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Gabriellas grandpa
02/09/2008, Acapulco

Had a nice uneventful sail from Zihuatanejo to Acapulco. I only burned about 5 gallons of diesel on a 120 mile trip, so that tells you I did some sailing. I burn about 1/2 gallon an hour or about 12 miles per gallon. There were 4 other boats who left before me and I was the first one in the bay(Gabriella will like that bit of info). I'm anchored in about 55 feet of water and am glad to have my anchor windlass fixed. There are all manner of water craft buzzing by me until midnight and they sure go close to my boat. I have about 10 different wifi addresses that show up on my laptop but not one of them are open. People are pretty smart about securing their internet in Acapulco. I have to go to an air conditioned internet cafe to get online and pay a whopping 15 pesos an hour. Karen will be proud of me for what I had for dinner last night. I sat in an open air Italian restaurant and had a grilled split breast of chicken with rice, broccoli, and garlic bread. It was quite delicious and cost 52 pesos. Healthy...healthy, right Karen? I'm going to leave for Zihuatanejo tomorrow morning because there will be favorable winds and I've done all the exploring I care to in the big city. I'm starting to belive what one of my hats have printed on it...Allergic to Land. I will update in Zihua where I have internet on the boat and will keep a lookout for Gabriellas friend "The Crocodile".

02/10/2008 | The Little Princess Gabriella
Dear, Grandpa -- I love you. Did the crocodile get away? What were the names of the people on the other boats that you beat into Acapulco? Did you meet them? Grandpa, how was your healthy dinner? Broccoli is my favorite vegetable. I think I'm losing my voice, Grandpa, 'cuz it's very rusty. I hope it gets better by June when I get to see you. I hope it's better by then because I don't want to have to drink tea because I don't like tea. I love you. Grandpa, I like how you're sailing but I don't feel very good because of my sore throat. Mommy is going to give me a lozenge now. Bye bye, Grandpa. I love you!
02/11/2008 | Pastor Standley
Phil, Good to talk to you last week on Skype. I had just talked to my friend Joel who was in Vladavostok with his wife to meet Two little boys they are adopting. I felt very international. It's amazing what we can do for free. Both contacts were clear audio and video. Watch for me on and give me a jingle when you can. I know several others here are following you. Smooth sailing and Lord's blessings. pastor
02/11/2008 | Susan
Greetings from Avalon. We spent two days at Cherry Cove where it was 75 degrees each day. However, the Verizon towers at West End are down for a couple of months, so no internet. So, Acapulco met your very low expectations, huh?:)
Gabriellas grandpa
02/02/2008, Scary Zihua Bay

I hope you children in Mrs. Balantacs' class are tuned in to this blog. I was sitting in my captains chair behind the steering wheel and enjoying my bowl of cereal when I looked off to the side of the boat and could'nt believe my eyes. There was a 5 or 6 foot CROCODILE swimming lazily over toward Madeira beach. I put down my cereal bowl and scrambled down below to retrieve my camera because I wanted evidence of my sighting so maybe at least Gabriella would believe me. It was a really exciting moment and then I flashed back to yesterday when I was scrubbing the bottom of the boat next to me. I was wondering how close the Crocodile would come to me if I was in the water. I don't think they really want to fool around with humans in the water. The rest of the day I was ferrying passengers to boats that were in a parade. When they came back from their little cruise/parade I had to pick them up at the boats and deliver them to the beach. They had to jump off the dinghy into shallow water at the beach. On my second to last load one of the other dinghy operators yelled something to me, but I could'nt hear him because of the outboard motor making too much noise. I soon found out what he was yelling about....there was the Crocodile about 10 feet off to the side of the dinghy real close to the beach where I was dropping off passengers. I guess this Crocodile was in a wondering mode. It was a real long day ferrying passengers back and forth. All this effort is for a real worthy cause though. All proceeds from the Zihua Sailfest goes to support primary school children who are from indigenous families or other very poor families. This is the sixth year of the Sailfest and they have built them a new school. By the way, there are a couple more photos of this darling croc in my photo gallery. I went to the airport this afternoon/evening and picked up my parts for my windlass that my friend Susan sent me. So now the repair begins and hopefully I will be on my way to Acapulco by Tuesday or Wednesday.

02/02/2008 | phil jr
geezzzzzz dad you let my boot's get away. next time don the camera and dive in after my boot's. peace
02/03/2008 | Susan
Holy, moly, now THERE'S a blog entry! This is going to be a ZihuaFest that's going to be remembered.
02/03/2008 | Susan
Happy to hear that your package arrived:)
02/03/2008 | The Little Princess Gabriella
Grandpa, I hope you don't get eaten by that crocodile!! I love you! I'm looking at a newspaper that has a picture of a crab on the front of it. But it's not a real crab -- it's just a pretend crab. Be careful, Grandpa. I don't want anything to hurt you. And I really don't want you to get eaten by that mean old crocodile who's rotten and rude. ! Love you, Grumpy Grandpa! -Gabriella
02/05/2008 | Jeff Perkins Sr.
Hi Phil O by the way Gabriella the CROCODILE would bit him and just spit him out because he is our GRUMPY GRANDPAthat we LOVE plus he would not tast to good Phil I love your BLOG. Jeff
02/07/2008 | Judy Yawman-Adams
Hey, P.W. Don't know where I've been, but just caught up on seeing the entries regarding the crocodile. Pretty neat! And, to think I was worried about you and sharks! What's it going to be next -- the Lockness Monster?!
02/09/2008 | elizabeth
Wow - what a cool croc sighting! Thanks for sharing your trip. You and my parents are just too cool with your blogs. - dockrat
Gabriellas grandpa
01/29/2008, Zihuatanejo Bay

It has been over a week siince my last post, so I better put something in here or I will lose my audience. The famous(among cruisers) ZihuaFest started today and will run until the 3rd of February. The whole thing came about when some cruisers wanted to raise money for a school for underprivileged and orphaned children of the Zihuatanejo area. This is the sixth season it has been run and it gets better each year. Last year they finished the constuction of the new schoolhouse and they now give to 4 or 5 other needy schools. The money the cruisers raise from boat races(fun), raffles, auctions. and jam sessions and the sales of CDs created from local and cruiser artists are matched by 2 or 3 philanthropic(sic) organizations. So each year they do quite a bit of fund raising. The local merchants really help out also, because they don't want the gringos to show them up and they do like the results. I will volunteer the use of my new dinghy and of course myself as driver to take passengers back and forth to cruisers boats so they can go on a parade/cruise of the Zihua/Ixtapa area. They pay for the privilege and the proceeds go to the children. As soon as I get my Anchor windlass back together with the new part I will be ready to go south to Acapulco. I should have some exciting new pics from the area. Susan..that police station you referred to is actually a naval base. It's probably all the guns you see them tote that left the impression of a police station. There's tons of fresh produce all over this town and there is a few coffee bean stores.

01/30/2008 | Susan
Do boats come into Zihua for the festival? How many are there today? How does the whole thing get organized every year with all new cruisers?
01/30/2008 | Phil
There are about 60 boats here and yes, some come for just the event. There are cruisers who spend 3, 4, or more seasons cruising here in Mexico, so there are repeat participants. Rick's Bar is the staging point each year.
01/30/2008 | phil jr.
hey dad good to here your voice last night. your lovely gabriella misses you very much, as she keeps asking when is summer gonna be here, because she knows you'll be here then.send her another post card. love ya dad stay warm

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