitude". Work for a couple of hours then relax because the day is starting to warm up and I don't want to sweat too much. I also got my carburetor on my four stroke outboard cleaned from an outboard mechanic for 12 bucks and reinstalled that today. Also, I went to the fuel dock and filled all four of my gerry jugs so I can run the generator and my outboard. On top of all that, I dropped off my laundry this morning and picked it up at 3pm at a cost of 5 dollars for 5 kilos of laundry..washed, folded, and packaged. Whew..I'm tired. Finally got good fast wifi for 90 pesos($9) for 24 hours of service that has to be used within one week. I had breakfast(eggs benedict again) yesterday at the golf course club house that looks like a mansion. This morning I had french toast and bacon at the Sands Hotel where we tie up our thats 2 breakfasts ashore in a row....I have to get back to my cereal now that I got the local tienda to order 2% milk for me and he came through. Barra is really crowded with mostly Mexican tourists for the Holiday season. This is like a mini version of Santa Cruz. The picture gallery is off line for repairs and should be back up by Monday so I can post a lot more photos. I might leave for Manzanillo and points south this Thursday or Saturday....its supposedly bad luck to leave for a new destination on Fridays.

12/30/2007 | Susan
Well, Phil, you're certainly confirming the definition of cruising as repairing your boat in beautiful anchorages around the world:) Did you bring WEST system items with you?
The Day After cont'
Gabriellas grandpa
12/26/2007, Barra De Navidad

I'm on a time limit when entering these blogs and I guess I can't type and think fast enough to enter it in all one posting. Anyway, I did'nt think people put that much importance on the birds and it just seems normal to me to do the birds because my son has me carve them each year. This potluck was really successful and it did take a very tiny little bit of the sting off not being with Gabriella this Christmas...the first I've missed since she has been on this earth. And it hurts terribly............. Oh yeah, there were about 70 cruisers at the potluck and about 40 boats in the anchoage(lagoon). Now I will stop procrastinating and get busy on the repairs so I can pull out of here in about a week. Happy New Year. REALLY MISS YOU GABRIELLA ps..If any of you folks are in the Barra De Navidad area stop by Forintino's for lunch or dinner and tell them you heard about the wonderful turkeys they cooked. As I'm writing this I'm enjoying 2 heavenly almond croissants from our local french baker who delivers right to the boat in the anchorage...I don't know what that buttery yellow stuff is in the inside, but it makes my eyes roll.

12/27/2007 | Susan
Watch out, your turkey reputation is going to follow you:)
On to documenting the boat repairs.
12/27/2007 | Ben
Hey Phil sounds like you had a Merry Christmas. Hope you get your camera fixed am looking forward to pics of the repairs. Let me know if you cant get it going I think I have an extra I'll send down.
12/28/2007 | Gabriella's Mommy
OK, OK -- enough about the almond croissants delivered fresh and warm right to your boat. I think I've gained 5 pounds just reading about them...! You'd better get back to your Frosted Mini Wheats, G-Pa. You're gonna need to stay healthy for the balance of your journey!

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