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This IS retirement
Bahia Concepcion
Gabriellas grandpa
05/13/2008, Posada Cove

Had a very nice motor sail to Bahia Concepcion. Bahia Concepcion is about 20 miles long and 2 or 3 miles wide and has several coves in which to anchor. I first noticed this anchorage area on a land trip I made to La Paz about 8 years ago. I could'nt wait to get my boat down here to relax in such a beautiful place. Well, I'm here and it is as nice as I remembered. My first anchorage was Posada Cove which is loaded with a gringo community of about 60 homes. A nice retired gentleman came out to my boatin his dinghy and visited right after I anchored. He has a 30 Catalina anchored there year round and a very nice house on the beach. He invited me to go to town(Mulege) in the morning with him as he had to get a water pump installed on his Suburban. I told him I had friends on another boat(Blue Aweigh) that were right behind me. He said bring them along as he had plenty of room. We had an enjoyable excursion in Mulege. We visited the Prison(Museum) and the old Mission on the hill overlooking the entire valley/town. Then they drove us to the Hotel Serinadad where a plane was hijacked about 2 weeks prior by drug runners. Our hosts, Bobbie and Dave are pilots from Montana and have there tail dragger Maule at the hotel airstrip. It was a real fun day and we got some good grocery shopping done also.

05/14/2008 | Sis
Well my dear brother it looks like you are having the time of your life. This is the most scenic trip of all. I look forward to seeing you in about three weeks. Oh by the way Happy real birthday! I remember that time very well and you are soooooooo much better now. I love you, Sis
05/14/2008 | Susan
Do you have a watermaker aboard? If not, how have you been getting water? Is it a problem? At the BC factory today we learned that the tankage on the new boat has been increased from 60 to 80 gallons.
05/15/2008 | Rev. Standley
Hi Phil, I put out the word on the "W" word for when you get back. Your pastor's wife thinks it would be nice to have the inside the house painted this year. We are in the process of getting the "popcorn" removed from the ceiling and that will be done soon. Let me know if you're interested. Blessings, Pastor Standley
Another day, another anchorage
Gabriellas grandpa
05/12/2008, Bahia San Sebastian

I left Bahia Ballandra on Isla Carmen and was going to sail to San Juanico. On the way north it started to get a little lumpy so I dodged into a nice little anchorage that was well protected from the north winds and waves. The next morning I weighed anchor and bypassed San Juanico because it was just six miles further up the coast and I wanted to get a little further north. I pulled into Bahia San Sebastian, also known as Bahia Los Puercos(Bay of Pigs). It is a very small bay/cove with barely enough room to swing at anchor. I went ashore and chatted with one of the residents. There are about 15 homes all built and owned by gringos. A mexican owns the property and leases the land to the gringos. They built some very nice houses and are run on solar/generator electricity and the water comes from a spring/well.

05/13/2008 | Susan
The cove looks not only small but shallow, too? What is the closest town for buying groceries, etc? Are the gringos retired folk like you:)
05/13/2008 | Phillip Perkins
25 miles by dirt road, then another 15 miles on Hiway 1 to Mulege. They all have big freezers. Most are retired, but some do the six month thing.
In the Sea
Gabriellas grandpa
05/09/2008, Ballandra

I had to leave Puerto Escondido before Loreto-Fest begun. I suppose it is a nice cruiser get together but something I did'nt want to get involved with. It has things like boche ball, chili cookoff, dinghy races, and costume parties.....just what I've been looking for...right. It's run by the Hidden Port Yacht Club, which I'm now a member of. Locals who live there year round have a little different cruising personallity than those who are out there doing it. I sailed over to Isla Carmen which is about 12 miles from Puerto Escondido. I pulled into Ballandra Cove and there sit my friends Dave and Heather on Eupschia. I thought they had sunk somewhere because I was expecting them to come into Puerto Escondido and they never made it. I visited with them shortly and then my friends Chuck and Elaine on Boomerang came sailing in. What a nice get together all in the same anchorage. I only stayed the one night because I wanted to get a little further north.

05/10/2008 | Ray Clark
Congrats on 30 yrs! I have only been sober 5yrs but hope to travel the waterways. have you met many sober cruisers in your travels? Hope to hear from you
05/12/2008 | Susan
Hi from Maine. We're here to have fun and visit the factory where our new boat is going to be made. Tonight we're going to sea trial a new 33. It's nice being around so many boats that look like ours:)

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