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This IS retirement
Northbound in the Sea of Cortez
Gabriellas grandpa
04/19/2008, Caleta Partida

No, my boat has'nt sunk.....yet. I have been out of wifi range for awhile. I think I will give several updates of each anchorage I visited on my way north. Just a little description of where I am and what the area is about. I won't be able to do it until tomorrow because my laptop needs a rest after catching up on emails and seeing/talking to my Princess.

04/19/2008 | Susan
Nice to hear from you again. Looking forward to the blow by blow in the Sea.
City of Peace
Gabriellas grandpa
04/08/2008, La Paz

Had a wonderful crossing of the Sea of Cortez. What a total difference in landscape and culture there is between the mainland and the Baja peninsula. The water is a little warmer and much clearer than the mainland. The winds in the La Paz area are locally influenced, because the weather service can never predict what the local winds will do. I had dinner at Rancho Viejo with the skippers and crews of all the boats doing the revived edition of Race Week. Richard Spindler and La Dona from Latitude 38 hosted the dinner and skippers meeting. Jim Forquer's boat Legato was there with the delivery crew and the girlfriend of Jim aboard to race in the event because that is what Jim was looking forward to do. Too bad he left us early...
As I was sitting at the skippers meeting and wearing my New Focus hat thinking maybe Richard(the editor of Latitude38) would take notice because he has written a lot of articles about New Focus. As he was introducing the crew of Legato I looked over and saw Paul Biery, the owner of New Focus and the guy I helped deliver his boat from Hawaii. I got up and went over and surprised him because he did'nt see me. We chatted for a long time and caught up on things and he said he was a friend of Jim Forquer and was helping to deliver the boat back to Newport Beach. It was a real hoot to run into him. I have exhausted my self with roaming all over this town. It has 2 CCC supermarkets and a Soriana and Ley supermarket. They have 2 movie complexs' and of course the centro mercardo. I went to a car show on the malecon the other day and it was pretty interesting. I have had my fare share of ice cream while roaming the malecon. Now, I'm really excited about all the new places I'm going to visit while going north up the Sea. I don't have any idea about the availability of wifi on the way so I don't know when my next post will be. You'll just have to hold your breath..............

04/09/2008 | Susan
Nice to wake up to your blog again:) What's Race Week?
04/09/2008 | Gabriella's Mommy
Now THAT'S what I'm talking about...! Thank you for sharing this breathtakingly beautiful sunset photo! (And I'm glad to hear you've been able to resume your daily ice cream habit.)
Northward bound
Gabriellas grandpa
04/02/2008, Altata

Finally left San Blas and sailed up to Mazatlan on some very nice seas. Pulled into my favorite spot(Singular marina) and bought 3 nights stay. I could'nt get the thermostat housing in Mazatlan, so I guess it will be the McGyver'd version for the rest of the trip to Guaymas. I just added more high temp gasket goop and I'm sure it will last the rest of the trip north. My friends Chuck and Elaine(I remembered names!) on Boomerang talked me into going to Altata which is 105 north on the mainland coast. From there it would be a nice beam reach across the Sea of Cortez to La Paz. After an all-nighter up the coast we came upon the entrance which is a bar crossing with huge BREAKERS. After milling around for awhile contemplating are next move, Chuck commandeered a panga fisherman to guide us in. We followed the panga and he took right in on the surf and needless to say, my laundry bill just went up. After making it in and motoring for an hour and a half we anchored off the tourist(Mexican) palapas lining the beach. It was quite a bit different from all the other places I've been. They park their cars and pickups on the low tide spits and when the tide comes in it covers their wheels.....I guess they don't care about salt damage. I took the bus to Navota, which is a farming town of about 60,000 inhabitants. I love these land trips by bus to towns that are not tourist related and I'm the only gringo around. After spending 3 days in Altata it was time to go across the Sea to La Paz. I was the first to pull anchor and start the trek out of the lagoon to the breakers. Following me was Capricorn Cat and Boomerang as we left behind Moontide. Capricorn Cat and Moontide are cataramans and Boomerang and Mannasea are trimarans. Multihulls Rule........We were the only boats in Altata and created the Altata Yacht Club. Anyway..on the way out I was going to let Cap Cat lead us out because we were a little smarter and knew where the breaks were the smallest. Before I knew it the other boats were on my tail and I kept going because I thought I had a handle on the route out. It was a little better than coming in and was quite proud of myself for leading the pack out. It was a nice slog across the Sea to La Paz.

04/02/2008 | Susan
What kind of tri is Boomerang? Is the weather warming up yet? Were you able to talk with the Princess last night?
04/02/2008 | Phillip Perkins
Susan, Corsair F-31. It's getting a little warmer. Yes, but she's getting antsy because of the countdown to Grumpy coming home.
04/03/2008 | Gabriella's Mommy
It's sad, but true. The Princess does get a bit grumpy when she talks to Grandpa. I think it's just her defense mechanism kicking in. She doesn't like to talk on the phone or visit on the computer because "it's not the same! I can't hug him or kiss him!" She says that makes her sad. We were counting the months until you come home. Now, I think we need to start counting the days.... Be safe and we'll see you soon!
04/07/2008 | Susan
How is the provisioning coming along? All the usual big box stores, thank goodness?

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