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This IS retirement
Sailing the Grand Canyon
Gabriellas grandpa
04/21/2008, Puerto Escondido

Leaving Aqua Verde and motoring up to Puerto Escondido was real scenic. There are so many islands, islets, and rocks/reefs to go around so you don't run aground. This is getting closer to what it will be like in the Western Carribean. I'm anchored in what is called the elipse of the Waiting Room. The Waiting Room is just a name for the outer anchorage of Pueto Escondido. I went to the brunch yesterday and joined the Hidden Harboe Yacht Club. Now I don't know if I'm allowed to talk to my lowly friends and family anymore. The Singular facility here has slow wifi and charges more money for everything, so I must hike dow the road for about 1/2 mile to the Tripui RV Park and Hotel to get good service. The only store/tienda is next door to Tripui, so I kill 2 birds with 1 hike. These mountains that jut out on the west of us are magnificant and ad to the beauty of Baja. I will probably be here until Saturday, the on to Loreto and points north.

04/22/2008 | Bryan
Enjoy the weather Phil. It was 26 degrees here a couple of mornings ago. All my grapes and roses are black. Looks like where you're at it's summer all the time. Great. We're really enjoying your cruise. I for one can appreciate your efforts, sacrifices and rewards. Enjoy.
04/22/2008 | Gabriella's Mommy
These pictures are fabulous, G-Pa! What wonderful and beautiful places you're seeing. Gabriella says a prayer for you each night asking God to bless you and keep you safe on your adventures. She's anxiously awaiting your arrival....
04/23/2008 | Sean ONeil
Phil, we always got internet from Connie in Juancalito. She charged 5 bucks a day but you couldn´t use it after 5 pm. We´re still trying to figure out how much it cost to stay in Galapagos and will let you know when we do. Kathy and I really miss the Sea of Cortez. We´re bouncing around like crazy in Galapagos.
I love harbor hopping
Gabriellas grandpa
04/20/2008, Aqua Verde

The waters here are supposed to be blue/green and real clear, hence the name Aqua Verde. They are clear, but not as clear as it is normally. It is still a pretty anchorage and it has a village set up against the mountains. They don't have electricity but do have some running water from a spring or well. The tienda here has a little better selection of goodies because they have 2 deliveries a week. There are some gringos camped out at the beach in front of my boat. They are 4 female nurses that work at Highland hospital emergency room in Oakland. One of the girls husband is the leader and goes fishing in his aluminum boat for their supper. They come down here for a weeks stay every year. I did some hiking again to some high up places to get pics. I stayed for 4 nights here because of a norther that was suppose to be strong. I left here for a nice scenic motor boat ride of 21 miles to Puerto Escondido.

04/21/2008 | Susan
This photo really captures the feeling of Baja anchorages.
Are the air and water heating up yet?
Leap Frogging
Gabriellas grandpa
04/20/2008, San Evaristo

Sorry for the confusion........I missed this anchorage in the blog......I'll blame the slow internet connection at Puerto Escondido. I'm now in the Tripui RV Park a half mile down the road towards highway1. Anyway, San Evaristo is about 20 miles south of Los Gatos and has a small village with a tienda. I walked to the tienda to see what was there....not much. There was this guy skinning a goat on the front porch of the tienda and to think I left my camera on the boat. I bought a can of peach soda that was at the bottom of this cooler that had fish smelling ice on it. The soda was quite refreshing if you did'nt breathe while drinking it. They have no electricity or running water in the village. I think I spent 2 nights here before moving on to Los Gatos......who keeps track of these things while in Paradise.

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