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This IS retirement
I love harbor hopping
Gabriellas grandpa
04/20/2008, Aqua Verde

The waters here are supposed to be blue/green and real clear, hence the name Aqua Verde. They are clear, but not as clear as it is normally. It is still a pretty anchorage and it has a village set up against the mountains. They don't have electricity but do have some running water from a spring or well. The tienda here has a little better selection of goodies because they have 2 deliveries a week. There are some gringos camped out at the beach in front of my boat. They are 4 female nurses that work at Highland hospital emergency room in Oakland. One of the girls husband is the leader and goes fishing in his aluminum boat for their supper. They come down here for a weeks stay every year. I did some hiking again to some high up places to get pics. I stayed for 4 nights here because of a norther that was suppose to be strong. I left here for a nice scenic motor boat ride of 21 miles to Puerto Escondido.

04/21/2008 | Susan
This photo really captures the feeling of Baja anchorages.
Are the air and water heating up yet?
Leap Frogging
Gabriellas grandpa
04/20/2008, San Evaristo

Sorry for the confusion........I missed this anchorage in the blog......I'll blame the slow internet connection at Puerto Escondido. I'm now in the Tripui RV Park a half mile down the road towards highway1. Anyway, San Evaristo is about 20 miles south of Los Gatos and has a small village with a tienda. I walked to the tienda to see what was there....not much. There was this guy skinning a goat on the front porch of the tienda and to think I left my camera on the boat. I bought a can of peach soda that was at the bottom of this cooler that had fish smelling ice on it. The soda was quite refreshing if you did'nt breathe while drinking it. They have no electricity or running water in the village. I think I spent 2 nights here before moving on to Los Gatos......who keeps track of these things while in Paradise.

Secluded anchorages
Gabriellas grandpa
04/20/2008, Puerto Los Gatos

I was told by other cruisers that Puerto Los Gatos was not to be missed. It was just another 20 some miles up the coast(I love these short harbor hops) and there were these amazing pinkish colored rock formations. Sure as heck(s) there they were. There was a National Geographic cruise ship with all their passengers spilled out on the beach with assorted kayaks. I climbed a hill/mountain to get a good veiw of the area and take a few pics. No facilities, so needless to say I only spent the one night there. On to Aqua Verde...........

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