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This IS retirement
Moving south
Gabriellas grandpa
01/04/2008, Beautiful Barra De Navidad

I'm starting to get the itch to move the boat. Just about everybody I've met and know here are moving south. So I was going to leave with them, but was not happy with the quality of the repairs so I put another coat of epoxy fairing on the deck. I had to tell myself that I was not in a race to see who would get to Zihuatanejo first. So tomorrow I will do the final sanding and prime the repair areas so Sunday morning I will putt-putt about 2 miles away to Melaque so I can clean the bottom of the boat. Then I will try to take in the Charger playoff game at Ava's restaurant. Then come Monday morning I will begin my migration south to Santiago, which is an anchorage by Manzanillo. I will be in and out of contact with wifi so don't know when I will post again. For all you folks that are wondering where all these places are that I'm mentioning, go to Google Earth and zero in on mainland Mexico. Just cruise around from say Puerto Vallarta south to Zihuatanejo and all the places I've been and going to are easy to find and they are named on the Google Earth...It's a real trip that I'm sure you would enjoy. Judy-Booty, since you outed me I've been waiting for people to rag on me, but have'nt been bothered yet. And if I stop on the food reports I might as well stop this blog because my biggest supporter will stop giving me feedback. Just pick and choose what you want to get out of this....Pic is of my Princess doing her famous neck tugging. The picture gallery is still not patience is required.

01/05/2008 | Susan
Is this a shot from the Delta? Where? If things go as planned, we'll be up there in May. Drew's off to the boat show today to check out the latest in electronics for the new boat. We enjoyed our ride down to SD on the BC 33.
Another day, another almond croissant
Gabriellas grandpa
01/01/2008, Barra De Navidad

This is really wierd...I've been here for about 2 weeks and I'm NOT getting bored. Sunday I was on a mission to see where I could hook up to the Charger/Raider game. I thought I was set up in a nice restaurant in Barra when in walked this ex-pat gringo with a louder voice than me and I was not about to get into an argument about which game we were going to watch(he wanted the Dallas/Redskins game). So I jumped the bus to Melaque to find a bar/restaurant that hand the game on. Let me back up a moment...I threw my back out the day before getting water in jerry jugs(oh the plight of a cruiser) and it was difficult walking all over the town to find TV. Finally I came across a restaurant owned by a Canadien and he had Canadien TV that was playing my game in the US. So I settled in to watch the whole game and gave up on going to an AA meeting in Melaque at 5pm(Yes, I'm an alcoholic, but non-practising). Today after filling in the voids with epoxy(Susan, I have 3 brands of epoxy and cloth and filler..3 types) I had to quit because I was breaking a sweat and go into town to check out the bowl games. Had a nice dinner with boat friends from Tucson/San Diego and stopped by for an ice cream. Then I could'nt walk past the french bakers deli without buying 2 almond croissants and finishing them off with a cup of coffee on the boat. I signed up with Skype today and am in the checking it out far so good. The pic gallery is not up yet to upload pics, but as soon as it is I will post photos.

01/02/2008 | Susan
We HAVE been away from sail boats for a long time, but this sure looks like the pointy end of a trimaran, not the area with the big booboo:)
01/02/2008 | Phil
Susan, that's the area that was damaged on the front of the boat(small booboo). I'm an equal opportunity photographer.
01/02/2008 | Gabriella's Mommy
So, you've been gone for about 4 months and I think we've talked to you more in the past 24 hours than we have in the past 120 days combined...! This SKYPE thing is the next best thing to being here (but without the loving neck milking and kisses from Gabriella).
01/02/2008 | Rev. Standley
Hi Phil, good to talk to you last night and Skype to Skype this morning. I installed my camera driver so I think we will have better results next time. Your end was excelent both video and Audio. Blessings, pastor
01/03/2008 | Judy
Hey, Phillie Willie! (OK, I've now exposed you, I know! -- So, everyone have at it and tease him now. It will give him something else to discuss other than food!) Anyhow, P.W., it was great to talk to you on Skype yesterday, or the day before, whenever it was. Wow, it took me forever to catch up reading everything I have missed since before Christmas. I am glad that you are doing well and are enjoying yourself. But, use your shark tie-down, please. OK, I know you told me that only 1 in 10 sailors do that, but they probably have others on board with them, right? It's been so neat to read not just your blogs, but everyone else's comments, too. And, to see the one from Crystal -- well, it brings back old memories. I loved the photo of Gabriella and her artwork as well. How precious. Wish I were there enjoying the Mexican atmoshphere and weather. Looks like your "boo boo" is about repaired, so I'll look forward to reading of your next adventures. Prospero Ano Nuevo, Senor
01/04/2008 | Susan
Hey, some of us enjoying reading your posts about food:)
Life continues in Paradise
Gabriellas grandpa
12/29/2007, Barra De Navidad

I finally started in earnest to repair the big whale bite in my starboard ama. I cut all the ribs(stringers) and epoxied and put fasteners in place. Tomorrow, I will put the deck pieces on and start putting the fairing epoxy on. I thought I as going to be out of here on the day after New Years, but being in Mexico, I'm starting to catch the "manana attitude". Work for a couple of hours then relax because the day is starting to warm up and I don't want to sweat too much. I also got my carburetor on my four stroke outboard cleaned from an outboard mechanic for 12 bucks and reinstalled that today. Also, I went to the fuel dock and filled all four of my gerry jugs so I can run the generator and my outboard. On top of all that, I dropped off my laundry this morning and picked it up at 3pm at a cost of 5 dollars for 5 kilos of laundry..washed, folded, and packaged. Whew..I'm tired. Finally got good fast wifi for 90 pesos($9) for 24 hours of service that has to be used within one week. I had breakfast(eggs benedict again) yesterday at the golf course club house that looks like a mansion. This morning I had french toast and bacon at the Sands Hotel where we tie up our thats 2 breakfasts ashore in a row....I have to get back to my cereal now that I got the local tienda to order 2% milk for me and he came through. Barra is really crowded with mostly Mexican tourists for the Holiday season. This is like a mini version of Santa Cruz. The picture gallery is off line for repairs and should be back up by Monday so I can post a lot more photos. I might leave for Manzanillo and points south this Thursday or Saturday....its supposedly bad luck to leave for a new destination on Fridays.

12/30/2007 | Susan
Well, Phil, you're certainly confirming the definition of cruising as repairing your boat in beautiful anchorages around the world:) Did you bring WEST system items with you?

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